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Is it possible to have a perfect run?

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  • Is it possible to have a perfect run?

    Still admittedly going through my first run of the game, but after events have happened in-game I just gotta know:

    Is it possible to have a perfect run in the game, where ALL of Ash's friends survive? Like, Riley and all of our favorite buddies from Team 13? Or is there no choice and we have to lose at least one person along the way? Because I'll be honest, I'm loving the story so far but feeling kinda down having lost people. And yes I can see that as I progress, there are now new mechanics and unlocks and memories and such. All of that's great, really clever and cool. But part of me is super bummed right now, and I'm mostly willing to replay the game a thousand times if it means I can have a super friendly rainbow best friend everything can be awesome utopia. But if that's just not possible? Eh, I feel kinda defeated. Just wasn't sure if it's gonna end up a Mass Effect situation where it's either pick Riley or pick A/C and the other is just fated to be moon dust floating away into the cosmos lol.
    I take my griffin eggs over easy.

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    Sadly, no. That being said, we don’t know what the future brings. Chronos swears resurrection doesn’t exist, but Scarlet seems to prove otherwise, and we don’t really know who is behind the door or what they’re capable of.

    Depending on your choices, there are 3 people that can be there. And there is plenty more story to be explored as you replay it.


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      One of goals is to make it so every choice leads to a great story with a beginning, middle, and end. This means that no matter what path you choose, you may have to face some conflict and hardship. While it means that you may not always be able to have all of the outcomes you hope for, we hope that it leads to a compelling story that you can enjoy!


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        I think that while having a "perfect run" might seem satisfying, that's not realistic to the world that they are building. Growth comes from hardship and pain. It comes from suffering, but creating a reason for your suffering that can bring you to a better place ultimately. And that's what I love about playing Timecrest and why I continue to patiently wait for how they will draw us as players into a game and show us someone that we are helping and growing alongside.
        Keep up the wonderful work, and I will be waiting with my horde of Teleport orbs and Griffin eggs for when that day arrives. =3


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          Well said, RenShibuya !