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Monthly question- how did Luthor erase our memories?

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  • Monthly question- how did Luthor erase our memories?

    EDIT: The winner of the contest is Aria of the soul.

    At the beginning of Chapter 10, we realize that Luthor had erased the memories of our shared past. Through the story, we learn how memory deletion works, but not how it can affect a human counterpart outside of a magic world. So, how was Luthor able to erase our memories?

    The winner of this contest will receive 200 gems. Good luck, and I can’t wait to hear your theory!

    Rules and Information:

    - If the theory you are posting contains spoilers, especially for Timecrest 3, please put any information that pertains to Chapter 11 and onwards in spoiler tags so we can preserve the first-time experience for all players. If the theory is not in spoiler tags with the proper labeling, we will add the labeling for you.
    - You may post multiple times but your entry will be only counted once.
    - Members are encouraged but not required to respond to other member's posts.
    - Posts must be relevant to the event or will not be counted as an entry.
    - Try to give the most thoughtful answer possible for the best chance to win.
    - We will direct PM your account if you are selected as a winner by the end of the contest.
    - Contest will end on March 1st, 2021.
    - Have fun!

    If you have any questions regarding the rules, especially about the spoiler tags, please don't hesitate to ask.
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    Honestly I’ve been brainstorming for an answer and I couldn’t really call what I’m about to write a theory AT ALL XD but here goes nothing. I do understand that in order to erase someone memories “safely” you need illusion magic and let’s not forget to erase the memories AND emotions. But I literally can’t find an answer to how Luthor or rather Chronos still managed to erase our memories world a part (but honestly applause to his powers) my guess is that the magic effected the device and somehow the electric waves effected us....?


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      That’s interesting indeed. I think that he probably did something to the pocket watch. It seems that with our memories he also erased some of the watch’s features. Or maybe Alvin helped him.


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        I’m pretty sure the contest is over by now, but I wanted to answer anyway (so, please don’t count this as a contest entry)......
        Young Luthor mentions a “memory deletion” potion or serum multiple times.
        The way he talks to us (when we’re with Ash) proves that he succeeded in creating one, and used it on us before we meet Ash at the beginning of the game. However, we can ‘change our choices’ in the “memories” Luthor gives us (at the beginning of Timecrest 3).... we basically have no idea what we said/did in the past when we play through Timecrest 3 on our first try.
        I think this ability, to ‘change our choices’ in the “memories”, kind of acts like a side affect to a “memory recovery” spell or potion - since our current memories are trying to line up in order (while over-lapping “past” memories at the same time)....
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