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  • Timecrest 2.9 release date

    Hi guys, it’s me again. I don’t know if I’ve missed some news on the release date of timecrest 2.9, but even though you guys said it’s coming in early March, I am really eager for this update and I hope it’s not too annoying to ask, do you guys have a specific release date?

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    It's out! Update now and tell us what you think.


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      Really liking the new update so far but I’m finding a lot of pronunciation bugs all over the app with Voiceover unfortunately. I completely understand that this is a brand new release though so hopefully they get addressed soon enough. A small nitpick as well though, the maximum volume level for music while using VO could be a bit louder. I’d like to hear the new music a bit better while playing the game and find that it’s not at a level where it interferes with the dialogue whatsoever. Really enjoying how organized the inventory pouch is and all the other navigational changes.


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        Thanks so much with the feedback. If you are finding pronunciation bugs, please report them here or email [email protected] with a description of what you're facing. Whatever details you can provide will help us get to the bottom of the bugs you're facing.

        We'll take a look at the music volume level and see what we can do.


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          We are submitting an update to Apple that is fixing a few bugs specifically related to VoiceOver and accessibility:

          - Inbox descriptive help
          - Inbox accessibility
          - Music player, curly brackets mentioned
          - Increased volume of music in VoiceOver

          Hopefully this update will be available in the next few days.

          We aren't sure what the pronunciation bugs are that you're facing and would love to hear more so we can address those.


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            I will do my best to explain it but it’s kind of hard to describe. Essentially, at least in chapter 1 anyway, there are issues with anytime a phrase contains a word that seems to be specific to the game itself. Ion is one specifically and even when I go to read Elise‘s name in a sentence. When I use the VO router to navigate word by word though, it pronounces them as a normal word. It’s almost like it glitches when it tries to read them in a sentence and comes out sounding unrecognizable/muffled. I will also post this in a support ticket through the app so that you have the information to debug the issue hopefully..


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              Also, I know it’s a little while after my last post but I just wanted to thank you guys for being so quick to fix some of the baugs that have presented themselves with Voiceover already. The attention you pay to the blind community is really fantastic and much appreciated!


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                I just downloaded the update a few minutes ago and I'd have to agree with the previous post on the fact that VO is having a hard time pronouncing most game-specific words such as Chronos, Alyncia, Fulgur and Aion, and also some non-game specific words like mages, while reading messages/entire sentences however it does it right when I try to navigate by word. Here's the thing, though; that doesn't happen 100% of the time. For example, in the item description for the chronowand, it messes up the pronounciation of the item itself, but when it says "obtained from Chronos" later on it has no difficulty in saying it right. In addition, all the spells that Ash has learned so far in my current playthrough are pronounced slightly differently, however I believe that, in contrast to all the other instances where that happened, this one might be closer to what the incantation is actually supposed to sound like. Something else i noticed which may or may not be relevant is that the pronounciation mode option in settings has completely vanished, a change which I personally am not so glad about, because this mode would only worsen my gaming experience by making VoiceOver butcher words it could actually read well on its own, so I would rather it remained turned off.
                As for the music, it is obvious that there might be some audio ducking when VO is on. While I don't mind that in the slightest, I can see why it could be annoying for some players. It was definitely there before this update, though.
                The songs themselves (or at least the handful that I've already listened to) are good melody/harmony-wise but I feel like they could do with a little more dynamics. The instruments also sound to me like they're virtual/synthesised but that might just be my dumb brain.
                Either way, on the positive side, I loved the inbox and the brand new UI, especially the added item categories in the inventory.
                I hope this was enlightening/helpful. If there's something specific you'd like more info about let me know.


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                  The new update with all of the Voiceover fixes is already live. It definitely fixes a lot of the bugs so thanks for getting to them so quickly!


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                    Hey guys, thanks tons for the new update, I especially love the connection music and there are some pronunciation errors for characters, but the update are just getting better and better! Thank you guys tons for the update, I was so eager to get the update, so sorry if I was being annoying asking when it would be coming out


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                      Thanks everyone for the feedback.

                      There are more fixes on the way, especially to do with pronunciation errors, but glad that some of the fixes we've launched were well received.

                      Glad to hear that people are enjoying the new UI. We're adding another change to make the tab bar buttons a bit bigger so they're easier to scan when dragging your finger across the screen. Glad to hear you're enjoying the new inventory categories.

                      We removed pronunciation mode in favor of a new feature that allows us to give VoiceOver hints on how to pronounce spells and items and locations that aren't in the dictionary. There were some bugs where some voices (especially the "Alex" voice) would not pronounce things correctly and we're submitting fixes for those scenarios.

                      We love all of your feedback, please continue to send it our way!


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                        Continually impressed with how fast these fixes are coming out. Just downloaded the latest and the VO pronunciation bug seems to be squashed here. Thanks again for the speedy response — the Timecrest merchant would be proud!


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                          Just a question... would it be possible to include the value of inbox items in the game? For example, the Timecrest 2.9 gift doesn’t actually say it’s 200 time crystals, VO just says the title of the gift and whether or not you’ve accepted it. It would just be more convenient than trying to remember what you had before accepting something and needing to calculate from there. Sorry if this seems like a nitpick, I know you guys are working hard on the game as it is.

                          ETA: I just noticed the... erm notice... about the 50 time crystals now too. Apologies on not reading that before posting this. Since it doesn’t glow red when there’s a new item though, I don’t always think of looking there. Perhaps this is still worth looking at? Thanks again!
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