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  • Graphic Design Overhaul Idea

    Hi. I have 0 experience in ux design or graphic design.

    I think the icons should resemble chinese brush strokes. Yes I bought Zen Brush 2 just to demo this.
    back iconpouch iconheart iconmerchant icon

    The Eccentric font looks better suited to the fantasy feel than whatever serif font the app is using.

    The best looking Relationship profile is Riley's. You should kinda copy Wysa.
    wysa light mode. soft green-blue sky. mountains fading in the distance.wysa night mode. dark blue sky. mountains fading into the distance.

    Setting Menu Redesign?
    current setting menupurple + green redesign

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    i was too lazy to draw the clockwork properly.


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      Please don’t get upset, but I’m curious and a little confused about this......
      Why do you think it should be changed at all?

      Your ideas are fine and interesting, but I don’t think the developers need to change anything about the design.
      For one, if they copied the style from Wysa, they’d have to give Wysa credit and put it somewhere in the settings menu (you know, copyright and all that. That’s just an addition to the credits list). It’s also too much work for the developers to redo the whole design of the game.

      If they make another game in the future, after the main story, then maybe they could use your idea/design for something different in Alyncia........
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      • ChristineMoon
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        Reader I like you sharing ideas and especially the colors of the redesigned settings menu, but I personally love the font (either chancery or black chancery).

        The developers are a 2-person team working on the writing/ coding of part 3, which is huge compared to part 2. There are so many branches with each choice that there is a lot to write. It’s not that they are sitting around doing nothing.

        IrisNightfall When you comment on a post, all comments go in order beneath. There is no way to reply directly to a comment within the forum.

      • Reader
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        ChristineMoon oops my mistake in assuming. Thanks for the correction. The design overhaul can wait until the devs have enough time. Honestly it's really low priority. My thanks goes to the devs.

        Also I'm not recommending replacing Black Chancery font; a script font, not serif font. I meant the body text serif font; I think it's Georgia. Actually I read a graphic design book and now changed my mind. The Georgia font should stay bc *insert design blabbing here*

        Excuse the design lingo, I'm doing a design course at college.

        Script fonts look like calligraphy or handwriting. A serif font is well, it looks like the font this very comment is set in. A sans serif looks more modern and it looks like font the iOS system apps use by default.

        But the sans serif font looks really out of place. The devs appeared to have used two different sans serif fonts: Gill Sans and San Francisco.

      • IrisNightfall
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        ChristineMoon thank you for your help.🙂 i’m still getting used to how the forums works. (Random question..... how did we go from ‘Muffie’ to ‘Copper’? I’m just curious, since I haven’t been a member for very long. 🙂)

        Reader good luck in your class! 🙂 Is it on Graphic Design or Design 1&2 (for traditional art)? I see what you mean about the fonts. If there’s an option to change the font, it might help more readers enjoy the game. (You know, how some fonts might look distorted or blurry?)
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      Oh, ok then. 🙂
      i see your point.
      (I can’t connect my comment to yours as a reply.....How do I do that?)