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Who would you cast for the Timecrest movie?

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  • Who would you cast for the Timecrest movie?

    I’m so sorry to say it, Timecrest simply can’t be turned into a movie. But if it were.... who would you cast in the roles? (Yes, this is inspired byReader‘s accent thread).

    Rules are as follows:

    1. You can’t cast Ash, since Ash is too open to personal interpretation.

    2. You can suggest an actor’s specific movie role. But don’t let age affect your decisions.

    3. It’s easy to pick similar role like Ian McKellan (Gandalf) or Michael Gambon (2nd Dumbledore) for Ezra. Try to be creative (Katy Perry’s rainbow hair for Petora?).

    I can’t wait to hear your choices, but I’ll start a few of mine.

    Fulgur: Anthony Hopkins is twisted enough to play the part well.

    Riley: Alexandra Daddario’s look is perfect for the role.

    Ezra: Morgan Freeman has that quiet powerful look and mesmerizing voice.

    I cant figure out if Lucas Till (new MacGyver) would be better suited for Chronos or Roger...

    Petora: Lady Gaga’s wardrobe makes her the queen of illusions.

    So, who would you cast?

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    ooH this sounds fun!! I'll be the first to admit that I'm not well-versed in celebrities or actors (I don't watch movies or TV that often :O ) but I'll try my best anyway.
    (As a result, a lot of these are probably gonna be based on appearance and maybe a little bit of what vibe I get from them.)
    • First of all, I totally agree that Anthony Hopkins would be the perfect Fulgur.
    • Riley: Melissa Fumero. She just has that sweet, caring look and I could totally see her playing Riley.
    • Elise: Aubrey Plaza. Honestly, is there another choice?
    • Roger: maybe Tony Revolori (he played a fantastic jerk in Spider-Man Homecoming). Idk though... in my head Roger is Middle Eastern bc desert prince, but I don't know that many middle eastern actors
    • Sol Ignis: Ralph Fiennes (what can I say, Voldemort and Ignis just feel similar to me)
    • Scarlet Ignis: Cate Blanchett, or maybe Helena Bonham Carter (oh my God. Voldy and Bellatrix as Sol and Scarlet)
    • Conner: Jack Gleeson
    • Adrianna and Emil Elden: Angel Coulby and Bradley James respectively (AKA, I'm never gonna get over Merlin)
    • Otto: Any of the Stranger Things boys. They all fit in my mind.
    • Timecrest Merchant: Dule Hill (I know the Timecrest Merchant isn't human, but Hill has that perfect mix of fun and funny. Maybe he can voice him. I'm a HUGE fan of Psych)
    • Also.... AC is very hard to cast
    this was a lot of fun!! thanks for posting
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      I think it would be cool to have a pov for Ash and have the whole movie be through their eyes.
      I would actually cast Benedict Cumberbatch (however you spell it) as either Ezra or Chronos.
      Liv Tyler as Riley
      thats all i can think of roght now


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        Cast no one because the movie would be better animated.
        Also I don't know any of these actors.
        I don't watch live action movies.

        Who are you people talking about? I have no idea who any of these famous people are.

        But seriously Timecrest would be better as a 2D animated movie. Think about it.

        Actually I admit I haven't watched Atlantis yet.


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          I was just about to say. It's a movie?