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The Copper Trials (Unoffical Side Story)

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    [Erika Bladecor]

    I have never seen such a creature before.

    However I do remember once reading about them in a book from the Timecrest library.

    I believe they were named Wylers.

    Since the Wylers are bird like creatures, I believe it's best I provide cover for my team.

    Anne should be able to eliminate them with fire magic, I will try to make sure the Wylers aren't focused on her.

    I suggest that Darius provide support while I provide a defense for our team and make sure they don't surround us.

    I turn to Sibyl, suddenly that strange dream I had enclosed on my mind.

    Now is not the time for distractions, I ask Sibyl what her kind of spells she might know to help in this situation.


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      [Sibyl Rose]

      Did Erika give me a strange look when she asked me about my spells? No, I must be imagining things. I need to stop overthinking everything. I raise my hand to my head. Marik would always give me a pat whenever I have a blank look on my face. He understood what I went through even though I had no idea what he went through.

      I'm telling Erika that I know how to create an illusion to make myself invisible for a few seconds, but I won't be able to do it for the rest of the group. Strange. I'm typically suspicious of everyone and everything, but Erika never evoked those feelings in me. I wonder why.

      I notice I'm touching my head again.


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        [Erika Bladecor]

        Sibyl explained her ability to me, making a clone of herself could prove incredibly useful for defensive situations.

        I think I have a understanding for our course of action. I don't expect my team to see me as their leader, but I believe I know how we can win this fight.

        I look at Darius and suggest,
        "Darius, target any of the Wylers that get close to either Anne or Sibyl, I'll help keep them off if they get extremely close so you needn't worry about hitting one of our teammates by accident."

        I turn to Anne, "Anne, try targeting the ones far away with fire magic, it's best you don't use fire magic in close combat in case of injuring yourself or us. Leave that to me and Darius."

        Now for Sibyl, "Sibyl, I want you to use your illusion magic whenever they close in on you, I don't know if they have ranged attacks but if they target you, it's best you use your magic when you can."

        Sibyl is still looking at me with her hand on her head.

        I walk towards Sibyl and place my hand on her forehead, "Don't worry Sibyl, believe in yourself, your team, and in me."


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          [Darius Evenly]

          Sibyl and Erika seem to be taking charge. Erika put her hand on Sibyl's forehead. They seem to be forming a connection. Why can't I form a connection with anyone?

          Oops, I'm starting at the two of them. My cheeks feel hot... embarrassing.

          I'm going to do what Erika said. I raise my bow and am ready to target a Wyler if any come close.


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            [Anne Reis]

            I take a deep breath. I'm not in the sidelines, this time is for real...good!

            I don't know this type of bird or its weaknesses, but everything burns, doesn't it? I hate not knowing.

            I cast Luceat Lux for this battle. It was the second spell I learned, and it creates small fire balls. It's Magnus form is way more powerful, but it will do for now.

            Now, I need to focus. I will not fail. Let's see what they got!


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              (Sorry been very busy the last few days.)

              The Wylers begin flapping their wings and sqwauking more ferociously. You see several more of them appear from the trees. They certainly have targeted your group now but none of them are moving towards you.

              You notice some of them flying towards the waterfall but still at a safe distance from you. They seem to be keeping their distance but are watching you very closely. The trees continue to rustle from Wylers moving back and forth.

              A a rough estimate says there are about 20 of them between the trees and the waterfall. (Optional part for your character to notice)

              The behavior of the Wylers is almost as if they are guarding something. As you watch they keep their beady eyes on you and are patrolling between the trees and the glistening waterfall. Making sure that you are not going near whatever they are hiding.


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                [Sibyl Rose]

                Erika put her hand on my head! Her hand feels warm. Did she say I could make clones of myself? A miscommunication. My spell is nothing as fancy as that. I can make myself clear for a few seconds, but things can still hit me. Combat-wise it's pretty much useless.

                Though, Erika seems to have confidence in me. Why would she have confidence in a stranger? Why would she trust her life to a stranger? Why am I feeling that I don't want to let her down?

                Okay. Focus. I can do this. Now Sibyl, watch carefully and wait for the Wylers to attack!


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                  [Erika Bladecor]

                  After laying my hand on Sibyl, she looked comforted and then confused.

                  Did I misinterpret something? Perhaps her ability?

                  I must show that I have faith in her, and in the rest of the team as well.

                  I am preparing for the Wylers to make their move.
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                    Step... Step... Step...

                    You hear slow footsteps behind you from the cavern. Out of the darkness you see a flame, it lights up the darkness to reveal a man in a black hood. His face is hidden but he slowly walks closer and closer.

                    The Wylers do not like the flame and are now more agitated and start taking close sweeps towards you but out of arms reach.

                    The mysterious man begins to chuckle,

                    "Looks like you all are in trouble..."

                    He continues to slowly walk forward with one hand ablazed.


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                      [Anne Reis]

                      I take two steps forward to take a better look at the new character that just showed up.

                      "Who are you?"

                      As I await for an answer, I study the man. His pose...the way he walk...even the spell on his hand....

                      "There's...there's something off" I tell my team whispering "I...I can't point it exactly, but there is definitively something wrong here"

                      I start thinking what to do; all
                      the strategies I've learned...we could run, but I don't see any exists close enough to secure a full escape. Attacking is optional, but we don't know the full spectrum of his abilities. Illusions could be a good way to buy us some time, but I don't know the length of Sybil's spells. Physical weapons seem the best course of action at the moment...maybe a mix of both....

                      I could also try making a fire barrier to protect us and maybe even become a potential distractor if a retreat is needed, but....I haven't tried that in a while...I'm not even sure I remember how...

                      I shake my mind and decide on my approach. I sign at Darius carefully to have his bow ready. He is the one closest to me, and the only one I can sing without making it obvious to the stranger. I hope he got that as I look again at the man.

                      Hopefully the other will do the same and be ready to attack. There needs to be a mix if the need to attack rises.

                      I know attackers, more so if they use my style of magic, and this man gives me a bad feeling.

                      I cast quietly Incendiatas, in hopes of not making it worse with the Wylers. I look strait at the man, feeling at the mercy of his next move, I hate when that happens!


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                        [Darius Evenly]

                        Anne said something was off. The mysterious man... is he friend or is he foe?

                        He certainly has penchant for the dramatic, appearing from the shadows, saying ominous lines.

                        Showing up with a hand already on fire does not scream, I'd like to pet a muffie.

                        The Wylers, this mysterious man, but no real clues as to what is going on. This is part of the copper trials, right?

                        Are we supposed to fight? To run? To survive? What is success in this situation?

                        I scan the room looking for any other clues, any hint as to what we should do or how we could gain an advantage in this moment.


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                          [Erika Bladecor]

                          The Wylers are behaving differently, could this be the cause of that man?

                          He came with his hand ablaze, with a hostile aura around him.

                          Is this a test? Could this man be actually a mage from Timecrest?

                          I should be prepared for any case, what should be our next action?

                          Sensing that my team is hesitant of their next action, I move back to closely knit our group.


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                            (I was waiting for Petora but I need to continue)

                            The sight of the flames preturb the Wylers even more and 3 start to dive towards Anne. They sweep in with their talons pointing out. The rest of the Wylers begin to screech out.

                            "Oh Great Muffies!", the mysterious man yells, "Look now at what you've done." He sighs dramitcally and pulls out a wooden ball with his unlit hand. He transfers it to his lit hand and throws it towards the angry Wylers.

                            "Run into the cave!" He begins to run toward the Wylers trying to frighten them off. His hood falls off as he runs. He has short messy brown hair that looks like it hasn't been washed for weeks. "The name is Stant by the way." Stant is shooing away the Wylers but his efforts do not seem to change the fact that they are upset and they aren't backing down.

                            "They are protecting the glow stones behind the... ACK!" A Wyler came from behind Stant and dug it's talons into his back and tossed him a short distance.

                            They begin to refocus now on Anne with three taking a quick sweep towards her.

                            Stant struggles to get up.


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                              Sashimioishi Sorry, for missing the last segment. Life. ^^

                              [Sibyl Rose]

                              Oh no, Stant! What should we do? I've never been in real combat before! I've always chosen to opt out combat training.

                              Stant told us to run. He's trying to save us from the Wylers, but now he seems to be in trouble.

                              "Let's run everyone!" I called out. I don't want to see more people hurt. I don't want to see... Erika hurt. "We can't win these Wylers. There's too many. We can't waste Stant's efforts to save us! We have to run, now!"


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                                [Erika Bladecor]

                                The mysterious hooded man seems to be helping us! It seems that escaping would be our best option.

                                Has he dealt with Wylers before? Now he's in trouble! What should be our next course of action?

                                Sibyl gives the command for our team to retreat, I don't want to see her disappointed in us, especially in me.

                                I'm going to quickly run over and help Stant recover, they seem to be focused on Anne at the moment.

                                We must retreat and regroup, I can't let Sibyl down!