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Timecrest 2.9 Issues

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  • Timecrest 2.9 Issues

    Hey there,

    After a day restarting my journey, there are some issues that I found with this current version.

    1. Turning off the fast mode when there is a timer will cause the timer reset.
    2. Notification is not working for me, I do not receive any notification once the timer is done.

    Nonetheless, I am really happy with the new update. Thank you for the update cowbunny and The Crab!

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    South, thank you for your feedback.

    1. We're aware of this issue. Switching back and forth causes the current segment to be reset. It would require a major change to how Timecrest works to fix this, but we'll add the fix to our features to consider for Timecrest 3. We can't guarantee we'll address this but we'll take a look.

    2. Is it possible that the notifications were coming late at night? Timecrest currently avoids sending you notifications between 10pm and 8am out of respect for your sleep schedule. We're considering adding an option in the future that allows you to control if you want this or not.

    You can also check to see if notifications are enabled for Timecrest. Apple has instructions here on how to check your notification settings:

    Thank you for your feedback and please continue to provide it.