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[SPOILERS] Emotional Question for Experienced Players?

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  • [SPOILERS] Emotional Question for Experienced Players?

    If you're a newbie player, click the back button. This has to do with the bad ending you can get in Chapter 2? involving Ash's hometown.









    Okay. So there's seems to be a thing where experienced players purposefully kill off Ash's adoptive parents. Why? To spice things up.

    The hypothetical scenario is as follows:

    If Ash finds out that you were responsible for their parents' deaths and the number of times that you killed them off, what would you do? Apologize? Defend yourself? Convince Ash that the best choice they have is to stick with you? Lying is not an option because the pocket watch is now connected to a lie detector.

    Good luck.

    This is an easy question for me as I only accidentally got their parents killed once and never did it again. I would apologize.

    My response to Ash:
    I'm so sorry. I made one very awful mistake. I couldn't handle you being so distraught over your parent's deaths. I swore that I would do my best to ensure it never happens again. And your parents are alive in this timeline, aren't they?
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    I’m not sure the multiple timeline argument would apply, it would be that Ash found out later that you were responsible for their deaths in chapter 4. Otherwise, you could easily say “sorry for killing them, but no worries, I can turn back time and erase it”, but we already know that changing the clock doesn’t return the dead.

    I would likely apologize and say that I believe that their deaths serve a greater purpose in the future, which is most definitely not a lie. Luthor losing mom and dad clearly shapes his future. It’s not a stretch to think Ash would also be affected.

    I would also point out that Ash doesn’t have the power to control time, it is my decision to do so. Furthermore, Ash has witnessed that the watch is getting stronger (part 1 was glyphs on screen, part 2 had glyphs in Ash’s head, hearing Chronos, and a red voice communicating with Ash instead of just us). I would tell Ash that sticking with me is the best chance of reversing time in the future. Team 13 and Riley all eventually leave, so who else would stand at the door with Ash if Ash didn’t forgive you?

    Speaking of the door, an interesting twist would be if the Eldens appeared behind it at the end of Chapter 10. I imagine Ash would be more likely to open the door to them than to A.C. or Riley (both are semi-recent friends) or the Timecrests (no emotional bond).


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      I accidentally got them killed, but couldn't even finish that part of the game and had to restart. I didn't wanna know what happened. It was too sad. Although I do kinda wonder what happens when you go to Lile, but I don't wanna try it.