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    I have some questions about the forms As some background, I am a blind voiceover user. How do I get subscriptions to come to my email? Also, when someone replies to my comment, I don't always get the prompt to comment to the reply. To respond, I half to post in the area where it says write something. This destroys the quoting, and I'm sure it causes confusion for other users. I would appreciate any feedback that anyone has to help me.

    Love is my strength

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    Hi crysania.

    We use vBulletin, a popular forum software on the Internet. We don't code it, we just pay them to host our forums, but we will do our best to help with accessibility.

    I am using this with VoiceOver to try to find the exact location.

    If you are logged in, in the top right corner, you will find your screen name, crysania.

    If you double tap, it will toggle a menu just below it on and off, though it doesn't give any sound or indication that something has changed.

    There, you should find a "user settings" link.

    When you go in, below User Settings level 1, back to profile, profile, account, privacy, notifications.

    Click on this notifications link. It will swap in a bunch of options where you can change the settings. You can enable Subscribe when posting, change email notmifications settings and so one.

    Make sure to find and use the "Save Changes" button scrolled down near the bottom when you're done.

    Tell me if this is helpful.

    As for comment, I found that I could only access it when my iPhone was in horizontal (landscape) mode. When it was in portrait orientation, there was no option for VoiceOver to interact with the menu. So place rotate your device if you want to find the comment buttons.

    Again, I apologize for where the accessibility is poor. We did not write this forum software, but I hope that some day we'll be big enough that we can afford to hire people that can make a more accessible forum.


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      That's really helpful. Thanks a lot.
      Love is my strength