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What happened to Indra Frost?

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  • What happened to Indra Frost?

    This post contains spoilers for visiting the library in Ch. 9 during the fire.

    Roger seemed to have a lot of faith in Indra Frost, and her writings and the fact that she embedded a spell in her book to save the library in Timecrest paint her as a pretty compassionate and kind person. Whether or not it’s ‘cheating’ to use human technology didn’t appear to matter to her -- she probably didn’t care about human prejudice and strengthened her magic using human stuff anyway.

    So now we’ve got a strong water mage with a generous heart, who writes tomes and shares her knowledge in the hopes that others will trust themselves and learn water magic. And where in Alyncia needs water magic the most?


    One of Indra’s tomes ended up in Windsorhowl, which we know from Roger’s first Memory Oracle. This doesn’t necessarily confirm that she went to Windsorhowl, but it’s a sign.
    Windsorhowl is also incredibly dry, making it near impossible to learn water magic there, and even more -- Roger says in Ch. 8 “water mages who come here end up completely losing their abilities.”

    So I think she went to Windsorhowl, either to teach others water magic or to provide water, but ended up losing her magic instead. When the time for her trial came around, she wouldn’t have been able to prove anything because she could no longer cast magic.

    Also: does anyone know when exactly her trial took place? Or how old Roger was in the first Memory Oracle? I'm getting the impression that Roger's Memory Oracle took place first, and that Indra's trial was a few years before the start of the story, but I can't really confirm it with what I know so far.

    The only confirmed things about Indra’s timeline I’ve found so far is that she’s been a water mage and writing books for at least 14 years ( She mentions nighttime in the tome Roger reads in Roger’s first Memory Oracle). We don’t know when exactly she gained the title of Master, when her trial took place, or how soon the rumors started about her.

    (I want to make a complete timeline and pin down the order of events).
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    I believe Roger is about the same age as Ash, 16 or so, making him 8 in the Oracle (1008 MG). By this point, Indra was already accused of using human technology, which would’ve only become an issue when human items were banned, after 998 MG.

    We don’t know exactly where the tome came from- perhaps someone brought it home from Aurumhalla as a fantasy tale. Maybe someone believed it was a “springboard” book, similar to the ones that teach Levitas/ Gravitas, and was hoping to learn Aquatas from it. But when the book didn’t work, the merchant was happy to give away a worthless item.

    But Indra was smarter than that. She imbued her books with magic that only activated when there was a need. And a merchant could’ve survived the harsh living, but a poor street urchin definitely fit her idea of a need.

    I don’t think she ended up in Windsorhowl- she would be strong enough to combat the arid country, and compassionate enough to help those in need, even at risk of treason.

    As much as I would expect her join to Scarlet and Marik and go after those who have tried to hurt her, I don’t really think she could hurt anyone. She may be laying low and if humans and Alyncians ever repair their relationship, she will be there to combine both worlds in her magical skills.