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Beating Timecrest 3 - Warning, Chapter 15 spoilers

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  • Beating Timecrest 3 - Warning, Chapter 15 spoilers

    Just wondering how many others have beaten Timecrest 3. I finished a run through with Riley the other day and I’m really curious to know what others think if they’ve completed these five new chapters. I just decided to explore the other choice today, but haven’t gotten too far along yet. I was initially disappointed at the end of the game, but I’m finding that selecting different dialogue this time around has given me some more answers so far. Really wishing I could slap Sol at times. He’s less sinister and more of a tool this time around. It’s so interesting to see how every characterization of him is so different from what Ash remembers from childhood. Anyway, I don’t want to spoil too much and forget how to use the spoiler tags here, so I will just open it up to everyone else. What were some of the most shocking revelations to you so far? There’s one I ran into that I’m still not sure is the entire story.

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    I also just finished, I played the Scarlet route so I’m excited to go through and try the Riley route this time. My feelings on Sol have ran from wanting to slap him to wanting to stab him on several occasions. I use to dislike both Scarlett and Luthor before this act but now I care for both of them just as much as I do Ash- I swear this is the only game that I’ve ever played that makes me cry.


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        I just finished my first run-through and was not impressed with the plot or characters. Presumably I have not beaten the game since not much seemed to have changed. Honestly with only five chapters to TC3, I hope TC4 isn't long in coming, but that's beside the point for now.

        I chose Scarlet this time. I found her annoying. She was supposed to be a good person, but she simply refused to see Sol for what he was and act accordingly. Loving someone doesn't mean you're blind to their faults and help them even when you know what they're doing is wrong. Also, when you do something and give someone else all the credit as she wanted to do, that makes the other person a fraud and she should have realized that. At the key moment Sol refused to put in the work and she still would have been willing to give him all the credit. That's just not right. Speaking of Sol, he was simply a tool (I'd rather use something stronger but this is a family board, after all) who, unlike what we were told, didn't crave love. He didn't know the meaning of what real love was. You don't constantly challenge someone to prove their love by putting you above everything else or doing crazy things to prove they love you. What he craved was worship, to be first above all others no matter the cost and no matter how immoral. What he did to Rita's family out of sheer spite was wrong, too, but I'll say no more here. Luther was an idiot for begging to go back to the main TL for Scarlet's sake, too, after ..well that'd be a massive spoiler and I donked up the tag when I tried, so never mind. I see the relationships as disturbing, not loving, especially between Scarlet and Sol, but I'd have preferred Scarlet to simply suck it up and realize her brother's fate was of his own choosing and to see what else happened in that TL rather than being forced back into the main one.