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Janus army still alive?

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  • Janus army still alive?

    Why when I turn back time and Ash is back in the past he sees Janus’ army alive, but when Riley dies at Ezra’s and I turn back time Riley is still dead? Dev’s mistake or a warning? Is Janus’ army alive and ready to attack?

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    Fantastic question. One of the working theories here is that we have no control of time, but Chronos does. When Ash fell from Aion, it was really Chronos who chose how far back in time Ash jumped, and selected that we go to a point before Valdor’s destruction. As a stronger Mage, he may have the power that we don’t.

    Perhaps fate also plays a role- we jumped back far enough to see history unfold as if we watched it on TV. We didn’t control/ change anything. Choosing to Reverse time in a way that could bring the army back and change their fate is something the universe frowns on. So we can’t go back to 5 mins before Riley dies, because we would’ve prevented it.