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  • Fan Fiction thread

    This is the fanfiction thread!

    We welcome you to write your own fanfiction related to Timecrest here.
    • Stories may contain spoilers. Please indicate what the latest chapter of Timecrest you are spoiling if you are spoiling any major plot points in Timecrest.
    • Feel free to use the characters and events in Timecrest in your story. But don't be afraid to tell an original story that completely invents new characters if that's what you want to tell.
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    [Open the door]
    (Communication Lost)
    (Connection Established...)
    Are you there? Is my new watch working?

    [Is that you, Ash?]
    Yes! It is me!!! Yay! It took me so long to make this watch!!! My dad and I worked really hard to make a new one! He showed me where to put the gears and how the watch was able to tick!!! I never knew what it was like to work with such a remarkable man!!!

    [Did you just say your dad?! Julius Timecrest???]
    Yes. We have actually done a lot of bonding lately. After he and A.C. showed me how to weld and make the gears, I made the designs for the outside of the watch!!! I think I have really come a long way as an artist! Do you want a picture of my blueprints and pre-drawings?
    (Got Ash's Blueprints)

    [Hold on, what happened with the door? I have been dying to hear about it!!!]
    Dad actually did a lot of work on the door too. He showed me the key system and everything that he did! He also showed me how to create the Nexutas spell on my new watch. I can't believe it actually worked!!!

    [That's great, but please just tell me, what happened behind that door! Stop avoiding the subject!]
    I... Uh... Ok, I guess I did it again. I wanted to talk to you so bad that I just don't want to think about all of the fear and heartbreak that came from that time...

    [What do you mean?]
    After I opened the door, my mother ran out to hug me. She said that ever since Janus killed her, she had been wishing with all her heart to see me again. She told me that she refused to die, refused to leave this world behind. Not until she found me. She forced my dad to communicate with Chronos while she communicated with Ignis to track me down at all costs. However, following my dad's plea for her to settle down, she broke his arms and legs. She said that no one would stop her from seeing her baby again. Not even her own husband. Out of fear, my dad contacted Chronos to help him. Though Chronos was very young, he came to my dad's assistance right away, only to be blackmailed into working with my mother to hunt me down. Ignis, due to his violent nature, chose to hunt down and kill everyone who stood in his way. I suppose knowing what I know, what would I expect from my half-brother...

    [Half Brother??? You and Ignis are half-siblings?????]
    Oh yeah. I forgot about that. Ignis was also my mother's child before of her marriage to dad. She gave birth to both Sol and Scarlet Ignis, and after a long marriage, finally divorced their dad. Out of a terrible rage, Ignis's father murdered Scarlet over his rage of Helena going to start a new life with a human. Ignis was thrown into a terrible range by his father's actions, and immediately killed him with fire magic. He still kept his black, burnt carrcas near, remembering the vendetta he held against my dad, Chronos, and I. Chronos, on the other hand, took a more passive approach, trying to alter reality and create exceptions in the universe to try to control me enough to get me to the door. You were the key that unlocked the door. Chronos forced the pocket watch to the door. All the glyphs glowed an angry red, as the door and all of the seals behind it, vanished into thin air.

    [What happened to your mom?]
    After she told us about her plan and how she risked everything to see me, my dad pulled me aside. He said that mom was delirious and that if we were going to escape we had to do it now and I had to trust him. At the first chance we got, he pulled a very shiny gem and teleported us both to a mysterious room.

    [Where did you go?]
    The room was on Aion. My dad said that when the Valdorian Palace was designed, he build one safe room that no one else could reach inside the palace. It had no windows and no doors. It wasn't even visible, at least without the gem. We started a new life there, he taught me all he knew from his years of inventing and engineering, I told him all of my memorable life, and we bonded as father and son. Oh no!!!

    [What's happening???]
    I have to go, someone is coming close to our hiding place! We have to run now! Dad, A.C., Roger, Elise, Riley! We have to go now!!!

    [Ash? Where are you??? Ash!!!]
    (Communication Lost)


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      I know it is only a first draft, but I hope you like it!!!


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        So I'm probably going to continue this in my blog but basically this is almost a review of a kind of sort? I wrote it in mind because I always get lost in the storyline. Only the prologue is done because I found out about this contest not too long ago. ~ Athanasia
        It wasn't anything different- You were bored so here you were, yet again, searching for something to do on your phone. It was then when you stumbled across something that you've never seen before called Timecrest: The Door. You didn't recall downloading it before.

        The icon stood out from the others among it with its warm colors so you clicked on it curiously.

        You clicked a button that read “Start Timecrest 1: Fated Connections” holding your breath as you did so.

        Three dots appeared at the top of the screen, indicating that someone was speaking, or typing in this case, you supposed. Above it were two clock gears and something else you couldn't make out.

        “I sense a connection now.” The dots appeared again. It probably was your imagination but it seemed slower now that there was a conversation.

        “Hi there. Can you read me?”

        You were startled, an unfamiliar voice echoed through your mind as you read the words but surely it couldn't be...

        A circle spun, the words ‘Ash is waiting’ appearing the middle. Two choices were under it. The first one read, “Who are you?” while the second one read “I know who you are, Ash.”

        A chatting application? You chose the former choice.

        “I'm Ash and my world is ending.”

        Dots followed furiously, coming out in endless sentences.

        “The meteors will obliterate everything and all I can do is watch.”

        A meteor. That was what was shown along with the clock gears. You wondered where Ash was to have a meteor near him.

        “I couldn't figure it out in time.”

        “I failed to stop the meteors from descending.”

        “I failed to save my family… Riley…”

        “Riley… I don't understand why she did what she did, but…”

        You wondered who Riley was and what she did. Why did she betray Ash?

        “I still believe the good in her!”

        Was Ash a fool? Or did Riley’s actions prove some kind of false truth?

        “To think, just weeks ago, I was just another dumb kid thinking about stupid kid things.”

        “Worrying about what to eat for lunch.”

        “Worrying about the upcoming trials.”

        Trials? What trials?

        “Worrying about getting expelled from my guild for not knowing any spells…”

        You played plenty of RPG so you knew that guilds were hard to get into. Surely his wouldn't expel him just for that reason alone? You wondered for a split second why he was sputtering on about spells but perhaps he was a gamer like you.

        “None of that matters now.”

        The depressing words seemed to hit you at your core.

        “I'll never eat my favorite foods again. I'll never fall in love. I'll never get a chance to follow in the footsteps of Master Ignis.”

        Who was Master Ignis? A mentor of Ash’s?

        “I will never get to talk to you, and ask you about the human world like I wanted.”

        You were confused in this moment. Was he not in the human world like you? You've entertained the idea that the world had endless amounts of universes so you thought nothing of it. In his dying moments, Ash had thought of you. Your heart sped, would he survive?

        “Everything that I took for granted seems magical now.”

        His words were food for thought. Would you say the same when it was your turn to die? It was your worst fear so you wondered.

        “I don't want to die!”

        “I don't want to die!”

        “I know you don't know me…”

        “But I used to live in Alyncia. Your world and mine used to be connected.”

        There was no magic in your world yet you couldn't help but entertain the fact that maybe it just wasn't and that maybe magic was truly around in the world. That its essence was still lingering around the world. Your world.

        “Please find a way to connect my world again after I'm gone!”

        Panic rose through you as you wondered how on earth you would do that when you had no magic in you.

        “Warn the people that survive these meteors that Chronos is not who they think he is!”

        Chronos.. A mage of time perhaps?

        “He is not the hero any of us thought he was!”

        “A meteor is coming straight for me…”

        You wondered why he wouldn't move. But then again, who could run far enough to escape a meteor?

        “I want to grow old.”

        “I want to learn more spells and get better at drawing.”

        “I want to cook the perfect griffin egg.”

        A cook? You loved cooking so you almost sighed at the thought that you could no longer speak to him again.

        “I want to eat my mom's cooking.”

        “I want to keep talking to you…”

        “I don't want to say goodbye so soon after finally reaching you.”

        “You don't know how glad I am you can see my messages.”

        “It means, in this moment, I don't have to die alone.”

        You were happy that he felt that way but it was a bit bittersweet. You didn't want him to die.

        You noticed a choice at the bottom, appearing in green. It read, “Turn back time.”

        You clicked it while holding your breath. A wish ringing through your mind for Ash to be saved. Would this save him?

        “What's this? My body is phasing out!”

        It was strange. The words continued to follow into your mind in an unfamiliar young man’s voice. You had heard of it before in books and movies but there was no such thing as a telepath. Perhaps in Ash’s world (if he was telling the truth, that is) but not on this Earth.

        Your thoughts were broken as the words on your phone continued to echo through your mind. “Could it be… you?”

        “Listen! Please help me if we connect again!”

        “I don't know what you just did but, with you… I just might…”

        The circle appeared again, only this time showing the words: connection lost. Underneath it said thirty seconds left.

        So you sat with your phone clutched between your two hands and waited with bated breath until the time turned to zero and the screen faded black.


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          "Stop right there vile human! My name is Terrance Rangeguard and I will vanquish your evil from Alyncia!" Terrance positions himself into a defensive stance toward the human. The human a man who stands roughly 6 feet tall his body is gnarled and bent like a tree. "Ahh Terrance, we meet again... Please do not be so rude as to call me by my race....." The human's voice echoes as if there were two people speaking from one mouth. He hisses in between his words, "My name is.... DiPietro... And I will be the end of you." The human twists his body around as if preparing to strike.

          "Not Today human!" Terrance yells and raises his sword over his head to strike the human. DiPietro lunges in with a siren like scream...

          "Big brother! Big brother... Your yelling in your sleep again!"

          Terrance wakes up with a pillow and a blanket in his hand. The pillow is clearly a shield and the blanket must have been his sword.

          "Lily I was slaying DiPietro the mighty human warrior. He is the slayer of innocent souls. A ruthless killer that simply kills us Alycians for sport." Terrance holds out the blanket like a general commanding his troops to charge. "I was about to put my blade through his wretched figure."

          Lily looks at Terrance with her big blue eyes. She pulls her fiery red hair back into a bun. "Terrance you and your wild dreams." She gives him a slight smirk. "So what are you getting me for my fourteenth birthday?"

          "The head of DiPietro of course!" Terrance looks back with a cocky smile, " And then with the reward money I will buy us a castle and mother will no longer work in the Tremble Caves. Right after I become a powerful Mage and impress Timecrest."

          Lily laughs, "I do wish you luck oh mighty Terrance. But can the mighty Mage help me with breakfast? I need some eggs from the Griffins."

          Lily tosses a large basket towards Terrance.

          Terrance sighs. "You know those Griffins have something against me. Every time I go in Theo starts to eye me up." He starts to mimic Theo the Griffin about to charge. "One of these days Theo I am going to wallop you and teach you better."

          Lily chuckles. "If mom could see you now she'd teach you better." Lily sighs and continues pulling utensils from the drawers. "If you could also call the Ice Merchant we need more for the chill box."

          "Yeah I can" Terrance says reluctantly. "You are sure bossy for a younger sister. Remember I am the 20 year old here."

          Lily laughs and continues on.

          Terrance starts to walk down to the Griffins. A man is tending the Griffins and sending them off to the transport stations. He spots Terrance,

          "Terrance my boy, come give your pops a hand. Lew is acting up again. I think he needs his underside cleaned again. Keep getting a bad rash and could use an oatmeal bath."

          Terrance scowls at the rowdy griffin, "Lew if you don't stop getting in the elderberry bushes this will keep on happening. Dad I need to gather some eggs for sis. She is going to make her world famous, to be envied, griffin eggs. Can't let a masterpiece like that wait."

          "Now now Terrance. I don't provide this griffin service to Timecrest so you can have good eats. Your mom and I work hard so that you and your sister can live the lives we never were given. Your sister wants to be a chef and you want to be some kind of defender of peace,"

          Terrance interrupts, "A defender of justice and a slayer of evil dad." He smirks at his dad who is chuckling at him.

          "I had it close enough." Terrance's dad replies, "Anyways. These Griffins get you into that guild of yours for a pretty good cost. So if you want to stay you'll give ole' Lew here a good belly rub."

          Terrance sighs, "If Lew insists but he better stop getting into those berries. They clog him up pretty good too." Terrance begins to wash down Lew, "One day dad I am going to becoming a guildmaster in Timecrest. You and mom can finally can finally get the rest you deserve."

          Terrance's dad smiles. And continues on working.

          Boom….. "What was that?!?" Terrance yells out.

          His father replies, "Timecrest… It's….."

          Terrance interrupts, "It's on fire..!"

          Mages are running back out of Timecrest. Terrance's father yells, "Get the Griffins secured the flames will send them off running for sure."

          Terrance quickly guides the Griffins he can over towards a stable. He and his father gather them as Timecrest continues in flames.

          "This is our moment Terrance, those mages need help. We are here to support them."

          Terrance nods but is unsure of how they can help.

          His father starts running down towards Timecrest and Terrance follows.

          "We need to get the injured to healers. Let's find where we they are taking them. We can then use the Griffins to take those injured mages to some healers." Terrance's dad says.

          "Alright dad," Terrance replied.

          The sounds of the flames begin to make it hard. Terrance's father seems to know just where to go. A group of mages are collecting outside. Terrance's father asks them a question but Terrance could not hear over the flames.

          "This way Terrance!" His father yells.

          They begin to weave in and out of the buildings and make their way to the other side. Master Crane is there. Terrance father greets him.

          "Olliver we are here to transport those in need or we can transport medical supplies."

          Master Crane looks surprised to see Terrance's father but relieved at the same time.

          "I didn't expect you here Smyrh. But I am glad to see you. We have a stockpile of aura potions in the medical ward but we aren't able to spare enough Mages to get enough across. A griffin could take them over in a few trips."

          Smyrh nods, "I will have the fastest griffin on it." He grabs Terrance by the arm, "Quick son, you can out run me. Go get Theo and bring her back here."

          Terrance nods too nervous to reply.

          I have to get back. Timecrest is counting on me. Terrance thought to himself.

          He begins to dart through the flames and makes it back to the Griffin stables.

          Now to find Theo.

          Terrance grabs Theo. The stubborn griffin though begins to fight. "Theo now is not the time to get snotty on me. Let's go!"

          Terrance pulls on the reigns and Theo begins to cooperate.

          Boom… A huge explosion comes from another section.

          I have to hurry. Terrance begins to sweat from the fear and the heat.

          Theo begins to shake back a bit from the flames. "Whoa steady girl. We need to find dad."

          Theo calms down. "There he is!"

          Smyrh is waving and pointing to a large building. The building has an image of hands opened up with a glow.

          The medical ward.

          Terrance begins to fly over as his father follows from the ground. Terrance then sees an opening and lands Theo but his father has not made it yet.

          I can't load the supplies on my own. I have to find dad. Terrance can hardly hear his own thoughts over his heart beating.


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            "Terrance….! Terrance….!" Smyrh is yelling through the flames, "I'm in the alley! There is a large timbers in they way! But we can move it!"

            Terrance looks around, "Dad yell again I can't find you."

            Smyrh yells again, "Here Terrace here!"

            Terrance turns toward an alley. The buildings up front have not caught fire but the fire is slowing jumping from building to building behind Smyrh. The alley is blocked by large pieces of wood that fell from a collapsed wall.

            "Quick Terrance we just need to move enough to get me through."

            Terrance and Smyrh start working on both sides of the wall. The flames seem to be walking from building to building behind Smyrh.

            "Almost there!" Smyrh yells.

            Sweat is rolling into Terrance's eyes making them sting but piece by piece they move the wood.

            "We've made it through!" Smyrh yells again. "Quick lets…"

            Three men and a women walk up behind Terrance and Smyrh. One of the men as he walks is pointing at buildings and they are catching fire immediately.

            I don't recognize the two men but isn't one of them Marik. "Aren't you Marik?" Terrance says out loud, "the half human who was expelled? You think this is the way to get revenge for lying to the academy? You deserved to be expelled for the crimes of your race."

            The man Terrance was addressing sinisterly smiles, "Another bigot I see…"

            "Terrance hold your tongue." Smyrh quietly says, "the man in the middle is Sol Ignis the master of fire."

            Ignis laughs, "So you know me old timer? Pleased to meet you both." Ignis lowers his hands from the buildings and points them at Smyrh and Terrance. "No hard feelings but I have a reputation to keep."

            A large ball of flames head straight from Ignis towards Terrance and Smyrh.

            "Arnatas Ultimas - Water Barrier!"

            A large shield made of water appears in front of Smyrh and Terrance.

            Terrance's jaw has dropped in awe, "Dad I didn't know…"

            " No time to explain! Run!"

            Smyrh and Terrance begin to run.

            Marik phases out and blocks off the way to Theo.

            "Levitas Magnus - Force pulse!" Smyrh sends a pulse straight at Marik and sends him back into a building. Marik struggles to get up but Terrance and Smyrh are past him.

            "DAD WE'RE GOING TO MAKE IT INSIDE. THEY CAN SEAL US IN! WE'LL BE SAFE!" Terrance begins to run faster and make some distance between him and Smyrh.

            Suddenly Sol Ignis teleports between them and grabs Smyrh by the throat. "Hey kid, hope you know a quick goodbye!"

            Terrance turns and sees Ignis with his father. Tears are streaming down Terrance's face. "Please! No!"

            Smyrh's lips move but no words come out.

            Terrance begins to phase out. "NOOO! I WON'T LEAVE!!!"

            Ignis yells, "Grab him before he teleports!" But it was too late. Terrance is gone. The last sight that he had was his father in Ignis arms and he was laughing.

            "FATHER! WHERE AM I?!" Terrance can't see his surroundings through his tears. He tries to dry his eyes. He is in some sort of forest glen. There is a white glow coming from the trees.

            A man teleports in, "Your father sent you here." The man is dressed like no one Terrance had ever seen on Alyncia blue pants with a black jacket, his hair is black and pulled back, he is tall, and he is wearing something over his eyes like shaded black spectacles. "Terrance for you to be here something grave must have happened. You can call me Smith. We have some training for you."

            "What about my father?"

            "He is capable."

            "What does that mean?!" Terrance yells,

            "Your father has been working with us. The same with your mother. We are seeking to bring peace to the races of Alyncia. But there are those who would fight against that goal and those who would try to achieve that goal the wrong way. Your father is one of our best agents in this mission. He is capable of keeping himself safe. He sent you here to keep you safe. And now that you are here we need to make you capable."

            "So is my father dead? Is he alive? Where is he?!"

            "I can't tell you that as I don't know but what I do know is the training we will give you will equip you to find that answer and solve any issues that arrive with those answers. So the thing I need to ask you is, will you accept? Or will you not?"

            Terrance pauses, "My father would not be wrong....I accept."

            Smith smiles, "Welcome aboard Terrance."

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              We greatly enjoyed all entries! Thank so so much all, for participating.

              It was hard to decide, but after much deliberation, here are the awards.

              We're giving an honorable mention to Wanderingsiren, who gave a detailed and involved perspective of a player, entering the game. We really enjoyed reading this perspective.

              We're giving an honorable mention to Ben, who had an entertaining idea of how Timecrest 3 could begin, with a lot of theories for the character relationships and what would happen beyond the door.

              And the winner is Sashimioishi, who wrote a great chapter 1 of what might be an exciting story, that begins during the Timecrest fire, and ends with a mysterious group looking to train a confused Terrance.

              Honorable mentions will receive 500 Time Crystals, and the winner will receive 1500 Time Crystals. I will be sending private messages on how each can receive their rewards.

              Thanks to all for participating and congratulations!


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                Ash woke up in his room, the drapes drawn across his window blocking the light from outside from entering his room. Yawning, he rubbed his eyes, nearly tripping over a sleeping Morty, who woke with a small yip of surprise.

                Ash winced, patting Morty's head. "Sorry, buddy," he whispered, then straightened up to grab his cloak. Maybe he would head over to the apple courtyard to try and connect to the human world again today. Or would he go to the gardens?

                He ran his fingers through his hair, considering the two options. Eventually he decided on the former, and he exited his room, a spark of excitement lighting in him again at the thought of meeting a human through Nexutas.

                He nearly bumped into Allison on the way out, mumbling a quick hello as they both went their separate ways. The girl was heading over to Block C again. I wonder why? What business does she have over there?

                As he walked to the apple courtyard, groups of people whispering about the upcoming Copper Trials passed him. The sudden realisation that he hadn't registered yet hit Ash. I'll do that later. I've got plenty of time left.

                But a growing worry gnawed at him as he walked towards the apple courtyard. He had yet to learn any spells. How would he pass the Copper Trials without knowledge of even one spell? And who could he ask to be his teammates? He didn't exactly have any friends. He didn't know Allison all that well, and apart from her, he didn't know anyone. There was Morty, but wolf pups can't talk...

                Maybe if I connect with a human, they'll help me.

                He quickened his steps, more eager than ever to get to the apple courtyard.

                The glow from the meteors bathed everything in an orange light as he finally arrived at the apple courtyard he loved so much. Ash felt a smile stretch across his face, and he walked over to one of the trees, gently running his hand over the wood.

                I wouldn't trade this place for anything. Not ever.

                Spotting an apple on the ground, he sat down, staring at it. They told him that he would feel a connection if he was able to learn a spell. So far, it hadn't happened with Nexutas, but he was confident that he would succeed at it one day.

                Besides wanting a human companion, he was deeply curious about the human world and its inhabitants. He was descended from them, after all. What was it like? Did they have magic? Did they still know of Alyncia? What relics did they have there?

                He had been staring at the apple for some time now. Nothing had happened.

                He laid down on his belly, putting his head between his hands. How many tries would it take until he finally established a connection? Would it happen today? Tomorrow? A week later? A year?

                His stomach suddenly growled, and he was reminded of the fact that he hadn't eaten breakfast. His thoughts were immediately tugged to the opening of the Griffin's Delight. It was bound to open soon. He would be able to eat as many griffin eggs to his heart's extent, and learn how to cook the perfect griffin egg as well.

                Does the human world have griffins and griffin eggs? he wondered, poking the apple gently. It rocked slightly then stilled. What about apples? Do they have apples?

                It would be so cool to be able to see some human relics

                His interest sparked as the apple quivered slightly on its own accord. Was this it? Was he succeeding at connecting to the human world at last?

                But then, the screams came. Ash bolted to his feet, the apple, which was shaking harder and harder now, forgotten. What was going on?

                He glanced at the sky and froze. The meteors, which had been locked in the sky for his entire life, were descending. Giant balls of fire and stone hellbent on reducing his world to ashes, all rushing for the ground at the same time. Timecrest would be obliterated, and he would die alongside it.

                He suddenly regretted not visiting the gardens first. Despite what Riley had done, he still wanted to see her one last time. She had to have done that for a reason. She would never do that for... for fun.

                But this meant the end was near. He would never grow old. Never eat his favourite foods again. Never become better at drawing. Never see his family again. Never fall in love. Never follow in Master Ignis's footsteps.

                He would never accomplish anything he had set out to accomplish. He would die here, with regrets he wished he didn't have, and hoping for more time.

                To think... earlier, he had thought he had plenty of time.

                I guess I took too many things for granted.

                A stray blue curl of magic caught his eye. Confused, he looked down at his pocket watch, and he was startled to see the clock face adorned with blue glyphs. His pocket watch was emitting a pale blue glow.

                He had connected to the human world, moments before his death.

                So it had turned out that he could take one regret off his list after all.

                He held the pocket watch up to his lips and spoke.

                "I can sense a connection now."

                He didn't get a response. He tried again.

                "Hi there. Can you hear me?"

                He looked up at the sky, watching a meteor approach him. He was staring death in the face, and he felt... calm. Sad, but calm.

                A message appeared in front of his eyes. Who are you? The words then faded, letter by letter.

                He felt a bittersweet smile spread across his face as he raised the pocket watch to his lips.

                "I'm Ash... and my world is ending."


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                  Oh my lord I just finished Timecrest 2 and now I realise that's completely fucking wrong

                  I'll leave it up though ._.


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                    [16 YEARS AGO]

                    Riley lay on her bed tensely, unable to drift off into sleep. She knew her father was out, meeting up with some people whose identities he refused to reveal. It was a common occurrence, and yet, she felt like something bad was going to happen this time round.

                    The feeling of unease grew, until the young princess gave up on her attempts to sleep. She got up, quietly leaving her room.

                    The halls of the Valdorian Palace were quiet, as they usually were. But tonight, as she walked down them, they seemed especially ominous. The silence seemed to press against her, and she shivered slightly.

                    Still clad in her nightgown, it was chilly outside when Riley peered out of the large doors of the Valdorian palace, looking for any guards that might spot her and drag her back to her room. The guards were extremely loyal to King Janus Valdor. She had never understood why they would want to follow someone as cruel as him.

                    The coast seemed to be clear, at least for now. Riley took a few quiet steps out of the palace, leaving the gigantic doors open. A few more steps, and she began to hear voices.

                    Dread filled Riley to the core as she heard a familiar scream reach her ears before being abruptly cut off. Her breath quickened. She slipped back into the palace, dashing back to her room.

                    Her father would be back soon. She didn't have much time left.

                    She had never defied her father before. She had never dared to even think about it. But this time, someone else was more important than her father's orders.

                    Riley pulled her hood up and wrapped her cloak tightly around her as she closed the doors of the Valdorian palace. She hurried out of the gates, glancing around for guards. The few patrolling the city didn't notice her, but she kept to the shadows just in case. She couldn't risk anything that would jeopardise her mission. Not when it meant lives were at stake.

                    It wasn't long before she reached her first destination, but her urgency made it feel like eons had passed. The door was wide open, and clearly unhinged on one end. She gulped slightly, but entered the house.

                    Inside, it looked almost the same way as it always had when she visited. The walls were the same lovely cream colour, and the furniture remained mostly in the same place (save for a few chairs, which appeared to have been kicked over). The few pictures on the wall portrayed the once happy family that lived here, and she could still smell the sweet scent of the flowers growing in the house.

                    What caught her attention, however, was a little whimpering noise. She slowly walked over to where it was coming from and found a tiny baby curled up near the couch, crying quietly.

                    Riley felt tears spring to her eyes as she unraveled the towel she had taken with her, stroking the baby's cheek gently. He turned at her touch, and he noticeably brightened at the sight of her familiar face.

                    Riley gently picked up the baby and put him onto the towel as he giggled, wrapping the towel around him so he wouldn't get cold. She then lifted him up as he let out a sleepy burble, his tiny hand reaching for Riley.

                    She took his hand, turning it over to see a scar on the back of it. A small tremor ran through her as she stroked the scar.

                    She was glad she had recently learnt the Teleport spell, as taking the Griffin Transport would use far too much time. She closed her eyes and focused on a particular house in Lyall.

                    Moments later, she opened her eyes to see herself standing not far from the house. The baby was getting a little restless, and as Riley walked towards the house, he reached out for her again, giving her a grin.

                    Riley felt herself smile as the baby grabbed onto her finger tightly, shaking it. He didn't understand what was happening. He would, perhaps, when he was older. But not now.

                    As she knocked the door, and the baby squirmed around to see what had made the noise, she whispered," You'll be safer here, Ash."


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                      [Player's POV]

                      I was scrolling through the pages of apps on my device, no matter what, I didn't feel as entertained anymore, then I found an app that I didn't remember having, I opened it up, somehow it was familiar, despite never seeing it before

                      I can sense a connection now
                      Hi there, can you read me?

                      I don't know why, but I replied with the sentence "I know who you are, Ash." I never heard of this "Ash" before, and I somehow knew them?

                      You know my name...
                      It's strange
                      It feels like I know you too
                      It makes me feel warm inside..
                      That you're here with me
                      My first spell...
                      Relief washed over me, after finally feeling a connection with something

                      I couldn't explain it, but I felt like I had this conversation before, slowly but surely, memories started coming back to me, memories I didn't realise I had, I remembered Ash talking about how exciting it was for their first spell to work, to connect with a human, me.

                      Who knows? I might even become a mage that would make Master Ignis proud

                      I remembered Ash telling me tales, about the Master of Fire

                      And these moments...
                      Talking to the Princess... My heart pounded like crazy, but somehow... I felt courage

                      This time, I remembered Ash's conversations with Riley Valdor, both showing clear crushes on one another

                      Being hunted by people I once trusted, but somehow... I didn't feel alone.

                      I remembered the hooded man this time, the one who I helped Ash deal with.

                      Seeing the horrors of the past that shattered my core belief of Alyncia and Chronos, but somehow... I felt strength

                      The most horrifying thing of it all, the memories of what had happened to Valdor, it's fall, it's destruction, the fallen bodies on the streets, the blame on the humans, and the mass murder of the entire army. All from a single teenager.

                      It was you, wasn't it?
                      Standing by my side?

                      Through all of these moments?
                      Here I am at the top of Mount Asura
                      There is a meteor coming at me
                      I'm going to die

                      Did Chronos really unfreeze the meteors? Is the Master of Time our enemy rather than our hero?
                      Heh, it's strange
                      Even against these odds, I feel like with you...
                      Everything is going to be ok

                      I pressed the familiar green button 'Turn back time'. I felt the familiar surge of power flow through me.

                      My body is phasing out...
                      I don't know if you can still see my messages...

                      But I promise to find my way back to you
                      Again and again. No matter what!
                      I refuse to say goodbye

                      "Again and again" I whispered, tears coming to my eyes. The adventure has started again.

                      *This is the closest I've come to a fanfic in a long time, and I know there are some issues, but I won't hide my shame and I'll stick to how I made it*


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