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  • Transfer save data

    Is it possible to transfer save data between devices, and how do i delete save data if i do this?
    I want to start a save file and work up to the merchant’s tod thing again. Is it possible because i want my new file on my phone, where my current one is, and i want my current one on my ipad so i still have it.
    Thanks either way!

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    I know that it works when you’re switching to a new phone.....
    had to do that when I got a new phone.
    but if you want to play the same game on two different devises, I think you sign in to Facebook or Twitter first.
    hope that helps.

    edit: never mind. I think ChristineMoon’s advice is better! 😃
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      So I logged on with Twitter. Now what do I do?


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        If you want to transfer save data, you have to save on your old device and log into the same game center ID on your new device.

        If if you are looking to completely start over, you may need a new game center name.