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What happened to Model 1?

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  • What happened to Model 1?

    Anyone else think that Model 1 is still alive???

    What are your theories on where he could be?

    When do you think he became sentient?

    Do you think Alvin knows what happened to him and where he is?

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    At first I genuinely believed that Model 1 was destroyed but seeing him in our device (app) in the shop section made me think otherwise.
    I mean we have Morty and the Timecrest Merchant (I mean it’s only his comments but still the same) I believe player somehow took him in. (Or maybe it’s just my wishful thinking 🤷🏻‍♀️)


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      I also think that he is alive.


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        I think he's still alive. Even as a young teenager, Luthor Timecrest was very powerful. The government would not confiscate one of his prized inventions and deliberately destroy it. I believe that they are hiding model 1 somewhere. It's been a while. Maybe he's collecting dust, but I think the more likely scenario is that the robot is hidden on Aion. I certainly hope we get to explore more of the magnificent sky fortress in the next installments of the game. Model 1 could also be deactivated and sitting in the ruins of Valdor.
        I also won't discount the possibility that doctor Fulgur could be experimenting on model 1, either upgrading him to carry out his evil deeds, or studying the concept of him in order to create a darker replica for his own purposes. Chronos won't be expecting retaliation from a robot he built as a child. All I know is that model one will show up unexpectedly, and I'm not sure we are ready for that scenario, or ever will be.
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