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Talking with young Luthor....

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  • Talking with young Luthor....

    Talking with Luthor, while Olliver is in the room, makes me feel like a parent struggling for longer visitation rights with my child...... 😑
    Don’t get me wrong, Olliver is an awesome character! (I love all the character growth in this game.)
    Honestly, I’m only waiting through the long periods because I want to humor him (this world and its characters seem so real to me 😊 I love it!) - and I don’t want to use up my Skip Crystals before I can buy more. (I really appreciate the new daily Time Crystal vending machines in Shop!)
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    I agree Oliver is a great character


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      Oliver annoys me. He's mean to Luthor and always has an attitude with him. I do understand not wanting him to create the memory serum, but he's just mean to him about everything.