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  • Chrono Wand theories

    For a long time now I’ve wondered what the Chrono Wand could be used for. Honestly, I still don’t really have any ideas. Does anyone else have any thoughts, or do any of you actually know when and how you could use it for something? All answers are greatly appreciated!

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    As far as I know there haven’t been any uses for it in the game yet besides sitting in your inventory as a cool trophy. Petora does say that the chronogem is the singular source of time magic in Alyncia though, so my guess is it will later play into either us (the player) or Ash being able to manipulate time more freely i.e. we’ll be able to do more than rewind time strictly when Ash dies.


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      Also! The Chronogem contained Ezra at a point, as he mentioned seeing Ash reaching for the gem whilst he was trapped inside