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    Here are some of the places in the game where Irillium can be found. If you're aware of any other places, or have additional information that you think should be known, please share it below. These are in no particular order. Spoilers may be present! Read at your own risk!

    When you go to Ion for the first time in the beginning of the story, you will need 2 teleport orbs to cross the chasm in order to collect irilium from the fountain, and cross back over.

    When you are on mount ashra, in Chapter 5, you should take the left path. Eventually, you will find a family of muffies who will give you some irillium. (in order for this option to show up, you must kill the Valdorian king)

    In the Night Shade Forest, choose to stay and look for anyone who might need more help. You will find more muffies, and if you decide to help them, you will get some irillium when you go back to Timecrest to collect your gold from the mission.

    If you decide to go to Winzorhowl, while waiting for Roger, offer to get water for Elise and yourself. Make sure you have 1000 gold. You will not have to spend it. Elise will reward you with a Dragonberry elixir as well.

    If you go to Orumhalla, choose to go with Roger, and listen to Melvin until he gives you a piece of irillium. Make sure to visit Drape Heaven both times you have the opportunity to explore Timecrest.

    You will need to use the fire spell for this next one. In Chapter 10, you will need to defeat a large spider, and you will get a piece of irillium once it is defeated.

    (in order to obtain the fire spell, when you're fighting off the forest fire, you will find a bomb in a suitcase, ask Ash to describe the item to you in further detail, then go 45 m away from the object.)

    Keep in mind that not all of these options are going to show up for you depending on your choices in the story.

    Regarding time crystals, don't forget to tweet the characters on a weekly basis to collect 50 time crystals, and don't forget to collect the random amount of time crystals that is generated by the ALRA machine on a daily basis.

    In the later section of chapter 8, you will be able to essentially trade one piece of Irillium for 100 time crystals from the Timecrest merchant.
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    Not sure if this will post, but with Elise, I've only ever gotten the dragonberry elixor. It never gives me the irillium. Where do I need to be with Roger?


    • Tarja
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      You need 1000 gold for that.

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    I know. I've had more than 1,000 gold I think. I clicked pay for 2 glasses of water. It said has requirement.


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      Originally posted by Casey View Post
      I know. I've had more than 1,000 gold I think. I clicked pay for 2 glasses of water. It said has requirement.

      The requirement is the 1000 gold. Once you have that amount, you should receive the irillium, along with the Dragonberry elixir.
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      • Casey
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        I had more than 1,000 gold as far as I know. It only gave me the elixor.

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      I'm confused. Where in Oremhalla for 1, and is Melven in Oremhalla or Drape Heaven or both? Also, do you have to go to Drape Heaven twice before you see him in Oremhalla? So far I only went to Drape Heaven once bc it only gave me one time to wander before I went with Riley.