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    This is a mixture of thoughts about the game itself and the story. I'll try and keep it organized, but I'm admittedly rambling. I'm on my third run-through.
    First, in the game itself, there are often places where I don't feel like there are enough responses available. On my next run-through, perhaps I'll make a list, but there are times where I just want to give Ash a swift kick in the robes or where none of the responses really fit my mood or what I would have the character say if it was not me. For one instance I saw today, there are only two responses. One is "I sound pretty sexy, huh?" and the other is "I sound pretty sweet, huh?", but what if I don't want to say any of that? What if I just want to say "interesting" or "ok", or "only almost?" (yay humor), or "what do I sound like?", just as a for instance. If Ash can "almost hear" me, then I don't sound like anything. In any event, If I don't think I, or the human I'm portraying if I don't reply as I would IRL, would sound sweet or sexy, then neither of the allowed responses would be appropriate. Ash isn't all that attractive, after all. He's maybe 16, I think I read somewhere else on the forum, and I'm so far past that I can't even see it anymore.
    Second, if there is only one response available, a situation that should never arise and does, by the way, then there is no point in responding at all and I feel like the text should just keep going until there's a choice of responses.
    Third, sometimes I wish Ash were more intelligent. If he (it is a he?) doesn't have teleport orbs, then of course he's walking...double that if he can't even afford them. That's fairly often the case since everything costs more than a day's pay even after he gets promoted and I'm more interested in saving up for aura potions even though I have trouble even really getting into the game because of the constant delays. I'd like to get the TOD generator, but unless I get some ITunes money, there's no way I'm going to get 5000 time crystals, much less enough to allow me to constantly skip the very annoying timers.

    About the story...
    I haven't really found anyone I like. Riley seems like a sweetie, but Ash's seeming crush on her makes me want to avoid her. Hah. Roger is a wussy, always cowering and whipping out the bag at the first sign of trouble. Elise and AC might be my favorites. They're either creepy or a bit of a jerk, seemingly, but at least they're both competent. I haven't found a single adult mage I would trust, from Esra to Janus to Ignus to Falgor and the other guildmasters to Chronos himself. They all seem to be deceptive at best, and unprintable things at worst. It does remind me, though, didn't ... someone say Chronos had sacrificed his magic? And yet we see him destroying meteors in TC 2 ? That didn't seem like time magic. And why didn't he do it the first time if he could?
    Also, exactly who is the arbitor of Alyncian law? If Alyncia is an entire world, who makes its laws since there are obviously kingdoms within it that would seemingly make their own laws? If Chronos really wanted a world where humans and Alyncians were equal could again mingle , wouldn't it make more sense to secretly defy the law rather than uphold an unjust one if he's supposed to be this all-powerful guy? If he wanted to, he could conceal those like Marik until the laws could be changed.

    Where exactly is the timecrest guild? What kingdom or land? Where are the other guilds? Who are they, what do they do, and why is timecrest considered the best? What other lands are there?
    and what is behind the bleeping door? When is three coming out? Hah.

    Who would you all trust?

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    Now that you say it, there aren't any adult mages I can think of that I trust either. Ash's adoptive parents? I guess, but they're not mages. I think I'd put Head Guildmaster Crane on the top of the list. I don't trust him, but he seems the most... sane. Hopefully, we get to see more of him in the future

    As for who I trust, its easier to say who I don't trust. Chronos and Ezra are at the top of that list. It's two sides of the coin and depending on what route you take, one seems like the bad guy until you do another run and realize no wait, its the opposite. It's the most conflicting part of the story for me, though I've just drawn to the conclusion that I don't trust any of them.

    I agree with you on Riley. She's so strong and I support those two, but I feel like interactions between Team 13 are much more interesting than with Riley. On the note of Team 13, I love them haha. I feel like Rogers wussiness, Elise's emo creepy vibe and A.C. acting tough but lowkey caring defines all their characters. They've all got their strengths which can't help but be endearing imo lol.

    As more the whole Teleport Orbs thing, I feel like that option is a choice because they'll always give us a choice to buy an orb, even if you don't have enough money. Money isn't a problem. Honestly, just go through a few runs, collect some laughing pumpkin pie for 150 gold, or Irrilium for.. 100 crystals i think. Waiting could be annoying, but it gives you a chance to do your own thing before reopening the app, a more realistic feel. I make Ash walk even if I can afford an Orb lol. And tweet every week, 50 crystals is still a 150 gold conversion.

    For the, "I sound pretty sexy, huh?" or the "I sound pretty sweet huh?", both options lead to "You sound really good to me". I feel like that's the case for some minor choices, though.

    Finally, I totally get what you're saying when you said " if there is only one response available, a situation that should never arise and does, by the way, then there is no point in responding at all and I feel like the text should just keep going until there's a choice of responses." In all honesty, when Ash puts everyone in a situation which never should've happened, all I want to do is stop time, amaze everyone in the world with my power, then knock sense into Ash's head. I think there's one response to things that cannot be changed. no matter what you say.

    Definitely want to see more guilds now that you mention it. And the door. I have so many questions as to what and how they were behind it. If evil is on the other side, which side are we on?


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      I think the limited responses is unavoidable, even though it can be frustrating if you feel like another response is more "you." It'd be really hard to write a structured story if Ash had to respond appropriately to any and all responses we could give. When I'm faced with options I feel like I wouldn't actually say, I try to twist the meaning behind it if that makes sense? For example, a lot of the "mean" options can also be read as teasing. As for the only one option issue, I get it but at the same time, the text can't really keep going without us because the story revolves around us and Ash talking to each other. I can't remember any specific examples of the one-option-only thing off the top of my head, but every time we're given a dialogue option, it's because Ash is expecting an answer from us and the story can't put words in our mouth, so we have to actively click the prompt that the story wants us to follow.

      As for the teleport orbs, like nightlock said, it's just a chance for players to buy orbs if they want. IIRC Ash explicitly puts you in charge of his/her finances, so take it as Ash basically asking each time whether you want to save or spend.

      I linked a cool thread about Roger that might make you change your perspective on him. It might not, but it could help you enjoy his character in future run throughs? I initially really disliked Roger because he was so obnoxious but I'm fond of him now and have hope that he'll mature. But yeah! Can't really trust a lot of the adults because everyone's actions and goals are still kinda sketchy. I kinda love that though, because there are 2 main opposing forces at work but you don't really know which side to root for because there is no clearly "good" person you can rely on. Even Ash is frustrating sometimes. The number of times I mentally took a shot because Ash did something stupid...

      Wow I'm rambling now too but as for Chronos destroying the meteors, I really like the theory that it wasn't actually him that did it. If he could have done it before, why not then? Why now, after all the effort of keeping Ezra sealed away ? It doesn't make a lot of sense so it makes more sense that he /didn't/ do it. As for Marik, I think other students found out about his human-ness and Chronos complied with law to save face but later led Marik to Ignis, who we know as of Chapter 9 (or 10?) that Chronos has been working with . Chronos is definitely an "ends justifies the means" guy and it's easier to kick out Marik than risk being found out as part human himself and destroy everything he's worked towards.

      I remember one of the devs mentioning more about Alyncian geography and which continent Timecrest is in but can't remember it... I'd love a peek at other guilds too.
      Ok, so Roger has been described as the ‘guy no one wanted on their team’...... He gets scared easily and boasts about being strong, smart, and brave. His goal
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        I don't think there's anything sane about the guildmaster, either. Hah. I mean, trials in which the object is survive, and if you don't, oh well, "We're sorry and all, Mr. and Mrs. Davis. These things happen, this one might have gotten a tad out of hand but we always send a bunch of first rank mages into basilisk-infested caves or other bad places to see if they can survive the ordeal ...Oh look, here's master Chronos!" The whole funeral service thing just strikes me as pure lip service after what the guildmaster says at the end of the trials.
        That's not how you learn. Your life shouldn't be in danger if you only know one spell, maybe two or three. These are supposed to be students and it's irresponsible to put them in mortal danger. .
        Speaking of spells, I need to see if I can pick up that fire spell. Will have to remember to do something I didn't do next time I'm given the chance as it seems like the only way I might possibly get it.
        nightlock I do send the tweets and all the other stuff set out in the relationships tab. Waiting, though, just flat sucks. Games aren't supposed to feel realistic, they're supposed to help you get away from dreariness. Hah. I've never understood the point of maximizing "realism" in games. If you end up playing a game that works like reality, you're not playing. Let the magic flow.
        Unfortunately I seem to be the only person who thinks this way.


        • nightlock
          nightlock commented
          Editing a comment
          No, I totally get that. Games are an escape from reality. Though after a few runs the waiting stops mattering (at least for me) because I kinda know what's gonna happen so the suspense is less. And it's not so much "realism" just an emphasis on how time works similarily in Ash's fantasy world, even though he's doing something completely different.

          Lol, idk what else to say.. keep playing. Waiting can get boring but Ash's world becomes more entwined with ours the more you play. It takes about 2 weeks to finish a full run i think, so the effect is much more lasting than, for example, a game that takes you two hours to finish.

          Speaking of the fire spell, I can lead you towards it though I'm not sure if you want to know since it can be more fun discovering it for yourself.

          But if you're stuck, read the spoilers below to find the "Incendias" fire spell.

          After the trials, Ash will go on a quest inside the forest to find the masked woman. Depending on your choices, you'll encounter Elise, Roger or A.C- or a mix of all three. But anyway, you'll come across a bomb in a suitcase. Ask Ash to describe the object to you first. After identifying it, you warn him and the team to get back. Ash still wants to draw a spell from it, so go back 45 meters to draw the spell safely. Any less and Ash is killed. Any more and you don't get the spell. Good luck

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        It doesn’t make sense in our world, but I think the danger of the trials is actually within reason in the Timecrest world. They’re all there to become more powerful and knowledgeable mages, and you can better push your abilities when there’s real risk (danger) involved. At least, it’s reasonable if the guildmasters had actually properly monitored them all. I mean, they all had the aura amulets so the masters could actively track their health and performance, but the guildmasters only appeared some time after multiple people had already been killed . Also makes me wonder if there are any other people besides the guildmasters who were overseeing the trials, considering there were only 4 masters versus 13 teams.


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          I'm currently in another section where I don't think there are enough responses available. I want to smack Ash upside the head and make him reveal who the attackers looked like, whether he wants to believe his eyes or not. Lol. nightlock I think I know how to get the spell, but if I don't get it this run-through I'll take you up on that spoiler.


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            Hi Electron, and welcome to the forums. Breaking my answer into 2 parts, gameplay vs. story. I agree about the sweet/ sexy answer. Sometimes I wish I could tell Ash how I really feel (or reach through the screen for a good smack upside the head). As far as only replying to choices, in normal conversation you make comments while the other person is talking, not just when they ask you a question. It’s more real that way.

            Money gets easier to earn the more you play. There are several spots to get irillium (300 gold each), laughing pumpkin pie (150 gold), and 2 bets (Chapter 7/9) to earn extra money, on top of weekly tweets. I never skip timers (easier when you’ve done several runs). I feel the wait time makes it more real, but I also understand that the writers gave us a free/ad-free game, and that this is their career.

            Ash’s gender is up to you. The entire story is written so that whatever you decide, it will read appropriately. Most people see Ash as a guy.


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              The storyline:

              I didn’t care for some of the characters at first. But when I read the oracles it changed the way I saw them and the whole story. I can’t really trust the adults either.

              The trial deaths weren’t expected, and as someone said earlier the amulets were likely monitored. If I remember correctly, everyone who died was killed by Ignis, whose presence was completely unexpected by the guildmasters. (And of course Adam, by Conner). But if let on that there was an enemy/ threat to Alyncia’s most prestigious guild, at best you’d lose students and at worst, mass hysteria.

              Some of the lands are discussed in the “ask me anything” thread, page 8. Some of the leaders and some Masters are mentioned in Ezra’s oracle, so perhaps they make the rules?

              I wish I could answer your biggest questions. We see various people behind the door, but clearly there’s something bigger than that. I don’t know when the next one is coming out. The developers are working hard on it, but the game is entirely written, coded, etc. by a 2 person team, and because of all the paths the new story alone is something like twice the size of the biggest Harry Potter book, any Lord of the Rings book, etc.

              As far as any other questions you have, feel free to ask them on the board. There are always new members and people willing to share thoughts.