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    Maybe it’s a little too much to ask an already hardworking 2-person dev team to do this, but I really hope there would be an alternate way to support the devs, since, for myself, I have no means to pay for the in-game items because In-App-Purchases are disabled for me.

    I was wondering about an ad system, so that for us players who can’t pay can support the devs and get some extra items we are willing to farm ads for... but I also fear a little how an ad system would ruin the looks of the game? (Perhaps and small icon in the relationships tab should be fine though)

    I don’t know, just a suggestion. What are your thoughts on this?

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    I don't like ads. Maybe the devs can set up a merch shop?


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      Welcome to the forums, Drogonhe1.

      I see where you’re coming from, but I would guess not having ads is a source of pride for the developers. There are no other games with this level of work that are free and ad-free. Not to mention the extra coding for a 2-person team, screening ad content (I have been playing kid-friendly games where a grisly scene or references to violent assault popped up), etc. It is a good idea, though.

      Reader- I love the idea of a merchandise shop, and I imagine that they have enough fans to do it one day. I’m not sure how cost effective it would be to print mugs/ mousepads one at a time, or if they have the storage to order in bulk and sell individually. (Not to mention it is sometimes difficult to balance the quality of an item with the cost).

      Right now I’m sure the bigger focus is on getting part 3 out, and I swear I remember cowbunny saying they will do all kinds of announcing/ video trailers/ social media stuff when it gets closer to release. I am hoping that when current fans restart and new players join, we will have a large enough following to consider a shop.

      Just curious, what would your first order be?


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        Thanks, I suppose there aren’t a lot of games with such pretty layout and functionality without ads. I wonder though, do the devs make enough to go by? I mean Timecrest isn’t all that well-known, unfortunately...


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          Muffin plushes. I would buy an Ash muffie plush.


          • IrisNightfall
            IrisNightfall commented
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            That’s a good idea! I mean, I’ve already spent a lot just for the time crystals. (The crystal packs are pretty expensive)
            Maybe some clothing, too.
            Hats, T-shirts, hoodies...

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          I think ads would disrupt the aesthetic of the game, how we're connected to Ash through our device and the ads would be a constant reminder of how its a game. But I'm only saying that to preserve the atmosphere of the game, I agree that this game should gain more support and recognition. Not ads on this game, but maybe ads on other games? Couple video ads on games like Choices, Episode, Chapters and it'll gain a lot more population. Although its easier said than done, unfortunately.


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            Hello nightlock and welcome to the forums! I agree about more recognition- just the other day the App Store has a list of text games, and Timecrest is much better than the ones that were listed.

            I’m not sure how much it costs to advertise on other games, but that goes back to earning revenue without having ads here.

            Hope to see you and hear more of your ideas soon.