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    Hello Timecresters! I wanted to open up a thread to everyone who has found interesting items or unlocked scenes and wants to hear what others have to say! I have a lot of questions for all of you too, so without further ado, let's fire away!

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    I guess that I can start off. I have played through Timecrest 1 almost 100 times over the course of the past 10 months, and am on my 3rd Timecrest 2 run right now. Currently I have found 3 hidden items throughout my past 2 runs that carry over between runs, and 1 more during my second one. The first 2 are found in Chapter 9, if you choose to follow Riley instead of Roger. The first one is Riley's Locket, which was "obtained from Riley when Ash took her hand after challenging her to a fight inspired by her childhood memories fighting Chronos." I don't want to go further into the description if any of you haven't obtained the item yet. In addition, I found the Chrono Wand after attending Riley's funeral later in Chapter 9. The next two items I found on my second run. The first is The Breakfast, which as many of you may know is A.C.'s sword. It is obtained after you look for A.C.'s body after it has been lost. The last item that I found is the Old Photo. I don't know if this is exclusive to any choices you make before Chapter 10, but it is obtained from a man with black eyes. It explains that he is clutching a note. The description of this photo is very interesting, but it doesn't carry over to the next run. In addition, when Ash offers to cook you food for Red Day and gives you a choice between the Laughing Pumpkin Pie, the Griffin Egg, and the Dragonberry Elixir , depending on which item you chose, you may be left wondering what the others do. The Laughing Pumpkin Pie gives you 150 gold , the Dragonberry Elixir halves any wait timer , and the Griffin Egg fully restores Aura . I also found out that when in the Castle of Windsorhowl, if you choose to go with Roger, if you decide to pay for two glasses of water (they never actually make you pay so don't worry), Elise will give you a Dragonberry Elixir, so if you chose to go with Roger, don't forget to grab one of those! Those are all of my findings in terms of items at the moment, I would love to hear how your journeys through Timecrest are going and what items you have found!


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      I have an update on the Old Photo . As I discussed earlier, I found an item on my second run called the Old Photo , which depicts, and I quote from the description, "It's a photo... I see the man [with no eyes] in it. He's smiling and has his arm around a pretty woman with deep violet eyes. There are two children, a boy and a girl, in the picture as well with brilliant red hair. The boy is smiling confidently and showing off a flickering flame floating in his palm... He looks like a younger version of [Sol] Ignis who saved me from the cave spider. Could this be Ignis' family?" This photo was taken from the weird man with no eyes inside of the house that Sol and Scarlet Ignis are in during the final scene. If you look for this man again in a later part of Chapter 10, you find him and he says "Violet eyes... violet eyes... DIE!!!" So naturally you could infer that this man has a vendetta against the woman depicted in the photo and Ash's resemblance to her caused his hostility. Looking for more clues to this photo, I discovered something quite peculiar while reading the first part of Chronos's dialogue at the end of the story. Depicting a scene from when Ash was a baby, along with his birth family, Ash notices a woman with violet eyes, identified as the same woman in the photo that the man in the armchair was clutching. This woman is later identified as Helena Timecrest, Ash's birth mother. So thinking about the photo again, if it has 4 people, we can infer that the two with the "brilliant red hair" are Sol and Scarlet Ignis, and we know that the woman with deep violet eyes is Ash's mother. But it leaves us to question who this crazed man is. Perhaps he could have been a past husband that Helena divorced? Clearly they had a very positive seeming relationship in that photo, and it would be kind of odd for a photo seemingly depicting Ignis's family for his is mother not to be present and for another woman to be there. But if perhaps Helena Timecrest could have mothered both Scarlet and Sol Ignis, that still leaves us with the missing link between a. Her relationship with the crazed man, and b. What happened between the two of them that caused the crazed man to have such a hatred for her? and c. Does this have any relationship to Ash and Ignis's relationship? Ignis, throughout the story, seems like he could have had his own orders from an unknown leader to bring Ash to this mysterious house and to the door. And if Ash sees his parents, who were discovered to be dead in one of the flashbacks, then could they be behind Ignis's behavior and behind that of Alan and Marik? So many questions, and so few answers. But we can infer, in summary, that Ash's birth mother had some close relationship to Ignis and his family, that she also had some relationship with (possibly?) Scarlet and Sol Ignis's father and their family, that Ignis is following orders from someone, and possible candidates could be Ash's birth parents, his mother, or others behind the door. But what other links could be found that links all of this together? Could Ash's birth parents be looking for him and could Helena's relationship with Ignis be behind his behavior? Why are both Chronos and Ignis in the same room in the last scene? Perhaps are they all connected, following the same plan? My guess is that it all links back to Ash's mother, the weird messages in the red font, Chronos and Ignis working together?, the way that it seems that Ignis and Helena were very closely related at some point, but the common thread is Ash's birth mother more than anything else. What do you guys think? Do you think that Helena Timecrest could be behind all of this? What are the motives behind the actions of Chronos and Ignis? Let me know if you guys find anything out, either PM me or please, post it here for everyone to see. Looking forward to seeing your take on it all. Have a nice journey through Timecrest, and I hope that no meteors shower your skys!


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        I have a theory that the door some sort of passageway to bring the dead back to life. But I believe that require some sort of sacrifice in order to bring someone back. Chronos wants to bring back his parents, Ignis wants to bring back scarlet. I believe at the moment Scarlet is not really there but she is just a shadow. Elise uses necromancy to create shadows. perhaps Ignis has done the same. I believe Chronos found Ignis and had hoped that he would've known how to bring the dead back through his search to bring Scarlet back. They form together in hopes to bring back Scarlet and Chronos's parents. Chronos then wants to bring about the world that his father was trying to create and Ignis wants the same. Marik and Alan have followed on in hopes of creating that same world as Chronos. I think their plan is to use Ash to get the sacrifice that they need.


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          Very interesting Sashimioishi! That would make sense for them to team up to both revive their loved ones. Clearly Chronos was furious about Janus's actions, and I would assume that he would like to bring them back, which would probably be his "plan" that is mentioned several times throughout the game. That is also very interesting about Scarlet! Maybe would you think that Ash could be the sacrifice, or maybe the connection between Ash and the player has something to do with bringing them back? Still, very interesting theory. I like your theory about Marik and Alan as well. They do seem to be fighting for a new world, as was shown with dialogue with the two of them in Nightshade forest and later if you chose to go to Windsorhowl. Maybe it is a world where humans can live in peace again? It would make sense for Marik to fight for that, but I am not sure what Alan would want. We know he has had a difficult past with King Aegis and in Windsorhowl, so I would also assume that he would want to take out the King and bring world peace. Again, very interesting theories. Do you think that Ash could be the sacrifice, or maybe he is the direct key to something more?


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            I think Ash may be some kind of sacrifice or like they need someone of some character in order to bring people back. Ash said that the universe does not let go of souls it has claimed without a price and perhaps Ash is what Chronos has decided to pay. Each time Ash goes to the door someone he cares about or someone who has died is present at the door. Except for Riley..... Perhaps another theory there. But in one ending it is his parents in another it is A.C so I am thinking that this door has something to do with the dead. But even then I wasn't certain A.C really died...


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              Sashimioishi Poor Ash, but I think you're right about her being needed as a sacrifice of some sort in the grander scheme of things. Technically we revive Ash each time she dies. I wonder what is the price for that revival. We know we can't revive anyone else besides Ash, but so far we haven't had to pay a price to reclaim Ash. I'm thinking that's going to happen eventually and that line about the universe not letting go of souls thats easily is a warning. Anyone have theories on this?

              Ben Which path did you find the old photo on? I must have missed that one on my runs. Very interesting theory too about Helena Timecrest. I really want to learn more about the Timecrests.

              I finally earned Roger's extra scene with Cera. Such a sad life for Roger that the person he likes, likes his brother. I do like his confidence that he'll make her his wife eventually, but I'm not sure it's going to happen for him after seeing the scene with Cera. Roger probably talks big because he always felt inferior to Alan. I'm not sure what the deal is with Cera's cage and how hard it is to break her free from it, but one of my theories is that Alan is working with Ignis so he can free Cera from that cage and all of them from King Regis. From what I read, they were adopted by the king and he beats them so it's likely they want to get away from that.


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                Very interesting theories Petora-chan! I never really thought aboutAlan fighting for the freedom of Roger and Cera, but it definitely makes sense. From the evidence presented, he does seem like a good person at heart, and based off of the conversation between Roger and Cera, it appears that Alan is probably misunderstood. It is very saddening to see Roger get his heart broken because Cera fell for Alan during Roger's absence, but I do agree with your theory that they will get married someday. But I think that, as Cera said, it will take Roger finding and bringing back Alan, and a resolution between the two. I don't think that either of them understands why they are fighting, but just knows that they are enemies. But assuming that Alan's reasoning for following Ignis is to gain freedom from King Regis, then what has Ignis said/promised him that would make him join his side? Also, another thing that I have been pondering recently is who is behind the blue text that you received in one of Ash's dreams, the one saying "It really is you. You don't remember me, but you're safe here. Have you found the answers you're looking for? I wish I could tell you everything. That day, I forsook your help. Maybe that was my biggest mistake." I don't know if you found this out, but Chronos is the creator of the pocket watch. It is revealed before the trials if you choose to have Ash talk to Chronos instead of looking for Riley at the gardens. It seems that there are a lot of messages tied to that, like asking what kind of food Chronos likes, asking him directly about the destruction of Valdor, and what his favorite hobbies are. He said his favorite hobby is inventing, and his favorite one is his pocket watch. Also, when asked about his favorite food, he talks about how he likes and makes Griffin Eggs too. Ash said that he thought because they were related, perhaps Chronos liked them as well. Ash said "I really like them with a touch of..." and Chronos finished the sentence with "Rosemary?" Then Chronos continues, "Sometimes I forget how young you are. But yes. A touch of rosemary brings out the zest of the yolk." So I suppose that before Ash lost his memory, he and Chronos used to cook together. But what I really take away from that bit of text is that they used to be friends once. And as a separate theory, I believe that Chronos erased Ash's memory. In chapter 10, he spoke about how he could only turn back time 5 minutes after Ash's chemical scarring on his hand. I believe that as Chronos got more skilled in his magic, he wiped Ash's memory to erase something traumatic so he could live a happy life without remembering whatever thing that was. Personally, I believe that it was the horrible death of his parents to King Janus. It would make sense that as a brother, Chronos would never want Ash to remember that horrible day and what happened to his family, but rather to start over far, far away. But then that raises the question of what happened to him between the period of time after Chronos wiped Ash's memory to Riley taking him to the Elden's. I don't think it happened directly after, because Riley seems to have given him to the Elden family in secret, which would explain why Ash's identity had to be confirmed later by Chronos. So many puzzle pieces missing... But that is what makes this so much fun! I know it is a bit off-topic, but I just wanted to mention that To answer your earlier question about the Old Photo, once you enter the house with the door inside, there will be a man with black eyes sitting with a piece of paper in his hands, not moving at all. If you choose to speak to this man and try to extract the photo, he will run out of the house screaming like a crazy person. But then you have the photo. He can be encountered later after choosing to look around for a key in lieu of knocking on the door. He will be back in the armchair, much to Ash's disbelief. Then if you try to go near him again, he will say, "Violet eyes, VIOLET EYES!!! DIE!!!" And will then strangle Ash to death, bringing him back to the door. You can look around one more time, but the same result will happen. I am only at Chapter 9 right now, so I don't quite remember the details perfectly, but all I know is that I believe that the dialogue is interesting enough to see once more. I have only found this on runs that I have chosen to look and go with Roger instead of Riley, but I plan to explore if you can still find the old man during my next run. Also, thank you for the compliment! I am really looking forward to learning more about the Timecrests as well.

                I really enjoy your theory, Sashimioishi, and would like to expand on it. What if Ash isn't the sacrifice, but the key to bringing everyone back is the player? We already know we can resurrect Ash when he is in mortal danger, so perhaps Chronos and Ignis have figured out a way to harness that power to revive others without sacrifice, or perhaps if Ignis is following orders, as it has been mentioned many times before, perhaps the sacrifices were the mages at the Copper Trials and in the Timecrest fire, and all that is left is for the player's power to be activated? But I believe that Ash has been brought to the door not as a sacrifice, but for your power. Chronos knows about you and about your power, and perhaps he told whomever he is working for about this power and will tell Ash about how to harness it better. As we already know, Chronos is the original owner and creator of the pocket watch, and perhaps he has found a human that has similar if not the same powers as we have. We know that when Ash's pocket watch was burned by Ignis, Chronos makes a comment about "defying his orders," to which Ignis responds, "As have you. You did just intervene." So although we don't know the exact orders they are carrying out, I believe that it has something to do with the connection to us in the human world and the pocket watch. It all is linked somehow. We can gather as well from the text that Ignis has had contact with the human world as well, stating "You think the Nexutas spell was just an accident? Come to Wispy Brook, and you can see where it all began for me." So presumably, he has also had contact with the human world, but that also leaves us with how he connected with us. Did he have a device of his own? Or did he use only his mind? But maybe they will kill Ash, but my suspicion is that they would only do it so we can activate our powers of revival that they could latch on to. Who can tell for sure except when we get more links and connections? But it is exciting to find out, and if I had to bet, some of these theories are right on the money.

                Thanks to both Petora-chan and Sashimioishi for contributing! I am really glad to have fellow Timecresters theorizing with me and seeing all that you guys have to bring to the table, and I am really looking forward to hearing your next theories!


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                  I think I have a new theory regarding Helena Timecrest being the mastermind behind everything that is happening to Ash. Well, rather more evidence supporting it. A while back, in the previous weekly giveaway question, I stated that my theory is that Ash's father, Julius Timecrest, is the one behind the blue text in the identical font to the red text. In addition, I mentioned how I believe that he is the good man. Reading the message in red at the end of Chapter 8, whom I speculate to be Helena Timecrest, and I quote, "When the door opens there will be no need for you to hide. Your place is with me on the other side. The poor, good man tried to get rid of me, you see. But only when the door opens will he truly be free." My analysis of this could be that Helena wanted to live again, and knowing the power that Ash and his friend (the human) possess, they could turn back time and restore them to life. This could be due to madness or trying to see her child again. And out of extreme desperation for this, he sent Chronos and Ignis to find Ash and bring him back to her alive, no matter what. I have established a little while back that it seemed that Chronos and Ignis are working for the same person, hence Chronos trying to constantly recruit Ash to his "plan", bringing Ash back to his mother. From analyzing the Old Photo, we can find that Helena was in a family portrait of some sort with Sol and Scarlet Ignis and the man in the armchair. If Helena was also the mother to Ignis, or maybe a mother figure of sorts, perhaps she convinced Ignis to help her at all costs to bring Ash back. Find him and do whatever it takes. Or perhaps she had a solution to revive Scarlet after her murder, and Ignis owes her. A lot of the pieces connect back to Helena, and I believe that a very logical explanation is that she is a mother who went mad to see her young son again, or perhaps Ash is the key to something more. The next line in the text says "Your place is with me on the other side." Perhaps if she cannot have life, she would want Ash to join her in the realm beyond that door. I don't believe that it is very farfetched for a mother to want to see her youngest son, who's memory was wiped and was given away, again in her life. Later in the text, it says "The poor, good man tried to get rid of me, you see." Again, going with the idea that the "Good Man" is Ash's Father, perhaps he tried to talk her out of it, saying that they cannot cheat death, even if it is to see our son again, depending on the cost. In turn, Helena was furious with Julius for trying to interfere with her plans. She, through some means, got him to stop. My guess would be torture, until he cannot wait to get out of the hell hole with his crazed wife, hence the line "But only when the door opens will he truly be free." Ash only sees Helena and Julius behind the door, leaving us two candidates for all of these "Door" messages.

                  In addition, looking back at the poem that the Good Man wrote, and I quote, "There once was a good man who lived in a house alone. He didn't want any visitors so he kept his doors locked. That is until I knocked, knocked, and knocked. The man wouldn't see me at first. He tried to resist the inevitable thirst. This is how it happens, I've seen it so many times. First comes curiosity, second comes desire. Third comes an itch that is most dire. For even a good man like him couldn't resist seeing more. So he opened his eyes and unlocked the door." Perhaps the poem regarded Julius's story. Perhaps after a first divorce to Helena, where she could move on to build Ignis's family. He wished to live alone from then on, so he always kept his doors locked. But when Helena knocked again, he had mixed feelings about letting her back in. What he writes, "This is how it happens, I've seen it so many times. First comes curiosity, second comes desire. Third comes an itch that is most dire." Perhaps it could be writing about Helena seducing Julius into letting her back into his life. Helena always knew that he could get back together with Julius, so she had no doubts that her plan would work. The lines "For even a good man like him couldn't resist seeing more. So he opened his eyes and unlocked the door." could be interpreted one of two ways. The first, Julius really missed Helena and the times they had, and he wished to have more of those happy times, so he let Helena, the "Evil" Ash talks about if you ask him who would be let in, back into his life. She destroyed him once again, and he wrote the poem as a warning to others.

                  Now let's evaluate the blue text. It says, "It really is you. You don't remember me, but you're safe here. Have you found the answers you're looking for? I wish I could tell you everything. That day, I forsook your help. Maybe that was my biggest mistake." Again theorizing that this man is Julius, perhaps the player had connected with Julius before Ash. He seems to be a warmhearted person, and again following that Julius is the Good Man, and remembering that he built the palace of Valdor, he seemed to be a great person. I believe that he found the Nexutas connection spell and connected with the same human. The human had the same powers to turn back time and revive Julius. However, one day, an event happened and Julius had to cut the connection spell and "forsook" the help of the human for good. The only instance of the choice of cutting the Nexutas spell was if you followed a very specific path with Ash during the first story. When the meteors are about to destroy Lyall, and everyone he loves, you can tell him that it will be ok, or to "grow up". If you tell him to grow up, Ash dies, and the text says "Ash cut the Nexutas connection spell shortly before the meteors fell.", thus showing me that the user of the spell has a choice to stop its function. However, after Helena connected with the same human, perhaps after figuring out that it was you connected with her son, maybe she decided that to revive her, she had to bring Ash to her for you to turn back time and revive her. This works well in conjunction with our previous theory about the text at the end of Chapter 8, which would have Chronos and Ignis go on a witch hunt to find Ash, each using their own methods. Ignis goes for a very destructive route, getting Ash at any cost, of every life that stands in his way, while Chronos wanted to recruit Ash and tell him his mother's plan to see or use him, but most of all to end her search.

                  I believe that perhaps this completes the puzzle of who is behind the plans and the door, or at least it all follows, but I would love to hear additional theories or your opinion on this one. Hopefully I can update this over time. I am looking forward to hearing your theories too, as I am looking forward to seeing different perspectives on this or other theories entirely. Until then, best of luck and may no meteors fall in your sky


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                    Very interesting and it seems very probable. I still wonder how Team 13 plays into the whole role.


                    if you choose to go with Team 13 AC dies and he is at the door later. If you choose Riley and follow Chronos Helena and Julius are there. So depending on the path you take its either AC who is at the door or Ash's parents. It is whoever Ash wants alive again.

                    If you look at the text Chronos is also blue and Sol has also claimed to have made a connection before. Perhaps their similar texts. I am still examining and can't wait for the next one.


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                      Ngeh I actually figured out how to use the spoiler tag!
                      To me, it seems like whoever Ash sees at the door may be affected by Chronos instead of Just whoever he chooses to go with- In my last playthrough, I chose to go with Roger to Windsorhowl, yet I ended up with Ash seeing Helena and Julius at the door instead. I looked back at the overview (at the “choose chapter” screen) of what my choices led to, and it said, “You chose to trust Chronos: Saw Helena and Julius Timecrest at the door” So I think that if you choose to trust him, they end up at the door, regardless, but I still have to test that theory out in future run throughs since I just noticed it.

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                    Originally posted by Ben View Post
                    Thanks to both Petora-chan and Sashimioishi for contributing! I am really glad to have fellow Timecresters theorizing with me and seeing all that you guys have to bring to the table, and I am really looking forward to hearing your next theories!
                    Ben Thank you and it's fun to theorize these things while we wait for more of the story to be released!

                    Sashimioishi That's a great question.
                    I've wondered that about Team 13 too. So I think the first game is called Fated Connections for a reason and it's not just because of our connection with Ash. I think everyone in this story is somehow connected to each other whether for good or bad. We know for sure A.C. is connected to Head Guildmaster Crane. Then we know Elise is connected to Guildmaster Petora. The only odd man outs are Roger and Guildmaster Fulgur who don't seem to share a connection with the main cast.

                    I'm actually very interested to hear if anyone has theories about Guildmaster Fulgur since he's quite the oddball I would say. I learned he used to run a lot of experiments on prisoners or something so I think maybe he's with Chronos because he wants to learn revival magic and revive his test subjects so he can continue to run his tests. Silly, I know, but that's who I think his character is.


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                      I have been running through and have been coming up with so many different paths that I am having to rethink my theories all over on some of them but when I finish running through I will have another.


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                        Sashimioishi and Petora-chan Excellent theories regarding Team 13! I particularly liked your point about the "Fated Connections" title of Timecrest 1 and am also looking forward to learning more about Fulgur. I believe for Chronos to bring such a man to be a Guildmaster, there must have been a deal or a purpose. So far, we have seen that Chronos does not act without reason or purpose, even though we don't have exact answers for what those reasons are. But I think that is extremely interesting about your theory about Fulgur's possible connection regarding revival magic. In addition to an oddball, Fulgur seems to be virtually impossible to work with, from his laughing fits to his lack of common sense in several situations. I believe that either A. Fulgur may have something to do with revival magic (as you suggested) or B. Chronos may have had a past relationship with him that would compel him to work with Fulgur. Sashimioishi I would love to hear these theories you are thinking/rethinking about!!! Be sure to keep us posted, and good luck in the development of them I am currently developing new theories regarding Ezra as well as more in-depth analysis on Chronos's character. When I have enough info, I will be sure to post it. Looking forward to hearing from you guys!


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                          Wow, so many good theories around and learning so many new things I was wondering if anyone found how to obtain the Luthor Timecrest fan club shirt? I don't remember the acronym but Roger wanted it, I think at Aion.

                          Ben I think your theory is interesting but I think the person, that connected to the player before Ash, is Chronos and not Julius (on that reasoning, I think the blue text is mostly Chronos). In chapter 10, it has the following content: 'Riley said, "Your friend actually reminds me of someone." I'm asking her who. She said, "Your brother, Luthor, was very good friends with a human as well and he would speak with that human using the same pocket watch as the one you're using now." What?! Chronos used my pocket watch?' And I think the one who forsook the player's help was also Chronos, as in the same chapter: '(...) Riley said, "Yes (in reference to Ash questioning if Chronos really had the watch pocket before), but one day Chronos tossed away the pocket watch. I don't know why." Riley said, "As a kid, whenever I saw Luthor in a bad mood for no apparent reason, I suspected he had a fight with his human friend." She said, "But for someone as stubborn as Luthor, he seemed to have a high respect and trust for his friend, like you do for yours, Ash. I never thought he would just throw away the pocket watch." So Riley gave me the pocket watch...'


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                            I have been exploring the route pertaining to Ezra in order to find more answers I missed the first time around. But first things first, I would like to address your question, Crescent, regarding the Luthor's Supreme Devotee's Club, or LSD for short, t-shirt and how to acquire it. Following your return from the quest in Nightshade forest, you are able to look around Timecrest. Go to the Timecrest Guild Gardens, and there you will find the LSD Club giving out free T-Shirts. Talk to them and you will get a T-Shirt.

                            I would also like to address your theories regarding the connection prior to Ash. I really appreciate how many facts you stated and everything. I just wanted to applaud you for that first because it helped me to see what a strong and supported case you have. This whole thread has been excellent with that, and after reading yours, I thought I just had to bring it up. Theorizing is fun, and I think it is the best when we all are able to support what we say. Sorry, I just wanted to get that out beforehand You do raise very interesting points about the connection from Chronos to a human. Though we do know that Chronos was connected to a human through the pocket watch, there is nothing necessary supporting that it was the same human. There is, however, evidence that it was not Chronos. Right after the Copper Trials and just prior to Chapter 8, there is a message in the same mysterious font as the red text, but in blue. It says, "It really is you. You don't remember me, but you're safe here. Have you found the answers you're looking for? I wish I could tell you everything. That day, I forsook your help. Maybe that was my biggest mistake." Later in the conversation between Chronos and Ash, when you ask Chronos, "So you were the one who sent me the message earlier? About your greatest mistake?" He replies, "I have no idea what you are referring to." From this, we can infer that Chronos did not send you that message and there isn't enough evidence to support that he had any contact with you when the text is analyzed. Though at one point Chronos did have a connection to a human, we can see that it was not the player. The pocket watch has been used to contact the human world before, and it was even Chronos's creation, as stated if you speak to him about hobbies after Marik Stewart was kicked out. He said that he doesn't have time for hobbies anymore, but when he was younger, he loved inventing things, and that the pocket watch was his favorite creation. But I think it is more than a coincidence that Chronos connected with the human world with that pocket watch first. Though at the time of the watch's creation, humans were allowed to freely connect to Alycnia, I wouldn't guess that a boy could figure out how to perfectly contact the human world without help. Though we know that Chronos has accomplished several incredible feats, would it be completely out of the question to think that perhaps his father, Julius Timecrest, who created the Valdor Royal Palace, worked with Chronos to create the Chronogem, and several other monumental achievements, could have helped Chronos to make the pocket watch connect to the human world? If so, I would believe that it is entirely probable that Julius helped Chronos to connect to a human through his own experiences? In addition, we can look at the text color of the sender of the mysterious message at the beginning of Chapter 8, we can see that it is the same color as the text when Chronos speaks. And would it be crazy to think Chronos's blue text is symbolically linked to the text of the sender at the beginning of Chapter 8? I believe that there are too many similarities to think that this all is just a big coincidence. Though of course all actions are up to interpretation, I think that all of the actions taken here would at least show that Chronos is not the one who connected to the player before Ash.

                            I will post again soon about Ezra after I finish analyzing and evaluating what he said.
                            I am looking forward to seeing other theories developed by others in this thread. Again, shout out to all of you for making exceptional theories about Timecrest! I really learn a lot from you, and I look forward to learning more!
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