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The Copper Trials (Unoffical Side Story)

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  • The Copper Trials (Unoffical Side Story)

    You have been wandering around Timecrest and there is a buzz of excitement sounding through every nook and cranny of the city.

    "Are you ready for the Copper Trials?" One mage says to another. You couldn't help but over hear the conversation.

    "I am not really sure..." replied the second, "I am really nervous I've heard that they are really tough."

    The first replies, "I've heard some mages run off after seeing the waver you need to sign. I've been training and I have this one in the bag."

    The conversation trails off as they walk away.

    The next day, you find yourself in your typical morning routine. The trail registrations are due soon. Your trusted animal companion brings your daily pay, but this time with a note.

    Registrations for the Copper Trials are due soon. Please report to the registration desk in Administration to sign up.

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    Ever since night has returned, I've been routinely waking up to catch the sunrise and going on walks in the evening trying to find twinkle roses that others haven't picked. My wolf pup, Thorns, is giving me her friendly licks as she delivers my daily pay.

    I bumped into someone the other day on my walk. She seemed kind of off... holding a pocketwatch and mumbling to herself. She said a quick sorry to me and walked off in a hurry. There were bags under her eyes. I didn't catch her name, but she had beautiful violet eyes like those of Chronos.

    Sigh... the mages that just walked by reminded me my first trial is coming up soon. My only solace is that I teamed up with people early and registered already. I heard if you were late, you got assigned to a team. That would make my stomach churn even more.


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      [Darius Evenly]

      I awoke suddenly by an all-too-cheerful knocking on my door. I know that knock. I despise that knock. I pushed my head further under my pillow, waiting for Allison to leave. She's been harder to avoid, now that we're living on the same block.

      The pillow feels so nice, the covers so warm... my eyes are drooping...

      Huh? What time is it? I must have fallen asleep. A scratching at my door... it must be my wolf pup, Noxie. How long has he been there?

      Noxie has a note... registration... I'm late!

      I rush to the Administration Chambers in the hopes of getting there before they close for the day. After everything I've been through, it would be a tragedy if I was expelled for something as stupid as failing to register for the trials.


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        [Anne Reis]

        Okey, Anne. You can do this.

        You've done this before, all you need is a connection and...bam! New spell is in order!

        Come, on!...

        ....and once again, nothing! I really thought I had it this time. The tome clearly said that the previous mage drew the spell from a candle.

        Yeah, here it is. It says that he covered any source of light in the room, he lit up the candle, he placed it in the middle of the room, and...he did it; he learned a new spell. What am I doing wrong?...maybe the flame should be bigger...

        Wait, someone scratching my door? Come on, it's already damaged enough. I doubt the guild will like it if I have to place a request for a new door when I'm new here, specially because I'm part of the reason it's a little scorched.

        Alright, let' see...

        Oh! Hey, buddy. What are you doing here? I thought you wouldn't come until morni...OH! OH! It's already tomorrow!

        What, how, when! The freaking sun was supposed to stay down for a few more hours, not seconds! I barely had any sleep...again.

        Ouch..that hurts, Alfa! Your supposed to be a pup. Pups don't have teeth that sharp!

        Okey, okey, stop barking. You have my attention...

        You brought my pay, and...yeah, I know the trials are coming. What do you think I was practicing for, Alfa! I need some new spells if I want to be promoted. It would be good to send home some good news.

        Wait...they are due soon! When!? I thought they....It doesn't matter, I need to register! I haven't even thought about asking for teammates...what!?

        Great, he already left, and now I'm now talking to myself...

        Well, no time to lose!...


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          [Erika Bladecor]

          The sudden ringing of my alarm clock startled me and woke me from a peaceful slumber.

          The alarm clock I have here in my guild dorm is twice as loud as the one I have back home.

          Today is the end of the first week for me at Timecrest. I miss my mother already, by this time she would already have cooked breakfast for me and my father.

          I guess I better eat something before I head out. As I approached the food storage in my room, I realized that I had apples that I picked from the courtyard the day before.

          These apples are especially sweet and crunchy without a hint of sourness, my absolute favorite!

          *Scratch* *Scratch*! I heard a strange noise at my door, I look outside my window and I can see my wolf pup, Arthur!

          I see something else attached to him besides my daily amount of gold.

          I opened the door to let him in, he seemed really happy to see me. I fed him the rest of my apple as I took the note off his collar.

          Hmm, it's the copper trial registration, I should get that done expeditiously.

          Before leaving my room, I sharpened my sword with my course refining stone. I placed it back into my belt sheath and headed out the door and to the registration desk.


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            Sibyl - As you walk you notice a gold ranked Mage frantically looking around. He spots you and his eyes light up. "Hello are you Sibyl?"

            To the rest - You rush over to the registration tables. Most of the tables are packing up. There is one table left still open and some golds are directing a few lost coppers that direction. One of the golds yells out, "This is your last chance. Please report to table 27 to fill out your registration." You all make it to the last table. They have set up three chairs to speed up the process. A woman is standing with a cheek to cheek smile as the mages come to sign the papers. You'd expect them to return that smile but some seem more nervous after the process. As you walk up to the table the woman surprisingly towers over you. Her broad shoulders, fiery braided hair, and strong jaw convincingly speak that she could take on the world without batting an eye. Her thick accent makes it difficult to tell where she is originally from, "Aye so you'd like to join the trials. The trials are treacherous, terrifying, too scary for most wee coppers." The huge smile has never left her face and every word she speaks practically hit you in the face as she speaks them. "You sure you want to be in these there trials? When I was a wee lass I wet myself in those trials and was scared so silly my fellow mages left me. Aye if it wasn't for my great mining abilities I'd probably still be there today." She chuckles to herself reminiscing the past experience. Suddenly shooting back from a flashback she hands you the papers. "Now you late ones get assigned a team by random. No picking your buddies to go play in the trials." She then mutters to herself that it's better that way but no one ever listens. "Today though I am feeing generous." She pulls out a list of teams and you can't help but notice most of them are formed already. She flips through the pages and scowls. "This is no good. You three best learn to wake up early. No good Mage slept 'til noon." She grabs a scrap paper and begins to write on it. The words say Team Nil. "Aye that be your team. Learn to love it because without your there team you be as good as gone. Unless you be me." She lets out a boisterous laugh. She hands you each an amulet. "Now let me do you youngin's a favor and bind these right to your very souls..." She pulls out an old tome. A couple pages fell out but she didn't seem to notice. "Anntapas.... Analytics.... Annextas! Now you three cuties hold on for just a second while I hook these right up to your very own souls. They let us know if your dying..." She then starts cast the spell, you feel a sudden jump inside and the amulet starts to glow. "There now you lucky two ladies treat this fine young boy well. You're gunna be stuck with him a good long while." She winks at Darius with a smirk. "By the way my name is Hei A Fur. Don't make no jokes... Or I will be back in those trials to find you." The smile was gone on that statement and a threatening scowl came on Hei's face. She then smiles again, "Now you youngin's have fun, don't die, and love your team they are your only way out of death...." She pauses. "NEXT THREE MAGES WHO ARE READY!!"

            A gold then gives you a copy of the papers. "The trials start tomorrow morning at the rise of the sun. Feel free to prep in whatever way necessary today. Teleport orbs will be shut off but feel free to grab other items." He hands you each a pouch of gold. "Here is 200 gold that you can use."

            You each have now an aura amulet with 100 Aura. You also each carry 400 gold total.

            Darius, Anne, and Erika have been given a team.


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              [Anne Reis]

              Well, that could have gone better.

              I look around to my teammates; I don’t know them. I guess I may have seen them around the guild, but I really didn’t pay attention.

              I sighted. If I had just kept track on the time, I could have…what am I even going there?

              Who knows, maybe I ended up being with the best copper mages in the guild, and I have no idea!

              …But the lady said no good mage sleeps until noon, and the three of us did just that... Gosh, I’m so done for!

              I looked to my two teammates, who also seemed to be in their own little worlds. Well, there’s no use crying over spilled Dragonberry Elixir. The copper trials are huge, and I would like to prepare myself for them! I need to train longer and harder if I expect to be ready for the basilisks, also I have some things at my room that could become useful, and let's not forget the research part…I should go ask the Archive Oracle about the place the trials are taking place. Then there's also the matter of writing home and telling them about the news (of course, letting out the little punctuality matter on my part)...

              Oh! Right! Introductions should be first! We are going to have to depend on each other, right?

              Although, it’s better if I don’t introduce myself with my full name…just, you know, for precaution.

              I turned to look at both of them and held out my hand, as I finally started speaking.

              Hi. The name is Anne. I thought it be good to get to know each other a little; you know, because of the whole imminent danger thing and stuff.

              Wow, I hoped that sounded better to them than it did to me!

              And…you are? I asked rapidly with my best and somewhat nervous smile. Well, here it goes...
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                [Erika Bladecor]

                Hmmm, perhaps it's better it turned out like this.

                I didn't have any particular preference as to choosing my teammates.

                I haven't been trying to bond with any of the other mages since I've arrived at Timecrest.

                This could be a good opportunity to start making friends, it seems like my teammates arrived late as well and were put into this group.

                That must mean they didn't have a preference to who their teammates are either.

                From what I can tell, there is a strongly built male with a glowing bow hanging behind his back.

                I wonder what kind of spells he knows.

                My other teammate appears to be a young highborn female.

                From what I can tell, I cannot fathom what type of magic she uses.

                Oh she's introducing herself, she's definitely not what I expected judging by her looks alone.

                Hello Anne, I am Erika Bladecor, pleasured to make your acquaintance!

                Who might you be? I asked as I pointed to our last teammate.


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                  [Darius Evenly]

                  Anne and Erika introduced themselves to me with such warmth, and are looking at me expectantly.

                  I guess a part of the reason I registered so late... I'm a bit of a loner. I'm often alone with my thoughts. And the idea of having to do the trials with others feels like a lot of pressure.

                  There are mandatory lessons that the kids of New Rhinehart attend while growing up, to learn Alyncian world history, the significance of magic, basic magic skills and mathematics. It is where I learned the basics of imbued archery. Last year was my final year, and I had a girlfriend named Janey.

                  Janey was interesting, exciting and extroverted. But she never understood me. Sometimes I needed time alone to recharge after spending time with everyone. Sometimes I wanted to get lost in a tome or take walks on my own. I learned how much color life could have when I was with her, but I always felt like I lived outside of that color. When we broke up, she called me cold and self-absorbed. But I had so many beautiful thoughts about her, I understood her. Why didn't I ever say what I thought and felt out loud to her? If only people could read minds...

                  Anne. She looks friendly, but the slight hesitation on her face, like she has a chip on her shoulder. She hides it well but... I can see that her thoughts betray her exterior. But why? We just met her, so we have no expectations or concerns for what she might be. But she looks like she might be found out by us... but about what? What happened in your past?

                  Erika. She looks strong. Not the kind of huge body you'd expect from a bodybuilder, but the more toned look of someone who had to do hard work with her own two hands in her lifetime. If I had to guess, she worked on a farm growing up. Maybe she's from Lyall? There are lots of farming towns, but the way she walks and moves, it feels peacefully, like those of Lyall. I guess I could be wrong though.

                  Oh no, I'm doing it again. Here I am thinking about Janey, Erika, and Anne, and the latter two must think I'm mute, just standing here with my thoughts for the past few minutes while they are staring at me.

                  "I'm.. I'm Darius," I said. They seemed a little shocked that this is all I could manage after five minutes of thought.


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                    The newly formed team Nil has now introduced themselves. Time ticks away. The sun is now visible for once in Alyncia; no longer overpowered by the meteors.

                    Mages hustle around. A few late registrants are still piling in many seemingly unprepared for the waiver alone.

                    At this point your team has choices to be made and preparations to be done. The trials begin tomorrow morning and you will be expected to arrive on time. You all may discuss as a team what your individual plan of action may be. But feel free to act as a team or as a loner and do whatever your character would delight in doing on this next part. Your characters now know each other and can freely discuss. I will guide the story accordingly.

                    We are also still waiting on Sibyl's reaction but I will continue the story and blend it appropriately. (Hopefully)

                    So feel free to have your characters to interact and determine what their plans I will continue to narrate when it seems fit.


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                      [Anne Reis]

                      I felt relived when Erika introduced herself. She appears to be nice, maybe a tad bit formal, but that’s fine. We just met, after all; though it felt nice that she showed kindness along with her greeting.

                      After that, Erika and I turned at our fellow teammate; maybe we stared a little too long because he looked to uncomfortable because of it. It took a while, but he ended up giving us his name, Darius. I must admit I found the situation a little amusing. I’m so used to fast and strait answers.

                      I’m already starting to like my team.

                      All right, so Darius and Erika. I see each of them is carrying a weapon of sorts with them. Ha! A bow and a sword; good weapons; one of short reach and the other for longer distances. This surely helps in a matter of strategy.

                      So, Darius is definitely the strongest looking one among us, but Erika also appears to be able to hold her own if needed. I know a little about self-defense, but I’ll admit, that’s never really been my forte.

                      Now, before anything, I must remember their names. I’ve never been good with names. My memory just can’t hold them that well…and I usually have a good memory.

                      But I’m not forgetting theirs. I won’t! I’ve spent too many embarrassing moments because of it, and I refuse to let it happen again.

                      I started saying their names repeatedly in my head a couple of times.

                      Okey, I think I got it.

                      Oh, right. I need to talk to them. Let's start.

                      So, it’s nice to meet you both. I guess we are a bunch of sleepy heads, right?...Oh, I don’t mean that you are lazy or anything! It was just a joke because, you know, we all registered late and arrived here after noon. Although I barely had any sleep last night because I wanted to learn this new spell, then my wolf pup started scratching my wall…

                      Oh, I’m only making this worse by rambling…

                      I’m sorry; I guess I’m still not myself, and the not sleeping didn't help.

                      I laughed a little and then stopped speaking. Gosh, this was not the way I wanted things to go. I never ramble like that. I’m usually more right to the point kind of girl; that’s the way my family is, so why not me.
                      They never get nervous; they were trained for every situation possible, and they were allowed to leave home way more often than I was…I guess I’m still kind of new.

                      Okey, now I’m kind of sad. Even if I'am far away I still live up to expectations. I just don’t know from whom…them or my own. Oh, brother. I miss you more than I thought...

                      ...Come on, Anne. Snap out of it! You can do that later; now you need to focus on the matter at hand. There will be another time for that! All the more, I don't want my team to . . No think I’m a weirdo or something.

                      I started talking to them once more.

                      All right, sorry about that, let me start again.

                      It’s really nice to meet you. If you didn’t guess from before I’m still adjusting to Timecrest, and I guess I’m a little more nervous that I thought; but I swear I’m not like this all the time. I’ll be way more focused during the trials; I promise.

                      And…on that note.

                      I think it’d might be a good idea to let each other know our abilities as it appears we are going to need all of them for tomorrow.

                      I see you have a bow, Darius. It’s a long-range weapon, right? Is it a longbow? I red, somewhere, that they are rarely used because of the difficulty of mastering them. Which is great because it complement greatly in a team form with a contact weapon such as yours, Erika. Sword, right? It’s not like any sword I’ve seen before…at least not what I can see from the sheath. You made it?

                      Oh! I didn’t mean to intrude on you or anything. I like reading, so…anyways; I’m a fire mage; I know some spells that are not related to it but I have more affinity with heat and fire. The spells I know are Incendiatas, Luceat lux, and Munimento. I've been trying to learn this new spell for a while now, but it has been proven to be somewhat difficult. Of course, it's a Silver rated spell, so...anyways. There's a Copper rated version, so I guess I'll focus on that one to have it ready for tomorrow.

                      I ended my idea, in hopes of hearing the opinion of my team. They stayed silent during my speech, so...


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                        [Sibyl Rose]

                        I open my eyes wide in surprise. A Gold is calling out my name? What does a high-level mage like him want with a Copper like me? I hope I'm not in trouble.

                        He asked me again if I'm Sibyl Rose. I smiled at him nervously and nodded my head.

                        The Gold said, "Please follow me to the Administration Chambers, Miss Rose."

                        I'm asking him what this is about. Am I in trouble or something? The Gold said nothing more as he escorted me in the direction of the Chambers.

                        As we were about to enter the Administration Chambers, the door opened and out came two Golds. They were holding someone between them.

                        Marik! Why is he being restrained by the Golds?

                        The Gold that brought me to the Chambers said, "Marik Stewart has been revealed as a human descendant."

                        Marik turned his head to look at me as the two Golds holding him continued to drag him away. He called out, "Sibyl!"

                        Before I could say anything in return, my Gold escort ushered me into the Administration Chambers.

                        I understand why I'm being brought here now. I'm telling the Gold that I didn't know Marik was a human descendant.

                        He said, "I know it must be shocking to find out that your boyfriend isn't who he said he is Miss Rose, but we still must take the necessary procedures. Head Guildmaster Crane is waiting for you in his office."


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                          Hi Petora. If you could just try to write for your own character. I have a story that I will guide the characters through and I basically need to control any characters that are not your characters. I will not write for your character but I write everything else in the story. If you could keep your responses limited to just what your character thinks, feels, and does that would be most helpful to keep continuity in the story. Thanks. I do like the little twist in though and I can play off of it just fine in my idea for the story.

                          Sibly you approach Headmaster Crane's office. The office is basic with beige walls. Headmaster Crane is sitting behind an ornate desk with carved swords for legs. "Sibyl Rose I am sure you are wondering why you were brought here. I'd rather be quick and to the point on important matters. Marik has been discovered to be of human descent. He has lied about it to the guild and has therefore been expelled. I do understand that Marik was on your team for the trials. Due to the change we headmasters have disbanded your team and assigned you all to other teams. You have been assigned to a newly formed team, Team Nil. Your new team members are Erika Bladecor, Darius Evenly, and Anne Reis. I suggest you find these three and introduce yourself as the trials are tomorrow and we encourage mages to work toward unity before the trials begin to increase success. Now if you excuse me I have other matters to attend to." He motions his hands and two Golds begin to escort you out. "This way miss Rose, I am terribly sorry for your loss."

                          The Golds lead you back out and hustle back towards the office. Mages continue along as if nothing happened and continue to talk of their excitement about the trials. A loud bell rings 4 times. The Timecrest clock reads 4:00.

                          The trials are tomorrow and Sibyl has a new team she has not yet met.


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                            [Erika Bladecor]

                            Hmm.. Preparations for tomorrow, I wonder what our best approach should be.

                            Darius seems like the silent type while Anne is completely the opposite.

                            Anne questioned about the specifics about my weapon.

                            I replied that I received this sword as a memento from my father, it has been passed down from my family for generations.

                            I believe that I can bond with Anne given how much she's trying to bond with us.

                            Darius on the other hand seems to not have opened up.

                            I believe our team is well balanced in terms of combat.

                            I can provide protection by closing in distance with our opponents, Darius and Anne can provide support from range.

                            Anne explained her spells and that she's a fire mage.

                            I don't understand what her spells do, perhaps I should review them and get accustomed to what my teammates are capable of.

                            I haven't been able to learn many spells yet, the only spell I know how to use is Gravitas I explained to my team.

                            When I strike, I am able to increase the weight of my sword considerably, while still maintaining a grip on it.

                            I recommend we hear what Darius is capable of, and prepare for the trials that are closely approaching.


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                              Sashimioishi Got it! I'll focus on just my character going forward.

                              [Sibyl Rose]

                              To think when I finally had a chance to speak with Head Guildmaster Crane, I barely said a word. All I managed was nodding when he spoke and a bow before I was escorted out.

                              My boyfriend is a human descendant. What will happen to him now?

                              The sound of his voice crying out my name is still ringing in my ears.

                              The Golds dragged him out so roughly. Is he hurt?

                              Should I go find him? I want to see him again and hear what he has to say.


                              He lied to me. That part I know. That part in all of this isn't a mystery.

                              What should I do now?

                              I look up at the sky. It's gray. Strange, I thought it was sunny this morning. The head guildmaster told me I've been assigned to a new team a day before the trials. I don't know who any of my new teammates are, but one of them is named Anne Reis. Based on her last name, she should live on my block. I'll go look for her.