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Timecrest master trivia: Master spells

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  • Timecrest master trivia: Master spells

    It’s been a while, and we are overdue for a master trivia round. And to keep to the theme of “master”, this question is about them!

    Throughout Timecrest, we see many types of spells, and each caster has a specific spell name. Riley starts with Fleur, Elise starts with Umbratas, etc.

    However, we only meet one master other than Chronos (whether it’s Master of an element or simply a guild master) who casts a named spell within the main story.

    The first proper reply of both Master and spell name receives a prize of 500 gems. It may be tricky to find, so good luck!
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    《《Christine here. BboyJulian's answer isnt the one Master I was looking for, although it is technically correct. (Edit so people see this and not think contest is over).》》

    Chronos Levitas Ultimus
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      Ezra used Nexutas Ultimus
      I think there was also: Ignis used Incendiatas Ultimus


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        Guildmaster Petora used Lucinatas Magnus: Mirage...


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          And we have a winner!! If you take a very specific path in the main story, Petora casts Lucinatas Magnus in Chapter 2!! Awards to both BboyJulian22 and Silver for their correct answers! I will message you both personally with a code to send!


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            What path do I take to get this spell?
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