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The Copper Trials (Unoffical Side Story)

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    [Sibyl Rose]

    Darius tried to give me the leftover potion that Anne didn't take. I wonder what her reason for refusing the potion was? Perhaps she's thinking the same thing as me.

    I refuse Darius' potion. I suspect that if I accept this potion, Darius might be expecting something more from me and that maybe why Anne didn't bite either. Where I come from, people don't just give for free. They always expect something in return. That's how it works in a war zone. Capitalize on every advantage and every person's gullibility.

    I'm not quite sure this is a good start for me into the trials, already not willing to trust one of my teammates. Erika has the right idea. I need to return to my room and get a good night's sleep. That might be my only advantage when the trials come.


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      [Darius Evenly]

      After seeing Sibyl's reaction, I realized that it's been a long day. I head back to get some sleep. Maybe tomorrow will go better.


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        Okey, Got it!

        [Anne Reis]

        I stretch my arms as far away as I can and take a deep long breath. As I do so, I feel how stiff they my muscles where because of the lack of movement.

        I close the tome on my table, and I take a look around. It's nighttime already.

        Gosh, I'm still not used to the whole sky being dark all of the sudden. The sky has been constantly bright almost all my life.

        I take a deep breath and take into my hands the various tomes on my table. I put them in the return cart, and turn around in hopes of finding a really good tome about basilisks.

        I mentally sight. The good ones are apparently not in the library because all of the mages that are taking part in the trials tomorrow. Every good tome I looked for was, by now, in somebody else's room. Some mages even took two of those tomes. I remember that a Roger...Roger something appeared in the borrowing list at least four times!

        Ah... Well, I find the tome I was looking for hoping that it would mention something helpful for the trials.

        And then, I hear it...

        Somebody mumbling behind my back. Apparently two girls decided the library was a good place to chit-chat about nonsense.

        Gosh! Can't they just not do this here! They probably think that they are not talking loudly and not bothering anyone...and as I look around, I realize nobody appears to mind, just me. Everybody looks like they cannot hear them at all, even the ones closer to them!

        Am I the only one that finds this bothersome?

        I turn to my tome, trying to tune them out! But that turns out to be impossible. I can hear their conversation clearly...and all of it is useless! They are most likely coppers, so they should be doing something to prepare for tomorrow, not chit-chating behind other people's backs!

        I take a deep breath and sallow my rising anger. I close the tome rather harshly hoping they would take a hint...

        Nope...still the same.

        I stand up and returned the tome. I hold back any urges to glare at them as I pass by, and leave the library.

        I'm outside but I cannot stop thinking about how annoying that was! I always hated people mumbling behind me

        I could hear them no matter if I was away from them! I could listen clearly to every world they said!

        I listened even when they were behind me

        I've always been able to listen. No matter how much I wanted not to...

        A sign for real this time, taking in fresh air as I do so and start heading for my room. When I see there what time is it, I will decide wether to go to bed, or to work on the spell...maybe even both. But I already lost one night of sleep, and I don't think I can lose another, specially because of tomorrow...

        I sight, and then continue walking as I look at the new found stars and think about tomorrow.
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          You all get some form of rest. Good or bad. The sun begins to rise and many mages are still gazing.

          Coppers from all over Timecrest are getting to the trials to get an early start possibly to meet their new teammates and some to discuss plans for the trials. Some foreign merchants even came in to sell weaponry, luck trinkets, armor, and whatever else they thought they could make a profit on.

          There are golds and silvers setting up the team numbers starting from Zero and going on down. Ropes are being set up to divide the teams from each other. Some water mages are cleaning the grounds around the meeting area, while the fire mages are going behind them drying the surface. There is a lot of hustle and bustle but the meeting grounds are slowly taking shape waiting for the trials to start at noon.


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            [Darius Evenly]

            At the first crack of daylight seeping from behind my trusty drapes, I'm on my feet. And I find my mouth moving. I'm saying, today will be different!

            I go out for a jog to clear my head. I enjoy the feeling of the rising sun slowly warming my face.

            When I get back to Block E, I see Allison knocking on my door. Every part of my being wants to hide, to run from her. Today will be different.

            But I go right up to her. "Good luck in the trials today, Allison," I said.

            She looks surprised to see me. She moves as if she wants to give me a hug, but she just says, "Good luck, brother."

            I disappear back into my room to get my things and head over to the meeting grounds.

            Arriving I find the intimidating crush of people swarming the grounds.

            Suddenly, a bush near my explodes into flame. A very agitated water mage starts yelling, "you idiot, you set fire to the brush!"

            The fire mage looks nonplussed. "You're the idiot. Your spells are too weak. It's not surprising my spell was more powerful than yours."

            Surprising even myself, I speak up. "A strong mage needs to have control of their spells. Instead of throwing it out at maximum power, why not give a more focused heat so the bush doesn't go up?" Turning to the water mage, I continue, "and instead of blaming others, why not take this as an opportunity to learn how to improve your magic? Each time you blame others, you lose the opportunity to see how you can improve yourself."

            It interrupted their stunned silence but motioning toward the bush, which is still on fire. They quickly start working together to try to put it out.

            I start walking the grounds in search for the reset of Team Nil with a bounce in my step. Today will be different.


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              [Anne Reis]

              Mm. The sun is shining brightly today. Almost as if it predicted good odds for the trials.

              I smiled a little thanks to the thought, and I continued to prepare to leave my room.

              It's early in the morning, but I feel fresh and recharged already. I had my good six hours of sleep, so I stated going.

              I make myself some quick breakfast, and , for mostly practicing purposes, I use Incendias to cook or keep my food warm.
              As I eat, I go over what I learned yesterday, including my teammates names...

              Good, I still know their names! I was worried I would forget, as I'm not great with names, but theirs came easily.

              I finish eating and clean up, then I pick up my pouch from the table and walk towards the door.

              I double check that it's locked, and then I go strait to the trial's grounds. It's still a little early for some people, so maybe I'll be the first to get there. Well, that will give me a few minutes to think.

              I encounter some people I've met before on the way; we just wave and wish each other good luck. Most of the teams are amicable..., although there are always some that you wanna avoid the most; but they are scarce, thank magic for that!

              As I get to the ground, I see that a bush suddenly exploded. This are surely going to be some interesting trials!

              Wait! I see Darius! He looks more confident somehow...ah! Apparently he said something to the mages behind the little incident. Ha! They started working together...

              I smile, and I pick up my pace to catch up to Darius.

              When I finally did, I stood beside him, gave him my best smile, and said:

              "Hey! Good morning, Darius. Did you sleep well? Oh! And by the way, good job with those mages back there."

              Yep, it's starting to look like a good day.


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                [Sibyl Rose]

                I'm knocking on Anne's door. It seems like she left for the trials already. Too bad. I was hoping we could walk there together since I didn't get a chance to speak with her yesterday.

                Time to head over to the trials myself.

                Marik... my dreams caused me to toss and turn in my bed last night that I didn't end up getting very much sleep. Maybe he lied to me because I never gave him an opportunity to open up. How he must have felt when I told him how scared of I am of human technology and what type of devastating they could hold...

                I see Darius and Anne. I'm heading over to greet them. The sun is shining warmly above me. My hands are trembling.


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                  [Erika Bladecor]

                  I'm in the gardens of Timecrest and I see Sibyl sitting near the apple trees.

                  I try to call out to her but my voice sounded muffled and drowned out.

                  Very unnatural I assumed, I take a glance at the rest of the scene and realize the gardens wasn't connected to Timecrest.

                  It was as if it was ripped out and placed into white space.

                  I heard an argument as if it was next to me but I couldn't figure out where the source was.

                  I open my eyes and find myself laying on my bed, hearing shouting about a bush being on fire from outside my window.

                  Hmmm? It's almost noon? Snap! I must have overslept.

                  I was awake late into the night thinking about the day ahead and I must've slept through my alarm.

                  What a weird dream I had, well there is no time to lose now.

                  I need to hurry and get ready, I hope I'm not too late, the rest of the team must have met up already.

                  I need to make sure I didn't forget anything... Sword, check! Potion, check! I don't suppose I'm forgetting anything, time to head out!

                  As I walked outside the door, I spotted Anne, Darius, and Sibyl nearby. Were they waiting for me?

                  I rush to greet them, "Sorry I'm late everyone!". I wonder how long they were waiting for me.

                  Looking at Sibyl reminded me of the dream I had, what a strange dream it was...

                  As I joined team Nil, I asked "Are you guys ready for today?". I wonder what the trials ahead have in store for us.
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                    Before you could even say anything you notice that you start phasing out. All the other mages seem to be caught by surprise. Before you know it 10 seconds later you're in the Tremble caves. The caves are cool and damp You feel a slight breeze coming from one of the caverns. The cave walls are shimmering. Small stones are sparkling in the light of the torch that is on the cave wall.

                    You're at what appears to be a dead-end with two paths before you. One of the paths has a slight incline but the other declines and there is a soft breeze coming from inside of it.

                    The Cave is silent. And the torch is your only light.

                    * feel free to add onto the description of the cave is your character would see it
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                      [Darius Evenly]

                      Appearing in the cave suddenly was a surprise. I should get used to surprises, I told myself quietly.

                      I look at the shimmering of the cave walls. This means that there is moisture--there must be an underground stream here. I'm not sure if water will be essential to survival, but now I know that searching for water is an option.

                      There are no sounds. That means that if there are any creatures or anything living, it is unmoving or too small to hear.

                      There is a breeze coming from one of the tunnels. Could that mean the outside is that direction? Unless there is some kind of pressure difference from a geyser or a magical force, but there seems to be something worth investigating that way. If there is water or a strong wind, it's far, since there is no sound.

                      Time to speak to the group. "Breezy tunnel? There might be water."


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                        [Anne Reis]

                        I phased out and in an instant, we were at a cave.

                        Darius suggested to take the breezy tunnel; but I red that they are not always what one would expect. Sometimes they are a way to confuse mages and lead them right into an obstacle.

                        I walk past Darius and stand at the edge of the tunnel.

                        I cannot see let's try it another way....

                        I lean with my hand to the wall and turn my back to my team. I close my eyes fully and just listen.

                        I hear the wind flowing through the tunnel...and no more.

                        I squint my eyes harder and focus more on what I can hear.
                        All my surroundings become noises now. I can listens their breathings behind me. I hear the wind flowing thought the tunnel, and the sound the torch makes as it burns.
                        Nothing I didn't know before...

                        I squint my eyes even harder as I flex my legs completely so that all my attention is on my hearing.

                        The wind is loud now. All the little sounds are becoming overwhelming. As I focus more, everything becomes louder and louder. I can ever hear my own heart beat...

                        As I was about to surrender...I hear it.

                        Drops of water hitting the floor.

                        I open my eyes and stand up quickly. As I do so, my world spins a little. I hold unto the wall until my eyesight clears. I take a deep breath and turn around to meet my teammates.

                        "There is definitely water somewhere along this tunel" I say to them "but,I don't know how much is it, how far away is it, or if it's even drinkable, but it's worth a shot"

                        "Water and breeze are always good sings to lead us out of here"

                        "the problem is that it's matting season for the basilisks, so it's possible they will be near water"

                        I look back at the tunnel. " I say we give it a shot, there is almost the same chance to find a basilisk if we go thought the other tunnel"

                        I wait for them to answer as I lean on the wall, close my eyes and take a deep breath; I haven't done that is a long long time so it's kinda taking a toll on me.

                        I react quickly thought and turn my neck to look at my team.


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                          [Erika Bladecor]

                          Hmm.. I seem to be inside a cave. It's very dark in here, thankfully our team got teleported together.

                          Darius asked very quickly if we should head towards the breezy tunnel. I am still a bit perplexed at everything.

                          After grasping the situation, Anne suggests we go down the tunnel with the breeze since she heard water.

                          She also warned that water might draw the basilisks but it's also our best chance to get out of this cave.

                          I took the torch light off the cave wall and decided it would be best if I were to carry it since I can still draw my sword with one hand
                          and carry the torch with the other.

                          I assume that Anne being a fire mage could light up the torch again if it were to go out.

                          I turn towards the team and speak to them.

                          "Okay everyone, I'll carry the light and lead the way if we are all agreeable in going towards the breezy tunnel"


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                            [Sibyl Rose]

                            My eyes are adjusting to the darkness of the cave tunnels. I think we were all abruptly phased in here by the guildmasters without any warning. I bet it was Guildmaster Fulgur that did it and I bet he laughed when he did this to us.

                            I remember my parents warned me to expect the unexpected as a mage. Most of the time it won't be easy, but it was the best choice they ever made. Being mages for them opened their world to beautiful experiences and memories they will never forget.

                            At this moment, I'm not sure what they are talking about as I stand up in my dark and dim world.

                            I think Erika has been giving me weird glances when she saw me today. Or... no... maybe it's just my imagination playing tricks on me in the dark. What is her story? She carries a sword, but has that sword ever been stained with blood I wonder. My guess is no. Not the way she smiles.

                            She is carrying the torch for us and leading the way down one of the tunnels. To me, Erika doesn't seem to be afraid of what lies ahead. To me, she's glowing. I follow the group from behind, glad that the torch light isn't close enough to show the rest of my team that my calmness is just an illusion.


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                              You begin to head up the windy tunnel. Has a slight incline. It's not enough to be a workout but it's harder than walking a straight path. The tunnel begins to widen. The air gets cooler and stronger. The mouth of the tunnel opens up to a large crevice. You see a waterfall shimmering with colors from the gemstones that are behind it. The ceiling to the cave is gone and now you see trees in the sun and the blue sky. The walls are too steep to climb

                              There is a screech from the trees. The high pitch sound echoes through the crevice. The pitches enough to make your ears ring. It is coming from a Wyler. A small bird like creature about the size of a young child. It's upper body is covered in white feathers. The white feathers glisten and shine in the sun. They slowly fade into to a brilliant red like the sun. You begin to hear the trees shake and see two or three more. More of them begin to screech they have their black Brady eyes on you.


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                                [Darius Evenly]

                                I wonder if those gemstones are important. Maybe we should...

                                A Wyler. I'm trying to remember. Are their glistening feathers important?

                                I pull my bow ready, and look to the others. How do they want to handle this?