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Idea for a semi challenge run

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  • Idea for a semi challenge run

    So a couple of weeks ago, I had an idea for a different way to do a playthrough. So I decided to try it for my next playthrough. The idea was to, while reading through the game, to try to I imagine Ash as the/a opposite gender.
    For me, I usually imagined Ash as a guy, so I am going through this run with a female Ash. It’s actually been really fun so far. I’m about to get to the end of Chapter 5, and it has made the game even more interesting than it was previously, at least in a different way.
    Any thoughts?

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    I actually enjoy that a lot, because it's nice to see how different scenes can be interpreted differently. I'm still only on my first play through, but I'm gonna give it a shot on my next.
    I take my griffin eggs over easy.


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      Cool! Good luck.

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    I like that idea. I always laugh when I get to the scene where A.C. is showing his sword (Tremble Caves, I don’t want to spoil it), because I’m really not sure which way makes it more awkward.


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      I did the same when I found out Ash wasn't necessarily male, as I always imagined him to be. Definitely fun to see the different nuances based on what gender you imagine Ash as, e.g. Ash's comment to Roger during the trials about how Elise doesn't necessarily like guys changes slightly in meaning/intention when Ash is a girl crushing on Riley.


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        Another hilarious one, cross the chasm on your first visit to Aion, picturing Ash as a girl.