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Weekly Question: Would you revive a loved one if it meant being eternally cursed?

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  • Weekly Question: Would you revive a loved one if it meant being eternally cursed?

    In being a mage, one is faced with the duty of balance and sacrificing in name of their beliefs. Ash has suffered the choices of making sacrifices and has lost loved ones. His idol, Master Sol Ignis was faced with the death of his sister through heartbreaking causes. Following this death, the legend goes that Ignis disappeared to find out how to revive his sister using terrible forbidden magic, with consequences as bad as the loss of the lives of millions to save one. Did Ignis choose to use forbidden magic? Ash believes that when faced with the choice, Ignis would choose to give up his sister rather than the terrible sacrifices of a million lives. Ash's question is, "If you had to choose between reviving someone you cared about and facing an eternal curse, what would you have done?" Would you sacrifice everything to save the one you love? Or would you refuse the path of darkness in reviving them? Why?

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    I like Ezra's question

    "How do you know she (Riley) wants to come back?" Perhaps bringing them back is simply an act of selfishness of our own. that being said, I think that I would say I would not. I know my loved ones would want me to continue on and press forward and not live in regret. Bringing them back would be an act of living in the past and regret. But moving on with their memory to strengthen me would be what they want.


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      Curiosity kills the cat. Yes, why not? You know, gotta keep things interesting in order to build a resilient character.
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