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who is your favorite character in timecrest? and why

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  • who is your favorite character in timecrest? and why

    in timecrest 1 2 and 3 who is your favorite character? and why?

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    That’s a tough question, because I like a lot of them for multiple reasons....

    In Part 1, my favorite is the Dragon Rider in the past (you know who he is!). I love how mysterious he is, and his interaction with Ash. (Can’t say too much because of spoilers.....)

    In Part 2...... I can’t decide between A.C. and Elise. They’re fun to be around, no matter which route you take. They’re very kind and caring, even when they try to deny it.

    In Part 3, young Luthor! He’s a complete mystery until you see things from his point of view.....


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      Helooo Fellow Counterparts .. im a tad bit late to the party lol

      I have a few favorite characters ..

      First I'd have to say Ash .. every time he mentions Griffin Eggs I have a craving to make me some sunny-side up eggs on toast .. with rosemary .. spoiler - it's not very yummy with Rosemary .. i tried it ..unless I'm on the same boat as Riley when it comes to cooking lol

      A.C - broke my heart going down the Roger route .. I always dread when I pick that option ..

      Elise - She's a dark horse .. Can't wait to see more of her in the next Timecrest .. I wonder if Portia and Petora are twins though

      And last but not least .. Morty - he always comes through with our pay


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        I honestly love most of the characters
        I love Ash because Ash is adorable, very nice and can’t help but make you feel like you need to protect him/her
        of course I love all team 13 (though I gotta be honest I just recently started accepting Roger)
        finally Luthor he (young Luthor) is nice and very sympathetic he also care so much for others and is genuinely sweet


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          I really hate Chronos. I see Luthor as the same person so I really hate him too. I do not understand his perspective at all, the most concerning of which is that Luthor/Chronos is very selfish and only wants to save people he cares about instead of saving the world. And Luthor fell into Alvin’s trap and destroyed Valdor!

          One of my favorite characters is Sol Ignis, the only character loved by both Ash and Scarlet (also my favorite characters). Say what you want about Sol, but he deeply cares for Scarlet and saved Ash. Yes, he craves attention, but attention that far dwarfs Chronos’s craving for power. Sol sacrificed so much to be Master, but Luthor had a much easier path.

          However, my favorite character of all is Ezra. I have yet to finish the memory oracle though.

          Also, I’m not sure if I said anything controversial, so feel free to quote me.