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Melvin versus merchant union theories

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  • Melvin versus merchant union theories

    I’ve just thought about something and I wanted to get some other opinions and theories. Any other merchant is known by their shop name followed by the word merchant, for example; the Timecrest merchant. Yet, the owner of Drape Heaven isn’t called Drape Heaven merchant; rather he has an actual name, Melvin. Anyone have any theories on why he gets to keep his ñame and maybe how he got around the Merchant Union leader’s rule?

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    Perhaps he had a life before being at Portia’s orphanage? it seems like the people in her union came from there, so I’m just guessing that it’s a case like Edgar’s. He isn’t in the union I know, but he has kept his name. The time crest merchant tells Ash at some point that he has been raised in the union and was there since he was a baby, so I would imagine those who don’t have any names probably fall under similar circumstances. That would be my guess anyway.
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      I’ve just had a theory, mild spoilers for TC3.
      || So, in chapter 13, if you pick Riley, we learned that the Timecrest, merchant, and possibly all, or most other merchants are of a species called Bunarfs. I can’t be certain, every merchant is though. They don’t describe Melvin, but I feel like he’s probably an Alyncian natural. It is possible that he opened Drape Heaven before the naming became a thing, it is also possible that there is a species related reason that he got to keep his name. ||

      Those are just my most recent thoughts on this, let me know what you all think. 😀
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