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Unlock all of Ezra’s memories before you click here!

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  • Unlock all of Ezra’s memories before you click here!

    As the title says, please don’t read this post until you have all of Ezra’s memories.
    Because I have questions and I want to know what you think of them. 🙂

    First off..... Who is Alvin? Where do you think the time crystals came from?
    Who do you think wrote the poem “The Good Man”?
    What happened to Alvin?
    Is the Red voice talking about US or ASH when it says “...... and, I want you.”?

    (Take Riley’s path for this one) —> Ezra knows who the Red voice is, but he won’t tell us. He also knows about the door in Ash’s dream. (Make sure Ash looks for Ezra.)

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    I don’t know who Alvin is, but I’m dying to know how he first connected to Ezra. I’m sure he is the author of the Good Man poem, since the oracle references him writing on his laptop. (And is that the same laptop that Chronos uses?)

    I think the time crystals are somehow related to irillium.

    And the red voice becomes strong enough to talk directly to Ash as Ash gets closer to the door. But it also uses the exact same line that Ignis did (there are no accidents, no chance meetings), so I wonder who else can speak to it.