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Riley’s character.

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  • Riley’s character.

    I had mixed feelings about Riley through out Timecrest 1 and 2....... She starts out kind and friendly, then almost puppet-like. There were a few times when it seemed like she was manipulating Ash and confusing them about they’re feelings for her (be it friendly or just a small crush). Sometimes, it was hard to tell when/if she was being genuine ( I blame the Red Text Person for that)......

    To anyone who has made it to Chapter 13, do you agree that Riley seems a little bit desperate for attention from Luthor? ☹️
    ........There are plenty of good and understandable reasons to why a person would cling to a strong light in their life. (Especially when they’ve been surrounded by darkness for so long; filled with so much self-doubt and loneliness.)

    Riley needs to be more confident in herself! She’s a good person, so she shouldn’t have to rely on Luthor’s opinion of her just to be happy.

    I like Riley’s character, but I hate that she has little to no confidence in herself (Though most of that must be Janus’s fault.)
    ..... Even as a child, Riley seemed a little startled (maybe even threatened? 🤔) by Scarlet’s presence.
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    Following her story in Timecrest 3, and seeing she was in a relationship with Luthor. Even as kids, she seemed to be in love with Luthor .. Then you think back to the first parts of Timecrest and she didn't give the "big sister" vibes towards Ash.. Felt a potential relationship about to happen between them..

    Personally i found her storyline boring in TC3.. She's too needy and annoying .. Interesting story still. Answers questions, but was not a big Riley fan in this one..

    Currently on Chapter 14 in Scarletts story .. Surprised with how much I enjoy her as a Timecrest. I would defs replay this one through again