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Roger’s attitude/role in team 13?

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  • Roger’s attitude/role in team 13?

    Ok, so Roger has been described as the ‘guy no one wanted on their team’......
    He gets scared easily and boasts about being strong, smart, and brave.
    His goal is to take out the King of Windsorhowl and marry Cera.
    He can only cast one water-based spell.
    He’s been throw a few struggles as a child.

    Because of all this, Roger believes that a good leader is someone who controls his people. (Using force in order for them to obey.)

    Ash believes differently and tries to explain why Roger’s view is wrong. (We can’t exactly get mad at Roger for his beliefs, because of his past.)
    But why does Roger continue to act like this?

    (Every choice in the game still gives Roger this Self-center attitude. He’s not exactly narcissistic, but he’s pretty close...)

    Do you think he’ll change later in the game?
    (Edit: I don’t hate Roger. He’s actually an interesting character. But when he’s on Twitter....... he’s a little frustrating.)
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    OH bOY. Okay, so Roger's actually my fav character from Team 13 (but trust me, it took him a while to rise up the ranks, what an annoying brat) so I've thought about this.

    I definitely believe that Roger will change later in the game. So far, Team 13 isn't really a cohesive team -- they were tossed together in the Copper Trials and none of them really know, or like each other. A.C. is a self-made lonely jerk, Elise doesn't trust anyone, Roger is constantly pretending to be something he's not, and Ash is a bit of a self-righteous hypocrite at times.
    So the most rewarding character narrative would be for A.C and Elise to open up, for Ash to mature and learn to be a better leader, and for Roger specifically to accept himself and to drop the front.

    From what we've seen so far, they're already growing closer as a team! In the Riley Path, the other members of Team 13 willingly volunteer to follow Ash! In the Windsorhowl path, we see them travelling around and supporting Ash! Character development's already started!

    But! A good story needs conflict and ups and downs, so they're not gonna change immediately because that's not realistic. If they did, Timecrest would be a far lesser story imo.
    I think Roger's development especially will take a long time, particularly because of Ash's own flaws.

    Especially in the Riley path -- not only does Ash appear to back out on his promise, but it also turns out that Ash has been lying to Roger the whole time. And he's a human descendant, something that Roger was raised to hate and fear. He doesn't have the same indifference that A.C. and Elise has because those two remove themselves from society -- Roger craves acceptance, so he goes along with what society says. And he's been listening to that kind of rhetoric far longer than Ash has been his friend.
    We get to see Ash's thought process and follow his logic the whole time, but Roger doesn't. Roger only knows that this guy he knew for a few days claimed to be his friend, and yet doesn't trust him. (Doesn't matter that Ash has good reasons because it still hurts.)
    So anything Ash would tell him about friendship and being a good leader -- that's all been invalidated by Ash's mistakes. My guess for later installments of Timecrest is that (following the Riley Path) Ash will have to regain Roger's trust. Probably by saving Roger from a tight situation. Maybe even rescuing him from the Ignis crew or something and helping him deal with Alan.

    You're right in that Roger isn't exactly narcissistic. I think that he's actually deeply insecure and desperate for validation, and the only way he knows how to get validation is by acting like a jerk. He's obsessed with how other people think of him because he doesn't like himself. He doesn't like the fact that he was poor, he deeply regrets dragging Alan and Cera down with him, and he definitely feels guilt about leaving Windsorhowl once Cera chews him out.
    Roger just refuses to deal with it and wants reassurance that he's a good person, so if he pretends to be cooler and stronger than he actually is, someone would compliment him on that, right?
    (Obviously, he's not very good at acting, which is why he's so annoying. He chooses to emulate the personality of a prick, and he's lying about it, and no one likes a liar.)

    (Sorry this is so long, I have no self control and Roger is my fav.)

    TL;DR: Roger's insecure so until he gains some self-esteem, he'll continue to be the annoying prick we all know. But since he's a main character, he's definitely going to get some development later on.


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      That’s a good point about Ash. 🙂from Roger’s point of view, it’s hard to trust someone who constantly talks about ‘never breaking a promise’, but he breaks them anyway.
      I think Ash needs to step back and think, before making promises he can’t keep.
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      Oh yeah the promise breaking. I forgotten bout that.

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    I LOVE ROGER, LOVE HIM. I second hyperhs. I mean he is a water mage so maybe in the future, he will actually get good at it. I mean I heart his tragic backstory. He's a really interesting character.

    I like Roger because despite the fact he is bigoted towards humans, Roger I would argue is the most human (personality wise) of all of Team 13. Like Lars from Steven Universe, in fact I'm making to basically repeat this post by a tumblr user bout Lars. Sure we identify with brave, good and compassionate heroes but we are not heroes. We were all toxic, selfish, insecure people once. We make mistakes and we hurt people. We want to believe that we're great people who are not pricks. We want to pretend we're not Roger. In fact Roger wants to act like he's not Roger.

    We unknowingly hurt people really badly. We are not well aware of our own flaws. We are trying to be better but that's really really hard. It's a long, difficult crawl to be a good and well-adjusted person. We snap at people. We hold grudges. We ruin.

    Unpopular opinion but: mental illness & trauma can make you a complete nervous wreck that's a jerk to everyone. Since Roger is a victim of pretty severe child abuse, I can't blame him for being the way he is. Depression can make everything so irritating and exhausting. Trauma may result in screaming and yelling at anyone who ticks you off. OCD may force someone to be overly-controlling and self-isolating. Anxiety can mean abandoning people that need your help. Sometimes being suicidal slides over into being really manipulative. #personal experience amen.

    Being a decent person takes effort and introspection and it's definitely not easy.


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      I agree. One of the professors at school told me that “our worst Critic, is ourself”.
      We try to hide the pain, loneliness, and fear by pretending to be someone else. It’s like wearing a mask 24/7. And it’s exhausting, at least until we find a quiet place to take off the mask.
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