100% Spoilers, theory and a cool easter egg I guess? I totally forgot how to use the spoilers feature so hopefully you've completed the Windorhowl route. If not, reader discretion is advised.

Second spoiler warning in wARNING YOU

Ok, remember the crazy man in Chapter 10, the one that kept attacking Ash when he was looking for a key, the man who was holding an Old Photo? If you look for this man again in a later part of Chapter 10, you find him and he says "Violet eyes... violet eyes... DIE!!!"

First off, this was the first real clue we've had to Ash's appearance. Ash has violet eyes sO CUTE

anyways I just wanted to point out that if you look at the Map of Timecrest and zoom in on the statue of Chronos at the Administration Chamber you see that Ash colored Chronos' eyes violet as well. This is cool cause we know Ash and Chronos are related with similar physical traits too ahsdfhjka .

It also mentions that their mother, Helena Timecrest had violet eyes. I think its in the flashback they had but I cba to find evidence right now. The Old Photo the man was holding had a woman with violet eyes too, so its likely that it was Helena Timecrest . In conclusion, I'm thinking either Chronos or more likely Helena did something to royally piss of a lot of people. I wonder what it is.