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QOTW: The trial of Conner Stone (ends 10/31)

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  • QOTW: The trial of Conner Stone (ends 10/31)

    It’s been a while since the QOTW, and this one is a little different. Today, it’s up to you to defend a character’s actions. You can can use any in-game text, and speculate about anything that may have happened, but this is not a fan fiction thread. Mark any spoilers with [/ spoiler ] (no spaces). And now, on with the question.

    We first meet Conner in the Tremble Cave trials, and no one disagrees that he is a jerk about sabotaging the competition. But that’s not enough to be convicted of murdering his teammate Adam.

    As his attorney, it is your job to prove his innocence. Maybe Adam’s dying wish was to frame him. Perhaps Conner was justified in the attack. Come up with an original defense to avoid conviction.

    The usual rules apply- the best defense theory earns 300 gems worth of lawyer fees. If we have 5 players, there will be a second place prize of 100 gems, and if 8 players present their argument, we will include a random drawing of 50 gems.

    Good luck, and I can’t wait to hear your theory.

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    Edit: I have decided to withdraw from the competition as I have quit the game

    Good morning ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I am Drog and it is my privilege to represent Conner Stone in this case before you today.

    The prosecutor has attempted to explain the cause of Adam’s death was murder by Mr. Stone, however there is not enough evidence for this conviction.

    It may be true that Mr. Stone is a fierce competitor as shown in the Copper Trials, but it does not mean he is a cold blooded murderer. Adam was his teammate and there is no reason whatsoever for Mr. Stone to kill a teammate during the trials, as it would make the team less competitive. There is no witness that Adam was murdered by Mr. Stone save for Ash’s testimony of Adam saying Mr. Stone is responsible for the situation he is in. That alone cannot be evidence that Mr. Stone is the murderer, and there may be clashes between Adam and Mr. Stone before the trials that lead to Adam’s hatred of Mr. Stone. For all we know, Mr. Stone could have tried to save Adam during Ignis’s attack in an unorthodox manner, such that Adam hated Mr. Stone for doing so. Adam was, in fact, the sole survivor, save for Mr. Stone, that was not turned to ash before he died.

    Also, if the prosecutor is so sure that Mr. Stone is the murderer, why didn’t the only witnesses of Adam’s last words, Ash and his team, inform the guild masters of the event after the trials? It would be a grave mistake to convict someone of murder if it is based on uncertain and vague evidence.

    Down the bench, we ask you to look at ALL the evidence, and return a verdict of a “not guilty”. Thank you.
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      I don't buy that defense. Adam's words bear the significant weight of a dying declaration. He has no reason to lie or protect anybody.