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Finally, Timecrest 2 teaser! Release date?

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  • Finally, Timecrest 2 teaser! Release date?

    Anyone here saw the teaser trailer for Timecrest 2 in the new update?

    It's creepy for me in all the right ways. I'm so excited for the release. Any idea on when it's going to be?

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    I haven't seen a release date yet. The trailer just says "coming soon".


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      All good things come to those who wait


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        I can't wait for Timecrest 2, but I'm worried it's going to be a horror game. I hate horror movies.


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          so like what does it mean. is chronos saying some creepy poem here like wtf what does it mean


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            Here's what it says:

            There once was a good man who lived in a house alone.
            He didn't want any visitors so he kept his odors locked.
            That is... until I knocked, knocked and knocked.
            The man wouldn't see me at first.
            He tried to resist the inevitable thirst.
            This is how it happens, I've seen it many times.
            First comes curiosity.
            Second comes desire.
            Third comes an itch that is more dire.
            For even a good man like him couldn't resist seeing more.
            So he opened his eyes and unlocked the door.
            So I wonder if this is what Chronos says to Ash at the end, because of how the trailer starts. Maybe he's planning to tempt Ash to do something?

            Is Ash a good "man"?


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              ash is def a man and hot too!

              but theres all this static at the beginning like is ash being hacked he needs a virus scanner lol


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                Yeah, when is this coming out?