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The Copper Trials (Unoffical Side Story)

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    [Darius Evenly]

    Stant. Is he friend or foe? He seems to be helping, but we don't know anything about him.

    My instincts tell me we shouldn't blindly follow him without learning more about him. What if this is a trap?

    Sibyl said to retreat. Erika and Sibyl seem to be in sync. I'll follow them, but I'm going to keep an eye on Stant until he proves himself to me.


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      (Sorry need to continue on)

      The Wylers swoop down again as you run. Barely sweeping over. As Erika helps Stant he lights another wooden ball and throws it. The Wylers dive after it with intent to tear apart the flaming ball. One cuts the wooden ball in half with it's talons.

      The Wylers begin to calm without the fire around and now that you have left the glowing waterfall.

      Stant takes a deep breath. His wounds have already started healing

      "Thank you..." Stant gives Erika a blank look. Obviously hinting for her name. He squints his eyes as if to draw the answer out of her with his glare. The moment she says it he interrupts. "Correct! At least someone in this group can get something right." His back is now completely healed. "Now why were you all messing with those Wylers. You should know that they are dangerous. You're lucky. If I hadn't been going through the trials you'd all be dead for sure."

      He gives you all a condescending look as if he was rebuking toddlers who just got caught sneaking snacks. "So who is going to be the one to explain this mess?"

      He puts his hands on his hips and waits for some response.


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        [Anne Reis]

        After that...little chaos. Here we were, facing a stranger, knowing almost nothing but his name…great…

        As the man asked an explanation, I squeezed thought my team in direction to the waterfall, eyeing the Wylers closely. I’m guessing they would react if I get too close, so…I guess I have to be cautions.

        Finally, I got to a useful distance and there was no reaction…yet.

        I moved my attention from those creepy birds to the waterfall once again. I was thinking… maybe, if I focused enough, I could be able to make out what was behind the waterfall. It must be something important for the Wylers to attack us.

        As I stared, I remembered.... the stranger, and maybe my team, were waiting for an answer.

        I turned around and addressed the man directly. "Sorry, it was probably rude what I did before, and maybe even what I'm doing at the moment "

        I sighted.

        "But, if you want answers…I think that you should go first. I believe trust goes both ways... and we know nothing about you…”

        “…Except that you know your stuff. The Wylers shouldn't be here; they do not belong in this habitat. I know, I did the research, a good one at that.
        No regular Copper should now about them…But you do...more so, how to deal with them...."

        I didn’t mention the part of when I started to analyze him. The way he walks, how he isn’t wearing a cooper cloak, or any rank for that matter, or that his manners of being secretive sound familiar.

        I turned to look at to my team, and smile to them. "I think I'll leave this in your hands...for now. There's something I think is worth checking out behind that waterfall, and maybe even around us…and I would like to know what it is before the Wylers get restless again, so, I´m going to tune out for a moment, if you don't mind”

        "If you need me…for anything” I remarking the anything part “shaking me might be best , okay? I'll probably be over before that happens, but it's good that you know”

        “If you cannot reach me physically, throwing something at me will do. Preferably something small and blunt….” I laughed a little at that.

        I looked at the stranger...our eyes crossed. I gave him a courtesy nod, and even a polite little smile. Lastly, I looked at my team.

        “I trust your judgment” I turned around, finally tuning them out as I looked straight at the waterfall; not before casting a little spell in case Stant did turn out to be so friendly. I wasn't defenseless...I will never be defenseless. From now, all I knew was the unnoticed that surrounded us.
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          [Darius Evenly]

          I'm getting that Anne doesn't fully trust Stant yet. Good. I'm not sure about this guy either. On the other hand, Erika and Sibyl seem to be focused on... each other? I wonder if they were friends from before.

          Anne seems focused on the waterfall. But I'm not letting Stant out of my sight.

          He seems to know that we are participating in the trials. But I thought the location was kept secret so that participants couldn't cheat.

          "Who are you Stant? Are you a part of the trial? Are you interfering with the trial? Since you know that we're participating in the trials, you'll understand any suspicions we may have. Please explain yourself, Stant."

          Oh, that came out a little more accusatory than I intended. But I'm not going to let my teammates get hurt by blind trust in a strange situation.


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            [Sibyl Rose]

            I don't like the way Stant interrupted Erika. She helped him. I don't like the condescending stare Stant gave us either. He doesn't even know us.

            Is this how Marik felt when he was dragged out of the guild?

            "We didn't want to encounter those Wylers," I said. "We appreciate your help in escaping them, but who are you, Stant?"


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              (Been having issues with my phone so haven't been able to type.)

              Stant crosses his arms. "I am Stant Malbrook copper mage. Abandoned by my team." He sighs, "You all are going to love this story." He leans against the cave wall, "So here I was walking with my team. We were going through some paths when I see these mages frozen with angry Wylers all around. I tell Connors who called himself our 'leader' that we should help those mages. He just mocked my sympathy and said it was for the weak. So I left that BDT behind and came over to help. So if you must know that is who I am."

              Stant starts to walk away, "Those Wylers are guarding the gems. They become territorial over shiny valuables so if I were you I wouldn't try that way again. I have a trial to complete. Not sure if you knew but the copper trials are going on and I need to rank up."

              Stant flicks his hand and it immediately catches fire. He holds it up to light the caves. "Now don't let me come back here to find you messing with those Wylers again. I might not help again." He gives a quick smirk and starts walking down another tunnel.


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                [Darius Evenly]

                Either this Conner is a jerk or this Stant is a jerk. There's no way for me to know until we get to know Stant better. But now he's left. I'll file that one away for later.

                I clear my throat. "I think we should go for the gems. Ideas?"