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How did Chronos befriend Crane?

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  • How did Chronos befriend Crane?

    I leave for a couple of months and the forum becomes a ghost town. *sigh*

    Honestly I was super super busy with my studies. But hey...

    Chronos killed Crane's parents so I'm wondering how in the world are they apparently on good terms?

    And if A.C dies because of Ignis, I'm wondering how long can Crane handle Chronos' destructive fixation on reviving his parents? Petora's in love so she'll stick by Chronos. Fulger is questionable. Seriously at what point is all the mess with the evil door, Ignis going on a mass murder spree, Chronos working with Ignis is going to make someone rethink their allegiance to Chronos? I don't know what dark magic Chronos is messing with but at some point is this going to be too much?

    Is Crane sticking with Chronos because the alternatives are worse? Or maybe friendship? Or maybe Crane believes that Chronos is ultimately an good person?

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    Really good discussion here.

    Let's not forget they're the standing Masters of Lightning and Time.