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Ezra’s friend (SPOILERS)

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  • Ezra’s friend (SPOILERS)

    This has been on my mind for a while (asked Ben, Cowbunny, and ChristineMoon about it too 🙂 ) .....
    Who is Alvin?
    Some choices in the game lead to Ash suggesting that we lost our memories of the “first alyncian” who contacted us..... Ezra also laughs when we stop Time during his meeting with Ash in Part 2. He tells Ash “you have no idea what just happened, do you?”

    Ezra’s memory says something about Alvin asking “Why?” Or saying “..... I thought you were my friend.”
    So what happened to Alvin?

    If he or Ezra is (possibly the author of the poem, and/or Ezra is supposedly the Red, Blue, or both voices....... , then are WE, as Ash’s human friend.....are WE playing as Alvin, with lost/mixed up memories? Or are we related to Alvin in someway and the Blue voice is just mistaking us for Alvin?

    what are your thoughts on this?
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