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[SPOILERS] Mysterious dream in chapter 5

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  • [SPOILERS] Mysterious dream in chapter 5

    In my latest playthrough after the update there's something new. Ash gets knocked out just reaching the top and then there's a dream sequence:

    We're almost there.
    Your role may be unclear to you, but it's clear to me.
    The beginning of the end.
    Even when you learn who I am, you'll beg to set me free.
    The way it looks and rhymes reminds me of the Timecrest 2 trailer. With this creepy red text in a different font. Also Ash talks about a door:

    Then Ash says "I had a dream about a door... no, the meteors! They've been unfrozen! They're coming down from the sky."

    I was so surprised, and it was really creepy when it happened and everything faded out.

    What does it mean? Did anyone else get this? It has to be Timecrest 2 stuff right??

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    I just got this too. Really kinda creeped me out.

    I'm waiting for the connection lost thing to finish loading now- I'm so curious to find out what happens next but I have a feeling I'll just end up with even more questions and cliffhangers.