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    Is it possible to use the Game Center to transfer between different devices? I tried loading my game onto my husband's iPad, and while it says it loaded, it still shows his chapter 2. (I was testing, because he tried loading his iPad game onto his iPhone).

    the phone is iOS 9.1, so we didn't expect it to work (game says 9.3). However, the iPad/ iPod are both 9.3.

    All this because Mr. "I don't think I'll get into it" now wants to take it with him. Lol.

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    Hello ChristineMoon !

    You certainly can use GameCenter to transfer a game between different devices. In order to do this:

    1. Ensure you are logged into Game Center on both devices with the same Apple ID. You can access this through Settings App -> Game Center
    2. Ensure you have iCloud Drive enabled on both devices. You can access this through Settings App -> Tap on your name at the top -> iCloud, then enable iCloud Drive
    3. On your source device, open Timecrest, open the settings menu, scroll down and tap on "Save Game." This option will save a snapshot of your your progress to Game Center.
    4. On your destination device, open Timecrest, open the settings menu, scroll down and tap on "Load Game." This option will load an exact replica of what you saved to Game Center.
    ** If you do not see the "Load Game" option, try playing Timecrest by selecting an option or two and check the settings menu again, to force it all to sync up.
    ** Please note that the progress will not be continuously sync'd. If you want to sync data again, you need to save to Game Center, and load from Game Center
    ** Remember that loading from Game Center will overwrite all progress on the destination device, so please be careful when using this feature.

    Please tell me if you have any other questions or if any of these instructions were unclear!


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      The instructions were perfectly clear. I didn't consider switching the iCloud, only the Game Center. Unfortunately it is a work phone so he won't (can't?) change that, but thanks for answering.

      So now, he has an iPad with Levitas and a phone with Gravitas. He decided he was going to pick the opposite answer for each question, until he saw the paths branched off. He's very impressed with the content.