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Naming Conventions in Timecrest

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  • Naming Conventions in Timecrest

    Disclaimer: This may contain spoilers for Timecrest 2!

    I'm a bit of a nerd and I noticed that a lot of names in Timecrest came from different regions (i.e. Ezra is a Hebrew name, Janus is a Latin name) so I started compiling a list of the names of characters, their origins, and their meanings to see if there was some sort of connection! Honestly, I'm sure most of the names were chosen just because they sounded cool (that's what I do when I write lol) but there were definitely some naming choices that were intentional.

    This isn't going to be my entire list, just the ones that I thought were interesting or worth mentioning!

    Some overall observations:
    • Nearly all the names are European/Mediterranean in origin, with a lot of them coming from Latin and Germanic.
    • The single exception to this rule is Indra, which is a Hindu name.
    • The names all have that old-timey vibe, which contributes to the setting, which is great. I love that kind of stuff.
    • The Valdorian names (Ezra, Janus, Riley, Annalise) are derived from a lot of different languages, so there's no clear human culture that parallels Valdor (at least linguistically). Obviously, Valdor isn't on Earth so I don't know what I expected.
    On with some highlight from my list:
    • Grouped together for comparison:
      Name Origin Meaning
      Ignis Latin Fire
      Sol Latin Sun
      Scarlet English Red
      [Helena] Greek Torch
      [Ash] English Residue from fire
      I think Sol's and Scarlet's names were fairly obvious from the start and were definitely chosen for their relation to fire, but I didn't know that the name Helena was also related to fire. CH10 spoiler: Probably has something to do with that old photo and the connection between the Timecrest and the Ignis family. I also think it's interesting that Ash's name is also related to fire, as in, what's left behind after a fire has passed. Their name could also be related to the tree but I think it's more likely that it's got something to do with why Ignis is so fixated on him.
    • Indra is a Hindu name meaning 'possessing drops of rain'. Master of Water, indeed.
    • Fulgur is Latin for lightning, which, while cool, slightly bothers me because he's not Olliver Crane, so.
    • Speaking of the Cranes, Alistar is the Scottish/Gaelic form of Alexander, and it means 'defender of men'. Seeing how A.C. is constantly trying to avoid blood on his hands, it suits him.
    • Connor is an Irish name that can either mean 'strong willed' or 'hound lover'. I'm leaning towards the former
    • Riley is an Old English/Irish name that can either mean 'wood clearing' or 'valiant'. Both meanings fit her well, being a lover of nature and also being pretty brave imo.
    • Ezra Memory Oracle Spoilers: Alvin means 'noble friend'. I'm not done with the Ezra chapters, but. Well.
    • Portia is Latin, and apparently means pig. But Portia is also the name of a character from Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice who ends up disguising herself at some point in the play!
    • Marik is a Polish name meaning 'warlike'.
    Info on name origins and meanings from,, and

    Anyway, I hope you guys found this as interesting as I did!

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    I never thought of looking up the meanings of names. cowbunny that sure is a lot of detail! Nice work! I honestly really like cowbunny's writing.


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      I looked up the meaning of Roger and chuckled out loud. Well I guess this implies the likelihood of a Marik redemption arc is pretty low. The chances of Alan joining our side looks more likely as Alan can mean "noble".

      I'm stealing this sentence from a tumblr user (forgot URL): Why kill when you can recruit?
      I'm interested in recruiting Marik and Alan. Of course we have to tempt Marik, Mr friendless. With what? Well Ash has lots of human friends (us). If Marik wants to know more about his human heritage and have a community of humans supporting him, he has to join us. A spy would be useful.


      • hyperhs
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        AhhHh I LOVE redemption arcs. I really, really want an Alan redemption arc, or at *least* some good Mendenhall sib bonding because Roger is my fav.

        I remember coming across Marik for the first time, and I was like, 'why isn't there an option to befriend him?' Then we came across Marik in the forest with Scarlet and I was all :O nooOO.
        Marik as a spy would be super cool! I'm not sure how high up on the list he is with Scarlet and Ignis, though, since he would have joined pretty recently? Actually, that makes me wonder how many people Ignis has recruited. We know Alan and Marik for sure, but who else is there?
        and the BIG question: why does Ignis need all these people in the first place?? he obviously wants Ash for (revenge?? the door??) but what is his whole posse doing?

        I LOVE the idea of a human support group! oh man, imagine joining up with Ash and recruiting humans all across Alyncia!! It's been mentioned that there (might) be little pockets of human culture left behind in Alyncia and I desperately hope we get to explore one with Ash. I want to tell him all about the human world and stuff. He deserves to know, and so does Marik and all the other human descendants!

      • Reader
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        OMG, same here!!! I assume Ignis has only managed to recruit two teens because I think 99% of reasonable people would think the man is a ticking time bomb. All the villains (Chronos, Ignis, the Evil behind the door) have minions except Ezra. Ezra has a pet dragon.

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      hyperhs *fan screaming* I think Ignis is looking for revenge. It's really creepy how much Ignis is obsessed with Ash. Chronos wants to revive his parents. The Evil desires to break out. I love Roger too!!!!


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        I think Ignis can’t harm Ash or Team 13, so he has hired underlings to do it for him. I would love to see Marik as a spy. And one of the fan theories on the forum is that perhaps Chronos purposely set up Marik to be expelled to force Ash to join. If Marik was in on it, that could be amazing.


        • hyperhs
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          Ignis did end up attacking the team and killing A.C., though. He can't do anything to Ash but I think Team 13 is fair game. Probably the underlings are there so that he can send them to bother team 13 while Ignis prepares other plans?

          Oooh, I haven't heard that theory! Oh man, I actually like that a lot! It totally makes sense, too. Can you link me to a post detailing the theory? I tried searching for it, but I can't find it.

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        I thought it was interesting that the names are similar to human names, but not exact. I wonder if they evolved in Alyncia through the years.

        I’m more used to Oliver (Olliver), and Connor (Conner), though there are plenty of variations to names on earth as well.