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WIN 100 TIME CRYSTALS! (Forum Contest 4-20-2016 to 5-4-2016)

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  • WIN 100 TIME CRYSTALS! (Forum Contest 4-20-2016 to 5-4-2016)


    Hello Timecresters and welcome to our seventh forum contest!
    Get your chance to win some free Time Crystals before Timecrest 2!
    This contest will provide a sneak peek at Timecrest: The Door!

    This week's event will again be giving the best answer to the question below for a chance to win 100 Time Crystals!
    There will also be a participant randomly selected at the end of the event winning 50 Time Crystals!

    Rules and Information:
    - You may post multiple times but your entry will be only counted once.
    - Members are encouraged but not required to respond to other member's posts.
    - Posts must be relevant to the event or will not be counted as an entry.
    - Try to give the most thoughtful answer possible for the best chance to win.
    - We will direct PM your account if you are selected as a winner by the end of the contest.
    - Contest will end on May 4th, 2016.
    - Have fun!
    - Posts below may contain spoilers.

    Forum Question: What is your best theory for what is happening and what was learned from this scene in our upcoming release, Timecrest: The Door?

    WARNING: Viewing the photo will contain minor spoilers for Chapter 6! (And major spoilers if you haven't completed Timecrest 1)
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    First off, what a wonderful surprise to get a teaser about Timecrest 2!!! Second, darn... the last sentence isn't finished!!!


    In the screenshot, it seems like Riley has respect for Chronos' abilities. But in Timecrest 1, Chronos supposedly killed her whole family and kingdom. I would think she would talk about Chronos with seething disgust, but apparently she isn't.

    There's also the fact that Riley pushed us off of Aion. My theory is that maybe she's been working with Chronos all along on something that requires Ash. That's why she got close to us in the first place. And she seems to know that Chronos is related to Ash in this scene which leads me to think she's pretty close with the Timecrest siblings or at least the older brother.

    Anyways, don't keep us waiting for much longer on Timecrest 2 devs! I want to know what happens.


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      Woo! I finished a playthrough before looking at the screenshot so not to majorly spoil myself.

      It seems like Riley is setting up Chronos and the First Mage to be rivals of each other so maybe we're going to see more of these two in the second one. Probably Chronos since he's our bro. Not sure how the First Mage will play into it. I'm assuming this First Mage Ezra is the dragon rider who trained us? If so, that's pretty interesting. I wonder if he knew at the time who Ash was. Or maybe he didn't know who we were and when he finds out he's going to be conflicted because he started liking us back in the past, but now we're related to his enemy or something. Anyways, I'm really curious in finding out more about Ezra. He seems like someone who is hard to get to know, but once you do, you'll find it to be rewarding. Anyways, that's what I felt when I made Ash crawl and crawl for him.


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        Well, I'm a bit late on this. It's still the fourth, where I am, at least.

        Alright, I'm going to attempt an analysis of this. Riley and Ash are talking. While they may not have quite reconciled, they are tolerating each other. As is, she may be the only one who can tell em about es family.

        From the way Riley speaks, it sounds that she knows Chronos quite well. Despite it seeming that Chronos was ocassionally forcing Riley to do his bidding. Perhaps she simply couldn't bring herself to hate the person she has known for years. Either that or the things about Riley were a ruse to make Ash trust her. What better way to do that than to make her a victim?

        Here, Riley tells Ash that she sees "him" in Ash. She had been talking both of Ash's heretofore unknown relations. However, more of her conversation had been on Chronos. In my opinion, while it could mean es father, Riley probably means that Ash is similar to es brother. That's apparently a bad thing.

        Riley had hoped that Ash wouldn't become a mage. While acquaintances with Chronos, maybe even friends, she seems to dislike the similarity. Perhaps it is becuase being a mage puts immense responsibility on a person. Perhaps, in es long line of mages, it never ended well. It does seem, after all, that Ash's father is dead. Rather young to die, no? With the way Riley was speaking, Chronos may have even followed in his father's footsteps. She appears sad when speaking of him. She could be affected by his death. She could also be mourning the person he used to be, before magic turned him into whatever he is now. Maybe she really was being forced to do what she was against her will. It may not have always been that way. A person does not necessarily need to be dead to be mourned, after all. It would also be disappointed if, after all this time, Ash finds family only to loose it.

        Ash being Ash, even if Riley hadn't been doing those things unwillingly, e might have forgiven her. E might have decided to hear her out. Even after she pushes Ash off of Aion, e is desperate for another explanation. E wishes to save her, rescue her from whatever was causing her to act that way. Even if she wasn't, e would have heard her out. She really does seem to want to help Ash. It could also be some sort of trust-gaining trick. I'm not sure where they are, but Chronos isn't around.

        If those two are talking, Chronos may have stopped the meteors, again. He also could have just whisked them off to a place where they could be safe from them. They way they speak of him, he may have even given his life to stop them. I don't think Chronos choose to only spare Ash and Riley, however. They would be far more unhappy, were that the case.

        Ash's family looks like it has produced some successful mages. His father designed Aion, Chronos is the master of time magic. It looks like Ash has a large reputation to live up to. Ash's father may have just been a very skilled architect. He also could have had some fancy title, like Chronos.

        Ah, Ezra again. The enigmatic First Mage. Now, I've mentioned him in most of my posts. I'm slightly obsessed. Whatever it is, I'll be glad to learn more about him. He seems like he might be dead, now. However, it would not be too farfetched if another time travel plotline happened, especially with Chronos around. I certainly wouldn't argue.
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          Congratulations to the winners!
          After review and consideration, we have determined that Laytheron is the winner of 100 Time Crystals & Petora-chan has been randomly selected to win 50 Time Crystals!
          I will be PMing both these users shortly with information on how to receive their rewards!
          Thank you all for participating in the seventh forum contest!
          Good luck in the next event!
          Stay tuned for more contests and for Timecrest 2: The Door!


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            Should I just stop participating in these? I feel bad, becuase no one else has won since I started entering. I'm also hoarding Time Crystals.
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              Originally posted by Laytheron View Post
              Should I just stop participating in these? I feel bad, becuase no one else has one since I started entering. I'm also hoarding Time Crystals.
              Quite the contrary! We encourage you to keep participating in these forum contests since every answer you wrote was thoughtful and was deserving of the Time Crystals. These forum contests were meant to give players a chance of stocking up on some free Time Crystals before Timecrest 2: The Door, so you are doing exactly what we wanted players to do!


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                I've just discovered Timecrest and the forums. Enjoying the game, looking forward to poking around here a bit.
                " was done for me, so I do for you..."


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                  Welcome to the Timecrest forums dancingcrane!