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Is ash a guy or girl

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    Ash is obviously a guy i found this on Riley's twitter
    I guess it's become obvious to people here how I feel about Ash. *blush*
    the devs slipped up and accidentally said Riley loved Ash


    • JohnnyValdezi
      JohnnyValdezi commented
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      If it were that easy, we would've answered it long ago, as Riley doesn't even need to mention it on twitter to show she likes Ash.

      However, just like how guys can love guys, girls can love girls.

      Or in simple terms, Riley's love for Ash means nothing

    • cowbunny
      cowbunny commented
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      Johnny's right.

    • ChristineMoon
      ChristineMoon commented
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      I love my husband, but I love my group of girlfriends as well. It's not romantic, it's that they understand things that he doesn't understand (or doesn't care about).

      That being said, the blushing makes me wonder, but not as much as when they're racing (chapter 8) and Ash says "my heart is beating fast, but I don't think it's from running. One day I'll tell her..."