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    Cai I love your art so much! Thank you so much for taking your time to draw this!


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      ChristineMoon I don't draw children often so the practice is always welcome! This has been on my list of "Timecrest ideas to draw" so I'm actually really glad you asked about young Luthor & Riley.

      Alas I have reached my upload quota and keep running into an error when I try to attach a photo, so I hope you don't mind the link instead! (Let me know if it doesn't work.)

      I added some rough color too but not sure if I like it more than without color:
      In any case, I think I'll clean this up in the future and actually fully color it.

      Edit: I wasn't sure whether to draw young Riley with light brown hair (per usual) or black hair (per Elise's oracle noting Riley's black hair in a family portrait when she was young ) but I went with light brown for now.
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      • ChristineMoon
        ChristineMoon commented
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        They’re both amazing. Great job.

        And I think the writers are aware of the hair colors, and will correct in a future update. But good catch. (I personally think of her with brown hair).

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      Originally posted by Aria of the soul View Post
      Cai Omg look at Chronos!!<3 now I’m interested in his outfit.
      btw I love how he and Ash look alike
      Aaaaaa I wish I was a better clothes designer. Honestly one of the more challenging things to think about while drawing is what everyone's wearing and how to build on the information we have from canon. I was thinking of hourglass motifs somewhere in Chronos' outfit but I wasn't sure how to execute it so I kinda just slapped on a random cloak and outfit LOL.
      And thank you! I really need to work on distinguishing facial features but I did want to incorporate some sibling resemblance.