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  • Vampires Alternate Universe [Fandom]

    In fandom, an alternate universe is where you take canon (official story) and mess around with it. Some popular Alternate Universes in fandoms are angels, humans, supernatural monsters, sci fi, pirates etc etc.
    So what if vampires? Ok I have been thinking about this AU for a few months.

    Humans and human descendants are vampire hunters and dhampirs (half human and vampires). Alynicans are all vampires. The Valdorians used to be super elite pureblood vampires until they almost all died.

    So instead of the world being frozen in day for more than a decades, the world has been frozen in nighttime.

    Vampires and dhampirs have magic while humans usually don't. Humans have to rely on channeling magic into technology and artifacts.

    Contrary to the popular superstition, vampires mostly rely on drinking blood from animals, and favoring blood with spices and herbs. In fact the constant nighttime has led to a dwindling food supply because herbivores rely on plants to eat. Which is why the pyromaniac vampire lord's magic: artificial sunlight and fire: was so praised. That is until he mysteriously disappeared.

    Imagine Marik the human vampire hunter working with the evil demonic Ignis, the pyromaniac vampire lord.
    Imagine Elise rumored to be an ancient undead vampire queen, a thousand years old due to the sheer paleness of her skin. (She's not.)
    Imagine Riley (still angelic looking) but with sharp fangs and cat eyes.
    Imagine Ezra, as the epic impossibly ancient and powerful pureblood original vampire god.

    Imagine Ash & Marik putting on fake fangs and pretending to drink blood (strawberry juice).
    Imagine 13 year old Luthor wiping out the Valdorian Empire by summoning the sun by fast forwarding time. (Dhampirs are resistant to sunlight.)

    Think about it.

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    I love your imagination! Relatively recently I had a dream about vampires so I'm into the concept. Another idea I'd like to pitch: A.C.s aversion to getting blood on his hands makes slightly less sense with all the blood handling I assume vampires would do, so I imagine his reason behind it is because he somehow ended up feeding on a human -- Iris .