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[spoiler] new discovery when you go with Riley

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  • [spoiler] new discovery when you go with Riley

    I just now discovered something. The convo went unexpectedly, but I've never done this before. I told Ash to go find Ezra. The 2 different response were what would Riley want, and part of growing up is doing the right thing. I tried to do the 2nd one, thinking it would help encourage him. Instead it turned into a slight argument I'd say, if you still want him to find Ezra. You have to say I'm done with the brat. I hate that part, but it's the only way to get answers from Ezra. Thankfully after 4 minutes, it gives you the option to keep talking to Ash. He calmly explains himself, and thankfully you get to say I insist you speak to Ezra. Now I'm wondering what it'll show, if anything useful, and I have a little under 2 hours.