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  • An Unofficial Side Adventure Game

    So I asked Cowbunny for permission on this but I would like to invite anyone to join me in a side adventure. This is an unofficial fan story that takes place in the setting of Timecrest. It is not at all an official part of Timecrest

    I play a narrator and will guide you through the adventure. You create a mage in your imagination and describe them in detail in the forums. You will start out as a copper mage with a basic elemental spell. We will do our best to stay within the confides of our knowledge of magic as we seen in Timecrest.

    As I narrate the story I will give each character a story to follow leading to a group endeavor. You will respond with how you want your character to react and behave. Please be considerate of others and cooperate to complete the mission presented. You will also work in a similar fashion to the existing Timecrest structure. You will have Aura which I will keep track of. As well as a inventory, gold, and your AMP card. I will do my best to stay true to the Timecrest model but attempt to convert it to a forum playing style.

    If you would like to join please post a character, desired element or fighting style, and a basic bio.

    Please keep the bio's in a similar format. My suggestion.

    Element or Fighting Style:
    Hometown / Country:

    Once we get a couple of players I will start a beginning storyline. Anyone can join anytime as I can write any character into the story.

    Some basic rules would be the narrator writes the story please do not argue in game with the narrator. If you feel I have been unfair or biased please PM me.

    Please do not be a bully of other characters only the narrator is allowed to be evil

    Please try not to take too long to post. We all have lives apart from here but please be considerate and try to post in a timely manner.

    Please use correct English and spelling.

    Please though do not be the grammar police and correct everything a simple Friendly PM trying to help someone learn is better than being tackled by the grammar police on every sentence.

    Please follow the story and don't take your character beyond the realm of the story. Meaning please post only your characters reaction to what the narrator has set before you. The narrator will control all characters that are not your own. If you could limit replies to just what your character alone does this will allow the narrator to develop the story in the way they have set out to.

    The narrator posts the outcomes of choices also please let the narrator of the story post an outcome of an action.

    Most importantly have fun. This is meant to be a fun way to further develop Timecrest in our own imaganative way. It will also give Cowbunny some good source material

    If anyone has suggestions on other ideas let me know. When I have at least one player I will start a basic story.


    P.S The idea to the game is to be an RPG. You are playing the role of your character in a story that I develop. I then develop and change that story based off of what your characters choose to do. By the end we will hopefully all had fun getting to know each other's characters and in being involved in the story.


    Have fun

    PS I will be starting a new post for the story. That way this original post does not get overloaded with replies. So be on the lookout for the first side story and feel free to join whenever.

    Please post your character here first though that way I know you want to join and PM the narrator first before jumping into a story. This way they can work you into the story rather.

    The Copper Trials
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    Sounds like fun! My character is below.

    Name: Sibyl Rose
    Element: Illusion
    Hometown: Airdale (West of Timecrest Guild)
    Background: Airdale was always at war with its neighboring town of Mistdale. Growing up, Sibyl hated war. She hated mages. All citizens of Airdale were required to train as mages after they come of age and join the fight. Sibyl wanted anything but to become a mage. When she came of age, her parents dragged her to visit Timecrest Guild which they hoped she would be lucky to be accepted one day.

    It disgusted her that the first demonstration she was made to attend at Timecrest was a fight between two mages, something she grew sick of seeing during her lifetime. The first was between a man using fire magic and a woman using illusion magic. Sibyl braced herself to see the familiar sight of how magic can completely demolish someone else, but that didn't happen. The fight was over before it began. Sibyl questioned those around her what just happened and why the fire mage just left the arena and forfeited the fight.

    Turns out the woman was Guildmaster Petora and with illusion magic she ended the fight without any bloodshed using illusion magic. Through her, Sibyl saw a different future for her home, one where there would be peace. Sibyl is currently at Timecrest studying illusion magic to make that future a reality.


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      I'll play too.

      Name: Darius Evenly
      Element or Fighting Style: Magical archery.
      Hometown / Country: New Rhinehart
      When the Rhinehart Empire fell, a hundred years before Valdor was established, the survivors escaped and formed a new town called New Rhinehart, in the outskirts of what would later become the Valdorian Empire. Due to King Rhinehart's use of forbidden magic, outsiders thought they were cursed and as a result, they remained isolated from many others in Alyncia.

      Almost a thousand years later, New Rhinehart remains as a small town, broken free from its isolation to be just another town in the world. Many kids today don't even know the storied history of its citizens, though relics and old tomes, hidden within the town, may contain many secrets about the past world.

      Darius Evenly grew up in New Rhinehart, along with his sister Allison Evenly. Growing up, they were exceptionally close and dreamed of one day becoming mages in the legendary Timecrest Guild. To apply, one has to submit a vial of blood and be interviewed, so that their aura and character can be evaluated by the Guildmasters. They both applied together, and waited, and waited.

      When word came back, they excitedly opened the message, only to find that Allison received early admission to the guild. There was no mention of Darius.

      Darius grew jealous and cold. The day Allison left for Timecrest, Darius was nowhere to be found. Still, Allison did not forget her brother, and wrote him every day that she was there. Darius painfully read each one the letters, and her many mentions of a mage she spoke of being very fond of, A.C., but Darius never replied.

      One day, a message came. Darius had received a late acceptance to the guild, being one of the last ones to have made it on the long waiting list. Darius should have been elated, but instead, he was just sad that he was accepted as just an afterthought.

      Now, at the Timecrest Guild, Darius avoids Allison, and hasn't even told her that he's there.

      His fighting style is magical archery. Using an imbued bow, he pulls back to fire arrows made of pure magic. For example, if the magical archer learned Incendiatas, he could shoot arrows of pure fire. If the archer learned Gravitas, he could shoot an arrow that would make whatever it hit extremely heavy, or make a targeted hole in the ground, if he shot the ground.


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        I love these types of games! I'll join ^_^!

        Name: Erika Bladecor
        Element or Fighting Style: Longsword
        Hometown / Country: Zephyr Hill (Small farm near Lyall)
        The Bladecor sword style is a sword play tradition that has been passed down within the Bladecor family for many generations. It emphasized on blade draw techniques that were able to maintain both speed and power. There was a time where the style was widely renowned to every fighter in Alyncia. It was once the dream of every sword user to face off against one of the Bladecor family members in combat. However, pure sword fighting has been dwindling in usage and practicality with the abundant use of magic in Alynica. Over the passage of hundreds of years, the idea of using swords as a primary form of combat without magic is considered a hindrance. Sword users began to learn magic in conjunction with sword fighting. The Bladecor sword style was unable to adapt to this method, due to a rejection of magic by proud Bladecor family members and slowly faded away. Now all that remains of the lineage resides in a small farm house located east of Lyall.

        Erika, an only child grew up in a peaceful time where her only duties were tending the crops and feeding the livestock. She enjoyed making supply trips to Lyall for fresh fish and greeting the villagers there. She would sometimes see magic being demonstrated there, however she didn't understand how it worked and had no desire to learn. Even though Erika was living a peaceful life, her father who had the Bladecor sword style passed down to him from his father, wanted to do the same for Erika. Every night after Erika turned 13, she and her father would practice on an empty plain behind the barn. Erika found herself learning very quickly, as if the art of sword play was second nature to her. Within only 5 years, she had already surpassed her father. Unfortunately, it was around this time her father began feeling ill. Erika and her mother tried everything in their power to help but the outcome was becoming clear. Before passing away, her father made a final request to Erika.

        The final request was save the Bladecor tradition in any way possible. Erika accepted his last wish and told him he could rest peacefully knowing that she would do her best. After her father's passing, Erika began to contemplate how to fulfill her father's request. She thought about how using magic slowly killed pure sword play, leading her to the answer that she would need to fuse magic with the Bladecor sword techniques. Her first step in her long journey would be to learn about combat effective spells that mix well with sword fighting. To accomplish this, she traveled to the prestigious Timecrest Guild and applied there. And with the acceptance into the guild, Erika's story truly begins...


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          I'm in! Sound fun, here i go!...

          Name: Annelisse Reis
          Element or Fighting Style: Fire
          Hometown / Country: Fort Tric
          Annelisse was born in one of the most prominent families in Fort Tric; a city, near the Merchant city Aurumhalla, better known for being between two mountains which make a pass for other big cities and used to be ransacked often by bandits until the Reis family decided to establish there and keep watch of it’s borders;

          Annelisse was born as last in her family, being the head’s family only daughter (and only girl born from the family) there were bound to be expectations and gossips around her, especially from rest of the town.

          But, her family treated her as an equal, except in the reason the family was well known; their ability in protection magic and hand to hand combat. The Reis trained the hardest and longest to protect their home, and the idea of someone of their family not being able to train like them was inconceivable.

          Anne (as she prefers to be called) tried numerous times to wield any weapon, any hand combat, becoming magically stronger, and reading every tome she could get her hands on, but it only resulted in disaster after disaster.

          People around the family started to call her names behind the family’s back, and the rumors started spreading of her being adopted, an illegitimate child or simply a failure, unworthy of the Reis name.

          That was until her older brother showed up in the picture. He inspired her to look outside the box. They started training together; reading together, searching together; until finally he gave Anne her first tome on unused magic on Fort Tric, more specifically fire.

          She gave it a shot, and she almost burned her brother’s eyebrows. She was good at it; it felt right. Just like his family described how they felt when wielding a sword or casting a impenetrable shield. And not long after, she received message of being accepted in the Timecrest guild.

          She grew excited and scared as the deadline to leave for Timecrest grew closer; even to the point were she almost backed out from leaving everything she knew; until her brother, and at this point closest friend, gave her the push she needed to take the risk.
          She would always remember how he saw her going into the Griffin transport, and waved goodbye to her with somewhat of a nostalgic smile.
          Now Anne is at Timecrest, where she doesn’t have her family’s reputation to protect her, and some of the rumors from her village may have reached inside Timecrest, but she’s fine. She is a Reis and she will prove to everyone, even herself, that sometimes not fitting in may be a push into becoming the greatest in something else (and maybe winning some battles on the way)
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            If someone else would like to start their own side story I would gladly play a character in that one also. Just thought I'd mention also. Where these are side stories please try to not interfere with the main story and change the main story with a side story. The idea is to be involved in Alyncia without breaking into Cowbunny's story. The original Timecrest story is his and in our side stories we should not try to change his story. So if you do write a story please try not to do things that don't agree with his storyline.


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              I think this is pretty cool. How did you come up with the story for the side story? I always wonder how people can imagine such cool storylines.


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                Ummm not sure really. I sort of make it up as I go. I have a very active imagination and have always loved to write. I am not sure how to explain how I come up with stories. They are just sort of there.

                You should join the story. Create a character and then imagine that you are that character. How would they react to certain things? What is their story? Ask yourself those things and just let your imagination run wild. The great thing about fantasy is you can go basically anywhere with your writing and fit the ideas into a story.

                And the more you use your imagination the more it grows until you can come up with stories just on the fly. Your first few characters may start seeming to be bland but as your grow them you will have a very vibrant character.

                You should give it a whirl though and if you need help I am sure you can find it here on making a character. There are some good writers here.