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  • Timecrest 2 trials question

    Potential spoiler

    In Timecrest 2, is it at all possible to advance more than one rank in the trials? I have only ever been promoted from copper to bronze, and heard somebody say that they’ve gotten promoted to silver after the trial. Just wondering if it’s possible; I i’ve tried all of the options during the trials at this point, at least I think. The person was definitely not talking about Connor; they said it as they got Ash to silver

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    Whenever I play time Chris to I always just keep getting promoted to copper not bronze or silver I don’t know what to do can you please help me?


    • IrisNightfall
      IrisNightfall commented
      Editing a comment
      Here’s what worked for me to gain Bronze rank.
      First, make sure you have enough potions to use (use one every time Ash gets hurt).
      Second, make sure you choose Levitas at the beginning, and learn Levitas Magnus (dragon rider teaches Ash in Chapter 3), to remove the rocks in the cave.
      Third, be a good teammate and help a friend when the choices are there.
      I hope this helps
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    It would be amazing if it would be possible to get Ash promoted to silver but I think it’s impossible.