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Monthly Question: Why are Chronos's messages blue?

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  • Monthly Question: Why are Chronos's messages blue?

    Welcome to our first monthly question for Timecrest 3! I know many of you have waited for Timecrest 3 for quite a while, and to both new and returning players, welcome! We're extending the duration of our questions from a week to a month to give more time for users to read the new chapters and create their own theories! We hope you all enjoy Luthor's journey and can't wait to hear your thoughts.

    This month's event will be giving the best answer to the question below for a chance to win 200 Time Crystals!

    Rules and Information:

    - If the theory you are posting contains spoilers, especially for Timecrest 3, please put any information that pertains to Chapter 11 and onwards in spoiler tags so we can preserve the first-time experience for all players. If the theory is not in spoiler tags with the proper labeling, we will add the labeling for you.
    - You may post multiple times but your entry will be only counted once.
    - Members are encouraged but not required to respond to other member's posts.
    - Posts must be relevant to the event or will not be counted as an entry.
    - Try to give the most thoughtful answer possible for the best chance to win.
    - We will direct PM your account if you are selected as a winner by the end of the contest.
    - Contest will end on February 1st, 2021.
    - Have fun!

    If you have any questions regarding the rules, especially about the spoiler tags, please don't hesitate to ask.

    Now, without further ado, fire away!
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    *Note: The message within the spoiler tags contains information in Chapter 14. To avoid spoilers, make sure to read through Chapter 14 at least once.*

    I think that his messages are blue because Luthor is a human descendent. Chronos is just the new Luthor after Ezra took Luthor’s emotions away.
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      On a meta level, I would say that Luthor’s texts are blue because it looks nice and stands out from the rest of the text XD. Plus the only color other than red that plays a major role in the game is blue. It makes sense thematically.

      For an in-story / more serious theory however:

      At the beginning of Chapter 13, you get the opportunity to ask Alvin why Luthor’s texts are blue, to which he responds that his own texts are red because he “likes the font and it makes [his] messages stand out”. This seems to imply that Alvin got to choose what color and font to use when communicating with the counterpart, meaning that it is possible that it was a conscious choice by Luthor to use blue as his color for communicating with us.

      At the end of Chapter 14, despite having his emotions removed, Luthor still shows some level of attachment to his counterpart, shown when he wanted to give us closure for our time together by opening the watch during his final meeting with Janus before he destroys Valdor. Perhaps out of respect, fondness, or remembrance of his time spent with his counterpart, Luthor chose the same pale blue that the watch emits when the counterpart is communicating with him as his color of choice when communicating with us.

      Though it’s been a while since I read Timecrest 1 and 2, so it’s possible that there is some info in those chapters that debunks my theory haha


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        'Ello! This is my first time ever doing one of these forums. I think this is one of my first forums I've joined. I've actually been studying/taking notes and I can draw up a few things. (I should've organized them as Chapters not as a single timeline. You know what I'm talking about.
        I chose Scarlet instead of Riley, (Lots of 24/hr timers) but that doesn't mean I can't participate right?

        Taking from CeilingFan, I can't really say much other than Alvin says that he likes the colour red, and so it stands out from the others. I suspect that when Timecrest 1 and 2 Luthor, or in this case Chronos, was talking to us through the watch he used light blue to imitate the light blue glow he saw from the watch, hoping that it would bring back a smidge of memory back to us. This also means that he still has his emotions, and although he doesn't show it directly he still cares for us as his counterpart, and I hope he still kept his promise of loving Ash. :c (He does teleport Ash away instead of obliterating them. By the way have we got a gender or is Ash's gender ambiguous?)

        When I accidentally read too much of CeilingFan's spoilers, my mistake of letting my eyes wander, I started to ponder. When Luthor's emotions get taken away, he still feels for us as his counterpart. Maybe that's why blue is an important colour. Aside from being the main colour throughout the various Timecrest logo, blue means 'Trust', 'Dependable', and 'Strength' but it also means Sadness and Sorrow.

        When I think of Luthor, he's gone through so much to be who he is when we see Chronos in Timecrest 1 and 2. He's been through his family not believing in him, he feels guilt for causing Ash's scar. So many regrets, yet he becomes strong.

        In short, I believe that instead of Luthor choosing his text colour to be Blue because why not, it's because it shows how much he's developed if we take Blue as a symbolic meaning.

        Now, what can I say about the fonts they use? From Lora to Amatic SC?
        I dunno it asked for colour.