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  • Alvin’s Theme

    I’ve noticed Alvin’s theme starts playing during several conversations with him.... but it doesn’t show up on the list when ever it plays...... almost like it’s a ghost track? 🤔
    When do you think it will be available to unlock on the music list?

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    Yeah, i don't know if it's intentional or not, but i wish it was on the music list too. It's one of my favorite tracks, so i recorded it when i noticed it wasn't on the list


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      I saw this post a few days ago and I thought that it was interesting to think of it as a ghost theme and today it hit me. I mean every theme has something to do with a person (we have Ash, Riley and Luthor themes etc) or a place (Aion- Valdor) or sometimes a certain feeling (determination etc) and these are things that are within Alyncia but Alvin is kinda in between Alyncia and the Human world so maybe that’s why his theme doesn’t exist with the other tracks because he’s out of reach.


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        I actually emailed this question to Timecrest and they said that Alvin’s soundtrack won’t be available for music player because he is very powerful character.


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          Hahahaha that’s somehow reasonable.
          hmmm guess we just have to overpower him😬✌🏻


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            It’s a really beautiful song, my hats off to the composer the new Timecrest tracks are amazing
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