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King Janus is the most ungrateful man alive

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  • King Janus is the most ungrateful man alive

    And this is what happens how you think too hard about a video game.

    First off. Trapping someone in a dark room with little to no contact with people is one of the most brutal, unethical, worst, and painful tortures possible. A few days in solitary confinement is enough to drive anyone insane. When we meet King Janus in Chapter 3?2?, he's clearly not insane just desperate for euthanasia. Well someone must have had enough visits to King Janus to maintain his sanity. So Riley must have kept her father regular company despite the fact he emotionally abuses her.

    Also he's immobile because Chronos burned his legs off. I'm sorry but someone must have given the man a sponge bath, brushed his teeth, changed his bedpan, changed his clothes and cooked his meals for more than a decade.

    Like I don't know whose idea it was to torture Janus instead of killing him. Riley or Chronos or someone else? But clearly only one person benefited from the whole arrangement: Chronos gets his unwavering revenge fix for the day.

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    I admire Riley for being willing to visit him knowing she would be abused, but I’m sure there was more to it than loving her dad. And I’m not sure if he was strong enough to escape insanity from solitary living, or if he was never quite in his right mind if you look at his willingness to sacrifice his entire army in anger.

    I’m not sure what type of magic he possessed, certainly not the kind that would heal his legs, but he was a powerful mage based on the barrier on Mt. Asura. Perhaps he magically protected himself from bedsores and waste-related illnesses. (Or perhaps they perfected

    But before you blame Chronos, Riley says that she doesn’t blame Ash for Janus’ death, and she only has one regret related to it.


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      Let's talk PTSD. Right, Riley said she wanted King Janus to suffer for as long as possible. Small problem: no revenge will make up for the fact her father abused her. People with PSTD tend to have a preoccupation with revenge. A revenge fantasy as a response to trauma. However to recover from trauma, a survivor must make peace with the fact that they can NEVER really get back at their abuser. It is impossible to get even.

      Sometimes abuse victims retaliate by abusing the abuser. That only further continues the cycle of abuse and it more difficult to leave.

      Did I just imply that Chronos might have PSTD? *shrugs*

      The video 'Lapis has PTSD: A Response to SliceofOtaku' really stuck with me. It's just someone with PSTD talking about a character from Steven Universe.

      Riley wants to benefit from this 'arrangement' but she doesn't. It has been 16 years and her desire for revenge has not been fulfilled. It's hopeless. I mean Chronos destroyed Valdor, tortured King Janus for 16 years and he's still not over his parent's deaths.


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        Have you ever read the oracles? It was more than simple abuse.

        Chronos could be a victim of PTSD, but I’m willing to bet he’s been over Janus for years. We saw him fight with Ezra and eventually capture him. But now that Ezra is back out of the Chronogem, I’m sure the next fight will be epic.


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          I have read and unlocked all the oracles. I'm curious of the fight with Ezra and Chronos.

          I don't know but torturing some dude for 16 years doesn't sound like getting over it to me. To torture one person for that long implies an obsession.

          Also I do believe that there is no such thing as simple abuse. Technically I think Janus inflicted psychological abuse on Riley.


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            OKAY is it allowed for me to be off-topic? Because I was on this website about mythology and apparently the name "Janus" is the name of the Roman god of doorways and gates. DOOORS? DOOOOOOOOOOOORS?


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